QwikAd Review: Is QwikAd Worth It

QwikAd review

When you post the ads you can target Traffic is the most important part of a successful website. While organic traffic is the best converting traffic, it shouldn’t be the only source of traffic.

Online classified sites which allow you to advertise your site for free are a great source of traffic for your site.

QwikAd rating

What Is QwikAd

QwikAd is a classified site like Craightlist where you can post ads.

QwikAd review

When you post the ads you can target specific locations. Customer reviews seem to give it an average to good rating and a lot of good words are being said about QwikAd.

How Does QwikAd Work

You can post an ad for free. To create and ad:

1. Click on Post a Free Ad icon

QwikAd review

In fact, the ad is free only if you choose a city within US or Canada, but it costs you $5 if you choose the whole US or Canada. So let’s say you chose New York. Then it will ask you to choose a city within New York to target your ad, meaning that if you want to target the whole New York you will need to pay $5. This is for 5 days.

After this you will be asked to choose the niche that your ad is going to be related like pets, services, income opportunities etc.

The Pros

  • Unlike Craigslist, you can get flagged for posting ads of your home based business
  • You can find all types of products and services there
  • You have the possibility to search for services near your geographical location
  • You can post ads for a much lower price for every location, unlike Craigslist which charges $45 per city
  • It is a type of community where you can interact with other members as well as sell to them
  • The interface is userfriendly
  • The site gets decent traffic in a day, you can check this on Alexa
  • They have an affiliate program and you get instantly approved once you sign up

The Cons

  • If you post free ads you will get like 2 visits a day, while when you pay for your ads you start to get a decent amount of views to your ads

Free Ads, But What’s the Catch?

QwikAd allows you to display free and paid ads on your site.

QwikAd review

The fact that you can post free ads on their site is helpful because you can test different ads before paying for them so that you know which works best.

Lately they have also removed their posting limit which used to be 20 ads per 24 hours.

Their Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program pays you $2 for every new member which buys a paid ad. The minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings is $20.

Their affiliate program is a great way to earn online for all publishers.

Their affiliate cookie lasts six months so you will be editable when someone registers even up to six months after they first visited the site with your affiliate link.

How to join their affiliate program

Signing up to their affiliate program is free and everyone can sign up, being over 18. Your account gets instantly approved.

Join the QwikAd affiliate program

Is QwikAd a Scam

According to scamadviser.com QuikAd.com is legit.

QwikAd allows you to post ads of any kind of product on their site. Traffic there comes from India mostly because Indians are posting the majority of ads there. One niche which has a better opportunity on their site is the make money online niche. Unlike Craigslist, on QwikAd you can’t get flagged for posting your home business.

Is QwikAd Worth It

I like QwikAd but I have found out that the best way to use it is the paid option.

While organic traffic is the most important source of traffic in your site, it shouldn’t be the only one. The good thing about classified sites like QwikAd is the fact that they deliver very targeted traffic. You can post your ad in any section that you like to get only targeted traffic.

When you post a free ad it stays up for 60 days. QwikAd has helped me a lot for getting traffic to my offers, especially webcam agent.

You can post ads in any location you want from anywhere in the world you are. My suggestion to you is to give QwikAd a try. I think it is worth it.

What Is Ptr VIP Club About

ptr vip club review

Is PTR VIP Club a scam? The company claims that you can make $100 just by reading an email. But is this possible?

What Is PTR VIP Club?

PTR stands for paid-to-read and the company claims that you can earn up to $100 just by reading an advertisers email.

Statements like this just raise red flags to me. Not for the fact that you can’t get paid for reading advertisers emails (there are companies which pay you for this), but for the high amount of money that they claim to pay you just for reading an email.

You can earn loads of money by doing affiliate marketing. It’s free to get started on Wealthy Affiliate.

Is PTR VIP Club a Scam

There is consensus online that PTR VIP Club is a scam.

The claim that you can make $100 just by reading an email should be enough to raise our alarm bell for this scam. There is no proof that anyone ever got paid by PTR VIP Club. Even giving them your personal details is risky, let alone your credit card details. Stay away from PTR VIP Club.

As I mentioned earlier, there are companies which pay people to read emails, but the pay is so little that I don’t recommend them at all.

If you want to make money online, check out this program. It really works and I make with it more than with PTC sites.

The sites which make exaggerated income claims are generally scams.

How Does PTR VIP Club Work

PTR sites work like this. You sign up to their site and then they send you emails when there is an email for you to read.

But with PTC sites you aren’t going to make a lot of money because the pay is very low per email read. And sometimes there are not enough emails to read. I tried a PTC site more than a year ago (my review of it) and I wasn’t receiving enough small jobs like reading emails, so I was able to make only a minimum amount of money. I left this job soon.

The amount you can make by this kind of sites is far away from $100. These sites probably get the funds to pay you that minimum amount by the advertisers. Their job is to connect advertisers and people who want to get paid for reading emails.

Before getting started on a new site, you need to see the jobs description of what you are going to do to get paid and then compare it to other companies in the same industry. If a website seems to unrealistic, it probably is. There are a lot of scams online so don’t believe everything you are told.

They even have an affiliate program and claim to pay you $100 for each new member you bring them. When you sign up they want all your information and who know to whom they are going to sell it. Selling people’s information is a real business.

How Does PTR VIP Club Really Work

Companies like this which are clearly scams, can gain from you even by just collecting your information to sell it to other companies so that they can send you more offers in your email. They know that you are someone who is interested in the concept of earning money online. And this is enough information for companies because this makes you a more targeted customer of other programs which are about this topic.

