Paid Search Engine Marketing: 11 Best Practices of 2018

Paid for your website to appear among the first results on a search engine (as an ad) doesn’t guarantee you results. In this article I talk about the latest practices of paid search engine marketing.

A landing page is simple the page where visitors land on a website. Having your own landing pages can help you monitor their analytics, make split tests and improve your pages.

paid search engine marketing

If you are new to ppc, probably have failed to make any income in your first couple of campaigns, but don’t get discourages, learned to build successful ppc campaigns is a skill which pays off.

Convincing customers to covert is a basic marketing skills, if you don’t want to do this, it’s better if you go out of this industry.

The tips that I am going to share below have worked for a lot of brands and I’m sure that they will work for your business too.

VividBoard increased their conversion rate from 2% to 27% just by some simple landing page improvements, take a look:

paid search engine marketing

The importance of the quality score

Bing can deliver you a click for then than what you bid if your quality score is high.

paid search engine marketing

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The higher the Google Quality Score the less you are going to pay for your ads

But how to get a high quality score?

Here are 11 tips which can help you increase your conversion rates:

#1: Understand your audience’s difficulties

Here’s an example of a landing page which mentions a difficulty or pain, point that people face:

paid search engine marketing

Use the characteristics that the audience has in your ad, for example: Training for internet marketers.

This helps your audience know that the ad is for them.

#2: The relevancy of the keywords

To build a successful landing page, firstly, it needs to be relevant to the keywords you are bidding for.

#3: Create one keyword for each ad group

Google suggests start with 10-20 keywords for each ad group, but from the experience of some advertisers, the results are higher if you use just one keyword per each ad group.

This is because your keyword, your ad and your landing page need to be in perfect harmony and completely relevant.

I think that using just one keyword for each ad group can be a good tip especially if you don’t have experience with ppc. It will increase the results for your campaign to be profitable.

However, Brad Geddes gives an advice which I really find true:

The number of keywords that belong in an ad group is based upon how many keywords your ad copy describes. It is better to have more specific ad copy than more general ad copy. There is no magic number.

This tip also suggests that you firstly need to create your ad and then find your keywords.

Another interesting tip that I have heard is to use keywords which are longer or shorter versions of each other. This is an advice from Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate:

paid search engine marketing

#4: The keywords should appear a lot in your ads text and in your landing page

#5: Group your keywords

If some of your keywords are similar, group them into one keyword.

#6: Optimize your landing page

Use the keywords in the landing page.

Your Ads

While every part of ppc marketing is important your ads are the decoy which will attract your visitors to your landing page.

Your ad text has to purposes:

  1. to attract visitor’s attention
  2. to get the right visitors to click on them

The following are some tips on how to write your ads copy:

#7: Use numbers to your ad

You can ad the phone number in the ad, the price.

#8: State a call for action

You can include words like: “download”, “sign up” and “get started”.

#9: Use a story in your ad

Find out how this mum is making (an amount of money) online. You can get ideas about stories by your clients stories with your brand. Often the clients exact words are the right ones to put into your ad.

#10: Use a rhetorical question

Rhetorical questions are a tool which is greatly used in advertising. They are great for this purpose because they state the problem that an individual might have. They are also great because they are specific.

However, sometimes rhetorical questions are misused in advertising.

#11: Target local customers

People like to meet their service providers or at least know that they have the possibility to meet them. If they are looking for a specific service changes are that they will choose the service providers who are near them. And Adwords allows you to target people within specific locations.

You can also use keywords with a specific location in your ads.

paid search engine marketing

Another way that you can use to target local customers is to include in your ad text local area phone numbers.

Are there any other strategies you use to create a successful ppc campaign?

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