PopBizOp Review

Welcome to my PopBizOp review!

Here I am going to give you my perspective on this program and determine for you if it is a money making system or a pure scam. I am going to tell you straight forward: this is a negative review.

What is PopBizOp About

PopBizOp is a binary options system. Here are some important points stated on their site:

  • Guaranteed profits
  • It doesn’t take more 15 minutes to see the first results
  • You don’t need to work more than 3 hours a day to make $1,200 a day
  • You risk nothing because it’s free

The truth? PopBizOp is a completely different thing.

What You Get When You Join PopBizOp

popbizop review

PopBizOp is said to be a binary option trading system when claims to make you $1,200 per day. In case, you don’t know what a binary option trading system is: it is a system in which people can earn a fixed amount of money or nothing at all, by answering a question and choosing one of the two options, for example yes or no.

Investors bet if a certain stock is going to be below or above a certain value in a certain time in the future. Binary options trading systems are generally considered safe, but you have to do your research on which company you have to do before engaging in any activity with it.

Binary options are easy to understand making it a good choose for inexperienced investors and there are people who have eared good money with this opportunity, I have seen posts in forums about people who earned on binary options platforms, but I have never used one myself. Now, back to PopBiz Op.

When you sign up to their website, you have the opportunity to bet. According to their website it takes 15 minutes to see the results of your bet. Their website also promises that you don’t have to work more than 3 hours a day to make $1,200 and that you don’t need any experience.

The Pros and Cons


  1. 1. The site is free to join.


  1. The owner is unknown. Usually this is a bad sign and when the owner is unknown in most cases this is a sign of a scam because creators of successful products usually like to make their name known to the public and use this as a way to create credibility. The PopBizOp website doesn’t have an about us page.
  2. The sales page doesn’t have a logo, which makes it look quite unprofessional.
  3. Unrealistic income claims.
  4. Binary options trading is a very difficult way to make money.
  5. A fake testimonial. On their website you can find a picture of a woman with a testimonial, but the truth is that it’s all fake. Here’s the picture:

And here are the other websites where this picture appears too:

Maybe this woman doesn’t even know that her picture is being used with a testimonial by PopBizOp.

6. Fake endorsements. On their website you can see the logos of Google and some other big companies. They make it appear like this program is recommended by these big companies. But they don’t show how or what’s the relations. Or why use the logos of big companies to make it look like an endorsement?

The fact is that PopBizPro is completely different how it is presented. It doesn’t look like a binary options platform because it doesn’t have a sales video. But it is easy to understand from their sales page that it is not a legit platform.

7. The website doesn’t have a logo which makes it seen quite unprofessional in my opinion.

8. They claim that their software is able to win 98% of the time. There is not trading software which is able to win 98% of the time and binary training is a very difficult way to earn money.

Expert investors who use trading options spend a lot of time researching about stocks and they not always win the bets.

To sum it up, there is strong evidence that PopBizOpportunit is a scam. They have no information about the owners on their website and they use fake testimonials and endorsements on their sales page.


The picture above is a screen shot from the testimonial on their website. I did a quick image research and I discovered that the same photo has been used for other business opportunities on the Internet, probably scams:

PopBizOp review


From my research I concluded that PopBizOp is not a legitimate opportunity, so I suggest, if you want to get started with binary option trading, you start somewhere else. I strongly recommend that you don’t give them any personal information, especially if it’s your bank account information.

I personally have not put my money on the line and used their website, because I don’t in a million years believe that they are legit, so I can’t tell you from firsthand experience how it went.

But I believe that if you want to make money online, you better stick to tried and true methods like blogging or working for legitimate companies online. The red flags of PopBizOp are huge. Just think about it. They say that you can earn $500 a day from their software and they are offering it for free to you.

If it was a software like this out there that would not be free.

I have come across a lot of scams and lottery programs which trick people to invest with no chance of ever winning. They don’t even mind that they will get a bad reputation from all the angry people, because once they create this kind of reputation they just change the name of the program and trick other people to “invest”.

A Real Way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is a far batter way to earn money online. A lot of people are doing it these days. Affiliate marketing:

  • Doesn’t involve recruiting
  • Has a low starting cost
  • The ability to earn passive income
  • No face to face selling

If you want to learn affiliate marketing from a company which is transparent about their business model, check my Wealthy Affiliate review. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for four years and I have earned from my websites. Affiliate marketing really works and it is the best method that it has ever worked for me to make money online.

Sure, it requires work like any other business, but in the end it pays off. There are so many scams online that people find it hard to believe that a program is legit, but I can assure you that the Wealthy Affiliate training really works and that it has worked for me.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a program which teaches you how to make money fast, it teaches you how to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. It even offers people the opportunity to try their training for free. It has two membership options: a free membership and a premium membership. And you can get started and earn online even with their free training, which you also get two free websites.

Thanks to their training I am earning commissions like this:

What do you think of PopBizOp? Would you consider investing in it after reading this review?

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