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About Remotive

Remotive is a community and job board which helps professionals find remote jobs. It was found in 2014 by Rodolphe Dutel. Rudolph started a blog for productive remote workers on Medium and got a high number of subscribers. Then he decided to start a company around it.

The customer experience was so good that Remotive got submitted to product hunt by a fan without the founder knowing it.

Pros: 25+ flexible jobs are listed every week in marketing, sales and 30+ jobs in software developers. It has plenty of good listings if you are looking for remote IT jobs.

Applying for jobs at Remotive is free. While to access the community and some other resources described below there is a $99 fee.


Remotive is no longer just a newsletter. It’s a platform geared to all remote workers. The first thing you’ll see on the home page of Remotive is the job board. You can filter by category or just search for some keywords. As an employer you can place jobs.

Remotive publishes a list of 2.400 companies that work remotely. You can search for specific keywords and filter things like the location of the company. They also have a list of salaries submitted by remote workers all over the world.

Community. Their community includes 1.200 experienced remote workers. The cost of joining is a one time payment of $99. They have different channels discussing topics like where you can find remote jobs, being productive and even parenting.

Remotive community is kind of digital networking platform among remotives. Members of the community get access to content which is not available freely on Remotive. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that others can’t.

It all started with the newsletter, so of course Remotive can not shut it down.

Other assets. Since remotive is a developed platform now it offers webinars, blogs and more.

Is Remotive a Scam

Remotive is not a scam. If you have experience with Remotive, please share your experience in the comment box below.

Remotive has a very good reputation among remote workers.

Is Remotive Worth Paying For

If you want to make it as a remote worker or freelancer, definitely check the Remotive website out.

The most popular remote job category on Remotive is development jobs. Some jobs include WordPress from-end developer, software developer, angular JS developer, data science course mentor. This is only a small sample of the remote jobs available in this category.

Most of the site traffic comes from US job seekers making it ideal for hiring local talent.


Job posting $299 per post

Standard+ $348 per post

Premium $448 per post

Remotive is a platform that makes it easy for employers to promote their job opportunities and find job candidates fast. It filters job opportunities using categories and keywords.

The Pros

  • reputable job boards to find quality hires
  • access and network of more than 30,000 tech savvy canditates
  • job posts shared through Google jobs career network
  • 60% of job seekers located in North Amerca
  • candidates can search for jobs by remote companies
  • friendly user interface
  • free job listing template

The Cons

  • there are more affordable job boards with more affordable features
  • emloyers are charged the full price each time they renew
  • no local contact number

Visit their site to find if there are job opportunities on the site compatible to your skills. Job posts get features on the job board for 30 days.

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