The Octane Review: It Octane Legit?

The Octane Review

Welcome to my Octane Review! They call Octane on their sales page a system which is so good that it could be illegal. It is a way to steal content from the internet and make passive income from it. If this sounds too good to be true to you, you’re right. I have seen a lot of programs which promise exactly the same and then don’t deliver on their promises.

I was skeptical about Octane too at first, but after reviewing it, it surprised me. The program is actually legit! It is a way to leverage video marketing.

It is a training teaching you how to find free videos which you can edit online. For $27.97 give it a try and see the results for yourself.

The Pros

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • The potential for high earnings
  • Easy to use
  • Good price
  • Good support
  • All-in-one cloud based app so you don’t need to download anything
  • You don’t need a website to make use of Octane
  • You can do everything in the Octane dashbord
  • Octane is 100% ethical to use

The Cons

  • The upsells

How Does Octane Work

To get started with Octane you don’t need a website. It involves getting traffic from YouTube to your affiliate links. What makes Octane different is that you are not going to create videos.

This is legal because you are going to use only videos with a Creative Commons license, which means videos whose owners allow them to be used by others in any way they want. When you enter the Octane dashboard you are going to see a training divided into three sections: easy, medium and advances.

The easy part involves promoting ClickBank and Amazon. The medium part involves promoting products from Jvzoo and Warrior Plus. The third part is about building an email list so you can build trust with your audience.

Octane’s aim as to help people earn from YouTube marketing without putting their face on video.

Octane FE is the software which will help the complete newbie earn from YouTube videos.

Once the user downloads the free-to-use video from a large library of YouTube and Vimeo videos, the user can edit it and add the calls-to-action (provided by Octane) and then re-opload with the potential to earn. Octane can upload your video to YouTube as a live stream.

The software is also accompanied with training on how to use it to make a profit and which product to choose to promote.

Octane also has a share button so you can share your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Octane is a great product for affiliate marketers.

Octane Upsells

Octane has also some upgrades which I mentioned as a con above:

  • Uprade 1 – Octane Pro ($37): The original Octane has only a limited number of exports per month (15), with its upgrade you get unlimited exports per month.
  • Upgrade 2 – Limitless Traffic for 365 ($197): You can put your tracking pixel on Octanes sales and get unilitted traffic.
  • Upgrade 3 – “$1000 Commissions Solution” ($197): The licence to promote Octane and earn $1,000 for each sale
  • Ungrade 4 – Licence Rights ($97): The right to sell Octane as your own product

Taking Advantage of the Creative Commons Licence without Octane

Octane helps you use YouTube videos of other people to earn online, by editing them and taking advantage of the Creative Commons license. However, you can do this without Octane too. Here’s how.

Step 1: Search for good keywords.

The way I do keyword research for YouTube is to target keywords with high search volume for which there are no YouTube results when I search them on Google.

Step2: Search that keyword on YouTube and find related videos

Ater you search the keyword on YouTube, click on “Filters” and choose “Creative Common”.

octane review

Step 3: Choose the videos that you want and edit them so they are unique

The elements that you need to edit are:

  • An intro
  • An outro
  • Background music
  • Text
  • Voiceover
  • Images

Step 4: Upload the video to your account

Step 5: Do YouTube SEO

You have to put the keyword in the title, description and tags and add some other related keywords as tags.

Now you can profit from your videos by funneling visitors to an offer and from adsense. Octane makes this process easier for you, but it’s up to you if you want to do it on your own.

Is Octane Worth It?

There are some free editing software online, but they are not quite as good as the paid one. So even if you do this on your own you would have to buy an editing video software, which costs the same as Octane or more. While Octane has everything about this method included on its dashboard and makes the process a lot easier.

We all know that content is king. Octane generates for you content which is proven to work.

By taking advantage of the Creative Commons License you would be a step ahead of the competition as the content you are publishing is proven to work.


Octane has impressed me beyond belief. Its features are amazing.

It is a great product for new internet marketers which haven’t tried internet marketing before and for experienced marketers too.

Plus editing videos is actually fun. Just grab videos which you would normally watch and edit them, remove the parts you find boring and create videos which you find interesting. The software is really easy to use.

Thank you for reading my review of Octane. Feel free to check Octane HERE.

I wish you best luck in achieving your business goals.


In case you buy Octane from clicking any of the links below I receive a commission. I only review products which I genuinely like.

In the past I have reviews a lot of bad products and scams which promised automation for your online business. I am happy that Octane was an exception.



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