The Web Siphon Review: Does Web Siphon Really Work

Review of: Web Siphon
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OJ Jame
$27 for the basic version & $37 for the PRO version

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On September 26, 2019
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Web Siphon is an automatic content creator which promises to create for you the best viral posts by recycling existing posts on the internet. Automatic content creator do not work, the only way to create content for the web is by creating it by a human and not a software. Google detects automatic content creators and will penalize your site

Viral marketing is a wonderful marketing tactic. Imagine that a lot of people read your post, they liked it and they started spreading it so that other people could read it.

First of all the Web Siphon is not a scam, but continue reading to find out what to expect from it.

Creating an appealing blog post is not easy. Then, do you want a tool that can do all the hard work and let you grab the profits?

The web Siphon ( makes it easy to re-publish existing content on the internet. Web Siphon indicated that in the future YouTube is going to be dominated by pirated content and it facilitates exactly that.

What Is Web Siphon?

Web Siphon is a software which adapts existing content on the internet to make it look like original, so that you can upload it to your site.

It is a plugin and it’s called Siphon app. It generates the articles from keywords suggested and it can generate more than one article at a time.

Web Siphon promises to write for you the next viral post that a lot of people will share. It promises to present you the best proven designs which will sell in thousands. It goes further by stating that in business a lot of successful companies became successful by coping their competitors. Companies copy each other’s business and they both make money. Big profits simply come from doing what has already been proven to work.

Their software claims to hand to you everything that you need to build successful campaigns by using what is already.

Working. Web Siphon review

But does Web Siphon really work? From my previous experience reviewing similar products, I can say that it doesn’t work. It can more damage your site than improve it. Because Google only values original content.

But is Web Siphon any different than similar products? Could in this particular case work for you?

The Owner

OJ James is the creator of Web Siphon. He is a well-known internet marketer who has also created other programs. Web Siphon goes against the popular belief of internet marketing that content is kind and fresh, quality content will always rule.

He is the author of other software mainly related to content, design and themes.

Web Siphon Features

1. Content curation in any niche

2. Instantly gets fresh content in seconds

3. Easy to use drag and drop feature

4. Visual curation of posts

5. Keyword suggestion

6. Easy to add content with a single click, no need to copy and paste

7. Able to find for you the most popular peaces of content on the web

But does it really work or can it actually damage your site?

The software is easy to use and the features are quite good.

Web Siphon Pros

  • User friendly dashboard, no technical skills needed
  • 30 day back guarantee
  • Content from multiple sources
  • Drag and drop feature to quickly edit the content
  • FAQ included
  • It’s affordable ($27 – $37)
  • High quality
  • Excellent features
  • Great support
  • It gives you higher conversions once you start using it
  • Higher rankings

Web Siphon Cons

  • It could have an option of storing posts, but not publishing them yet
  • You need to make sure you have a strong enough internet connection to make sure that the software works

Content curation is a tactic that many writers use and not a copycat tactic.

The Demo

Does the Web Siphon Work

Web Siphon bases part of its business model in finding products which are trendy so that you can sell them. But in fact, from my experience, products which are trendy are very hard to sell because the competition is very high.

Maybe it could work if you can find products which have growing sales, but less competition. However, since content not created by you is going to be used, you need to make share that it doesn’t violate the copyright laws. Google has its anti-plagiarism policy.

You can find a screen shot of someone’s results on the blog: Web Siphon review

Despite some positive reviews on the internet, I don’t recommend Web Siphon. I don’t think that successful affiliate marketers create content this way.

It obviously shows when a piece of content has been created from a human and when it has been created by a software. I have seen really bad articles posted online, even ranked on the first page of Google sometimes, which I could tell that were created by a software. I could tell by the strange use of words and synonyms in some cases. Such articles do not build trust with an audience and don’t attract an audience to read more.

Even if Google hasn’t still detected some automatic content creators, it will. Don’t forget that Google is exactly in the business of doing so.

As you probably know, an online business start with a website. You also need proper tools and training to make your business successful. You can find all the training and tools under one single platform which will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in affiliate marketing.

I use the platform for three years now and I highly recommend it. If you want to know more, you can read my full WA review here. Wealthy Affiliate has a community of 1.4 million like-minded online entrepreneur and usually if you Google product reviews like this one, you are going to find Wealthy Affiliate members ranked on the first page.

If you want to try the platform for yourself, you can do so with risk because it’s free to join. Start you “website experiment” now!


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