Strategies for Selling Websites and Domains

An introduction to selling websites and domains

You have to be unique in the angle that you sell your asset. Have creativity when it comes to gathering traffic. When you sell a website or a domain name is no different from everything else you sell, you’re going to write about the amazing things that this website has. It’s like a sales pitch. You need to be creative when it comes to selling a website.

What can you do to make it stand out from the other websites. You can build a brand new website and sell it on a marketplace and sell it from $100.

Elements that create value when it comes to selling your website

  1. Revenue. Revenue is the thing that will drive the price up high. It’s a guaranteed income. People will value revenue data or profit information. Have they made sales? Why? It’s brand new or more than 7 months old. Revenue and profit (recurring or ongoing): affiliate income, capturing leads and selling them to someone else.
  2. The type of website: what kind of platform is it (WordPress, shoppify, hand coded), a review style or ecommerce
  3. What kind of traffic are you gaining
  4. How old is the domain
  5. Is the website SEO-ed for traffic
  6. Keywords: do you have keywords that are ranking, what is the search volum for those, are they buyer keywords or passive keywords. When you have the word best there is usually intent to buy.
  7. Social accounts, is that part of the package, creates more value. Do you have an existing email list or an existing email funnel, are you selling the list along with the website
  8. Logo, a brand behind the website, if you’re created a brand you’ll have graphic files to sell.

Among all of these things, all combined it’s actually a great package. If you’re thing about selling a website think about the things that you are missing here and increase the value of the website. You can go to these marketplaces and look at other website which may be similar. It doesn’t have to be the same niche, but which have the same assets. There are automated tools which will evaluate your website. These are just algorithmic. Don’t rely on these tools to asses the value of your website.

Have instructions at what to do to continue.

Costs of selling websites

If you sell it on eBay then those costs are going to be different from in an action website. It’s not just a one flat fee.

If you sell privately there’s no costs associated with that. 4 different categories:

  • Established sites – $29
  • Started sites – $19
  • Domain – $9
  • App – $9

The success fee is the part that you are going to get hit the most. No two places are going to be pricing the same.

Places to sell you websites and domains

  1. People you know. Maybe there’s people that you know that are interested in buying your website. A family member. Your social media following. Followers and fans if you’re part of a membership or a forum.
  2. Your list. Before you go and list it in an auction right away, maybe there’s someone you know you would be interested in buying your website. Maybe there’s a local business directory in your community, post an ad on Facebook.

Two places:


They are separate entities. Empireflippers sells higher valued websites. First try to sell it to someone you know, then on eBay, then on these two.

To sell a website you need to do some research to take a look at the marketplace and see what’s available. If your website is similar to a ton of websites, maybe it’s not a good time to sell. Let’s jump over to,

So let’s me give you a quick overview, go to Flippa and use their search terms to see what’s more active right now. When you see something that says confidential, you have to sign a confidentially agreement before you see it, but you can see it’s traffic.

Probably no one wants new websites. Not true.

All my blogs have custom logos. You’re got to cut your emotional ties when it comes to selling an asset.

Is Flippa good for international sites? Not sure, you have to check that.

You can also sell domains in Flippa. Tell us about your domain name (example): great witty golf domain for you. Great witty domain name can be used for the golf niche. Great for blog ecommerce or affiliate sales.

How would you like to sell it auction or classified: auction, buy now price $50.

Select a listing package: a standard listing.

How would you like to pay: PayPal. And this is it.

How would you like to get paid? Flippa escro

Verify ownership or add a text record. Check text record save and preview. Verify the ownership of the domain name.

Flippa Escrow has a larger charge if you’re not in the US.

It would be cheaper to promote your website on your blogs. The shoppify sales and droppshipping sites are being very successful. It’s a lot more work in terms of promoting it, People like something which has recurring revenue,

Is it better to buy a website than start a new one? First you need to have experience building a website before you buy one.

You can sell your website without selling the domain. But on Flippa you can’t sell a website without the domain.

How to transfer domain name to someone else? You find out what their hosting provider is and you transfer it to them.

How to find the price of your website? Find a website similar to yours and see if you can find the average site.

So, your listing will be up.

Do WordPress websites generate the highest revenue? I would say so. It’s easilytransfarable from domain to domain, hosting to hosting.

Do you think purchasing more than one extension to a domain for future. Unless you have specific intent to flipping the website, it would be wise. But in most cases there’s no extra value to it.

You can also use Flippa to see which websites are getting traffic for niche ideas.

How long a listing will stay up in an auction? You set it up. You can set it up for a week.

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