What is Postcard Marketing Business Opportunity?

A postcard marketing business has to do with sending direct mails to customers.

Most of the postcard business opportunities are about mailing to people postcards to recruit them to do the same thing. While there are postcard marketing opportunities which are not scams, take one thing into consideration: never go for opportunities which pay you only to recruit other people to do the same thing that you are doing.

One example of such a postcard marketing business opportunity is Best Easy Work.

Why Postcard Marketing is Not the Best Way for Conversions

Making money with this kind of opportunity is often harder than it sounds. In fact, if I consider my experience and the experience of most people, those postcards which are commercial in my mail, go directly to the recycle bin.

I simply don’t think that direct mail is the most effective idea to spread your word. People who want to buy something, they simply search it on the Internet and appearing on the search results is the most effective way to get conversions in my opinion. I have never in my life bought something after receiving a direct mail, if I have bought something after searching it on Google? Yes.

And this is the reality for most people.

Sending direct mail to people costs and considering that a lot of this goes to waste makes this kind of channel highly unprofitable.

Obviously I can’t cover every opportunity on this blog but I am going to cover how most of these oportunities work. So countinue reading to know more abou how most pyramide schemes work.

What You Need to Know About Postcard Marketing Opportunities

A trend into the postcard marketing field is that a lot of programs doing postcard marketing are pyramide schemes and do not have a real product to sell.

This means that working with them you will not create anything of value, you simply send people mails to try to recruit them to do the same that you are doing and once the program collapses, you would have nothing left from this.

If there is no real product, these schemes will not last in time, they are going to collapse. Imagine a business who doesn’t include a real product but only includes people who are recruiting other people to join and those who join are going to recruit other people and other people and other people. Logic, but also experience from similar programs, shows that these programs collapse.

And when they do, people who had joined end up losing money and also time that they would have use in a real busienss opportunity.

The alternative is to create your own online business which is going to be your asset forever.

Second, you need to know that most of the postcard marketing opportunities require a fee to get started. Yes, you need to buy something in order to quality to promote them to other people in the hope that you are going to recruit them under you.

Are Podcast Marketing Opportunities Scams?

I can’t say that all postcard marketing opportunities are scams, but at least they are not so profitable opportunities. In the time of the Internet, people search on the Internet for products they want to buy. The keywords that they serarch on the search engiens are the best targeting tool.

There are better ways to market online and what I am using is affiliate marketing. There are a lot of success stories of people who have used affiliate marketing and very few of people who still use direct mail in 2018.

Direct Mail vs Online Marketing

It’s no secret that a lot of business are nopw choosing marketing online over direct mail marketing because of how effective marketing online is. With online marketing you can reach a very large audience with minimal cost.

And yet there are also businesses which use traditional advertising and direct mail marketing is a part of it.

In fact, according to the DMCA report, direct marketing has gotten a response rate of 3.4 yo 5.7 percept in 2017, which is a good response rate (anything over 1 percent is good). But in fact, the problem with direct mail marketing is not only the response rate and the cost, but it’s also about knowing how to do it right and this is not simple.

But it is not for everyone, and certainly not for someone who doesn’t have any experience with it. If you as an individual want to start a business, I would suggest that you go for affiliate marketing with a website.

A lot of people say that sending people postcards can be a very individualised for of marketing, but the fact is that you can use e-mail marketing and get people to subscribe through your website and make the emails you send to people as individualized as you like.

You read more your emails or the commercial materials sent to your home address? Either way email marketing does not have any cost, except the cost of the autoresponder to collect the cuistomer emails, while postcard marketing has a lot of costs including sending the postcards to people’s addresses, and let alone collecting the addresses of a very targeted audience.

Marketing online with a website is much better than direct mail marketing, but you need to find the right opportunity for yourself because there are a lot of scams out there.

A lot of people get taken away from those get rich schemes and they end up losing their hard earned money. Fortunately, I was luckly enough to find a program which really taught me how to build an online business and now I am making passive income from it every month.

And I don’t have to pay anything on advertising, just like I didn’t have to pay anything for you reading this post.

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