Sumome Review: Here’s How It Will Change Your Site

free to join & $19 for small business

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On September 13, 2018
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Sumome (now Sumo) is a plugin which does the function of a group of plugins combined. It does email list building, social & image sharing, and some other functions described in the review.

Sumome (now Sumo) is an all in-one-program which can help affiliate marketers in every aspect of their business. In this Sumome review I am going to cover every feature of Sumome and show what each of them can do for your business.

Let’s take a deep look at what Sumome can do for you.

What is Sumo?

Sumo is a set of tools which are compatible with different platforms (not just WordPress). It is a collection of apps which are aimed at making your website better. These apps fall into four categories: list building, inside analytics, communication, e-commerce, social sharing and traffic boosting.

I could be mentioning all the apps that is includes but I am mentioning just the ones which have most attracted me. The one function that I like more and that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else is:

  • Highlighter – visitors are able to highlight your content to share or tweet it.

Other interesting functions include the contact form where your visitors can email you from your website and the e-commerce-like buy-buttons.


When you look at Sumome multi functionality, you probably think about how much is it going to cost, but I am going to tell you one thing: it costs nothing. There are premium versions of it, but the basic one is for free. And this is forever, its not just a free trial.

That’s true, many of the Sumome apps are available for free with small restrictions.

What about the premium versions? The premium versions start at $20 for up to 5,000 visitors a month and scale up to $119 for a million visitors a month. On this Sumome review I am going to review the premium version of it, even that some functions overlap.

How to Get Started with Sumo

If you are using WordPress, you can get started with Sumo by just adding the Sumo plugin to your website. For this go to Plugin/Add Plugin/search for “Sumo”/install and activate the plugin.

install sumo plugin

Now you need to create a Sumo account, which you will have to connect to your WordPress site.

After you create the Sumo account, go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the blue button at the right corner of your interface.

set up sumo plugin

Now you can easily start using Sumo, which is so intuitive and easy to use. You will firstly have to activate each plugin one by one, by clicking on each of them and on the “Activate now” button.

activate sumo apps

When you start using the apps you can change their settings, like change colors and some parameters. I just leave them the same because they are OK, as they are.

Just adding this free plugin and activating each of the apps, has made my website better. I am very pleased with this plugin, it has overcome my expectations, considering that it is free.

List Building

You can easily create a pop up subscription for with Sumome. If you tried the option and one saw the pop up but it doesn’t appear anymore to you, check the apps settings, you might have chosen the setting “show the pop up to visitors who haven’t seen it in 1 Day.

sumo review

How to Create Lead Capture Pages

Social Media Buttons

I really like the social share buttons shown in the corner of my site, I always wanted them shown that way but haven’t been able to find the right plugin for that. Moreover, now I need one less plugin, I don’t need anymore the social media plugin which was on my site, I can cover this function a more functions on the same time with the Sumo plugin.

What Else You Can Get with a Free Account

The list building and social media functions you can get for free with Sumome. What you can also get for free is adding a contact form to your site, which basically means that your visitors can email you directly from your website. You can also choose the position you want your contact form to appear like at the end of each post or at the right part of your website.

sumo contact us

I would recommend every internet marketer who don’t want to spend money, to get the free version of Sumome. It really makes your site better.

With the free account you can also create email campaigns once you have subscribers to your site. For this you can click on Messages/Campaigns. And an interface where you can write and schedule your future emails will appear.

Another function which you can get with a free membership is being able share text on social media when the visitor highlights a port of the text. On the below picture it is shown how this will appear on your site:

highlighter sumo

I really like this option because it allows people to quote you and share your words directly from your posts.

The free membership also includes the Image Sharing Social media buttons. This means that when visitors put the cursor on an image on your site, the social media buttons appear on that image which they can use to share the image on your site. This is a great way to encourage your visitors to share images directly from your site.

sumo image sharing

Pinterest (and other image sharing) sites is very popular these days and it has high potentials for an online business, if used right.

Sumo also includes the Analytics app, which I haven’t explored a lot because I already check my data using Google Analytics, but you can connect them together and check the Analytics from the Dashboard of your site.

What Is Not Included On the Free Membership

The Live Chat option on your site is a function which is included only on the premium membership. In fact, Live Chat on a website is a really advanced option and most affiliate sites won’t need it. It is mostly needed for sites which are into e-commerce and which are focused on selling and when customers would need support offten.

Can I Use Sumo Membership on More than One Website?

So, you are decided that the Sumo software is worth it, but you want to know if you can use the premium membership on more than one website with the same price.

Unfortunately, you can install Sumo only on one website, each registration has its own ID, but you can create as many registrations as you want on Sumo.

As you can see, there are a lot of features that you can get for your website for free on Sumo. Don’t miss this opportunity! I’m using their features myself and I am very pleased with them.

4 thoughts on “Sumome Review: Here’s How It Will Change Your Site”

  1. Hi there,

    Nice and very detailed review.

    I like the fact that the price is mentioned in the second paragraph itself. People think wow it’s not the cheapest so why is it so, and keep reading your review 🙂

    Very clearly described step by step process on how to get this tool on your site.

    Have a nice day Halyna

  2. A really interesting plugin for WordPress (I assume it’s WordPress right?) – quite a powerful marketing tool and all for zero cost?

    Got to be a bargain really. 

    The one question I have is whether or not the quality of each function suffers due to it being a free service? You list 6 elements here – list building, inside analytics, communication, e-commerce, social sharing and traffic boosting. Do you feel they are as good quality as the more ‘premium’ examples of each app?

    Sorry – I only ask as I’m surprised that it offers this much and is free to join! 

    • Hello Chris, It is for WordPress but not only for WordPress. Yes, it is for a zero cost. It also includes a premium plan, but I went for the free one and I’m happy with it. 

      The quality doesn’t suffer at all, even that it is free, It has improved my site so far, and I no longer needed some of the plugins on my site because Sumome does the functions of a bunch of plugins in one. I haven’t tried the premium version of it, but I can say that the free version works great!

  3. Hey Enxhi, I like your post on the Sumome. I like how you explained how simple it is to use with WordPress; it’s not every day that you come across some new website material that can ultimately change your site. 

    Also, I loved how you mentioned how you do things like list-building upon other things like adding social media buttons and the like. 

    Overall, your post was an awesome read and you actually gave me something to further research because I might look into getting it for my site. Kudos Enxhi.


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