Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate – How Do They Compare

I have used both the platforms, that’s why I’m writing this post to compare Solo Build it vs Wealthy Affiliate. Well, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, let me explain why in this post! Solo Build It is good too, but Wealthy Affiliate really gives you more than you pay for.

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Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate Quick Comparison

If you don’t want to read the whole article, here is a quick comparison between the two programs:

Where Wealthy Affiliate Surpasses SBI

SBI is a legit program to learn affiliate marketing, but in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate it lacks in these areas:

1)SBI doesn’t include a platform for exchanging comments while Wealthy Affiliate does. Comments are very important for a website ranking as they show search engines that there is engagement with the site. Comments are especially important for new sites to get them ranked, and for old sites the number of comments on a post sometimes makes the difference to get the site ranked higher to the competitors.

2) SBI does not recommend which plugins to use on your site – while Wealthy Affiliate includes training about all the plugins that you need to add on your site. SBI focuses more on the content part of your site and WA focuses on content as well, but also adding the right plugins.

3) No community on SBA – The Wealthy Affiliate community is very well-known and it has often been an inspiration for me, the success stories that Wealthy Affiliate members share on the platform. Also you can ask questions after each lesson which other members can answer, not just the support team, you can also create training for other members and get paid for this! You can private message every member within the community and ask for help, if you see something on their website and you want to re-create that they would be of great help.

4) No training from the members on SBI – On Wealthy Affiliate, as I mentioned, every member older than three months can create training within the community and get paid for this according to likes and engagement. Internet marketing is an open field, everyone might learn something from their experience online and can teach to others. Training from other members is sometimes very valuable, it’s how people like you made it!

A lot of people like your training, discuss and they might prove a point to you if they think that there is a better way instead.

This fills the gabs in the Wealthy Affiliate training and gives you the possibility to always find updated training within the community.

5) The difference in price – Wealthy Affiliate offers a free lifetime membership and a paid membership, while SBI offers only a paid membership. The free membership at Wealthy Affiliate of course has fewer features than the premium membership, but it offers a lot of value: you can host two free websites while you learn the business and then you can upgrade if you want or not.

SBI has a 90-day guarantee, but still I would prefer to try something before I buy it rather than having a guarantee.

Wealthy Affiliate costs $49 per month and SBI costs $29.99 per month, but let me explain the difference in value between them. On Wealthy Affiliate you have access to the latest technology, updated training and support 24/7 and you also can create up to 50 websites for the same price, while on SBI you can only create one website.

This is a big one because you can also create websites for other people and get paid or just expand your businesses to more websites.

What is better is that if you go annually SBI costs $299 and Wealthy Affiliate costs $359 those $60 more are totally worth it if you are managing multiple websites and if you want to see results faster.

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I hope I have helped you to make an informed decision and I don’t want to make some SBI members angry, I am just stating some facts that have come to my mind while using both the platforms.

SBI is one of the programs which can compare with Wealthy Affiliate and it teaches you how to properly make money online, it’s definitely not a scam, but in the long run Wealthy Affiliate is worth more even that it costs a little more.

They update the training more often and the tools you can find there are better. If you have experience with any of the platforms please share your experience below, it could make a difference to helping someone make an informed decision.

I hope I have helped you and I with you success.


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