The Price

PTR VIP Club is free to join. But they introduce you to some incentives to upgrade. I am not sure what is costs to upgrade and this wasn’t visible on their site before you give them your details.

I didn’t want to give them my personal details to sign up, so I don’t know how much the premium membership costs. I know it isn’t worth it anyways.

I highly recommend trying affiliate marketing with you want to start a solid internet business with a very low minimum cost.

The Red Flags

1. Unrealistic income claims

“You can make up to $100 just by reading an email” is an unrealistic income claim.

This website commits to pay not only $100, but $200 per email read for those who upgrade to premium.

There companies which pay people to read their advertisements but the pay is very low because the people who read company’s advertisements probably aren’t interested in its products and end up not buying. So the company doesn’t gain anything in most of the cases.

2. Very high minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings.

$20,000 is their minimum threshold amount. What? Yes, you read it right. Most people don’t have that much money in their savings in their back account. Who would earn so much money on a site like this? And doing what? Just reading ads? Why would they make their minimum so high?

Maybe you can achieve that amount if you earn $100 or $200 for each email read. But the money in your account is not real. You are never going to get paid. The company doesn’t have those kind of earning itself because they are not earning anything big just by you reading advertiser’s ads.

Everything which seems too good to be true probably is. It is possible to earn money online, but it requires a lot of hard work and patience. I have managed to make money online with affiliate marketing.

I sincerely recommend affiliate marketing to everyone who wants to earn money online with very little start up costs. But to do so you need proper guidance.

I suggest that you join a community of 1.2 million online entrepreneurs to get this guidance.

Click here to learn more about this business model

There are PTR sites which are legit, but they pay very little, to the point that the time spent on those sites is not worth it.

Building a website is your first step to becoming an internet entrepreneur. Then you can develop your site however you like it and provide value to visitors.

What Is BTC1up.com: A Scam or Legit?

BTC 1 Up is a website which claims to influence the value of bitcoins minus the risk of loosing money if this bubble bursts.

The platform claims that is has a system which can help you earn money with bitcoin without the risk that the bitcoin bubble will burst.

How Does BTC1up.com Work

This system is about advertising bitcoins, however, it raises suspicion due to the high number of bitcoin scams. In fact, the truth is that there is no product of this company and they are not in the advertising business.

The system is not related to bitcoins too, they just use the popularity of bitcoins to draw people in. They have an affiliate program where you need to recruit other members and earn commissions from this. In fact, the only way to earn with this program is by recruiting other people, because there is not product. This is the perfect example of a pyramid scheme.

There is no product that people are going to buy, only the license to sell this empty program to other people. These schemes never last because a pyramid scheme eventually comes to an end. And it becomes more and more difficult to recruit other people because more people know that this program is just a scam.

The cost of joining BTC 1 up is $50. So if you are looking for a free way to earn money online, this is not one. You could do far better selling whatever product than this empty one, that you don’t even know how to convince your target customers to buy. Because no products, no benefits, no reason to buy. Everyone who buys this program only buys the ability to sell it to other people.

The website also provides some training on how new members can promote this program to recruit other members.

The training is not so in-depth, but you are going to learn how to do exactly what the person who referred you did.

Based on other similar programs that I have reviewed, I can’t say that anyone is earning from programs like this, especially in the long term. When a program focuses more on its affiliate program than the actual product that it is selling to customers, it’s most likely a pyramid scheme and schemes which work like this never last in the long term.

In my opinion it is not worth to try the system.

The Product

When you first sign up to the system you are required to give them your email address and your email address is directly added to the email list of the person who recruited you. This basically means that they can contact you with whatever offer they want after this.

This is the actual product that BTC1up.com is selling, the ability to build an email list so you can promote to your email list.

Also when you pay your $50 when you sign up this amount goes directly to the person who referred you. And you will earn $50 in bitcoins from each of your referrals when they sign up.

They only way that everyone earns with this program is by recruiting other members because there is no real product, except the possibility to collect the email lists of everyone of your referrals after giving your email to the person who recruited you.

Is BTC1up.com a Scam

BTC1up.com is not a scam in the aspect that you can earn with it but the way that people are earning with it is questionable. You are not going to sell a real product, just the ability to promote it to other members. So it’s more like a Ponzi scheme and it’s not reliable in the long run. Everyone online is talking about this program’s ability to earn and not their product. Their only focus is their referral program because there is no real product.

To sum it up, is doesn’t seem to me like a good opportunity to join, especially when there are a lot of legit opportunities online to take advantage off. Making money online is not easy but this platform gives the average person the best chance to succeed online.

I know this because this is the program that taught me everything I know about internet marketing and helped me make my first dollars online. The proper way to earn money online is to stop chasing shiny objects, it will be easier for people to scam you if you have that mindset. Everyone wants to make money online, but you need to learn the proper skills and do the proper tasks first.

The Red Flags

1. There is no product of this company.

2. Bitcoins has nothing to do with their scheme, they are just using the popularity of bitcoins to lure people in.

3. Their focus is on recruiting other members. This combined with the fact that there is no product makes it a Ponzi scheme. It is difficult to recruit other members when there’s no real product.


I hope this review has enlightened you on BTC1up.com. If you are tired of scam and want a real opportunity to make money online, check my #1 recommended program. It’s 100% free to join.

Remember, when you seek opportunities to make money online, don’t search for online jobs, but for online business opportunities. The program I mentioned above is about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model and requires that you build a website.

How I Make Money Online

The reality is that there are a lot of ways to make money online. The problem is that a lot of people get distracted by the latest products in this niche.

Affiliate marketing is a proven system that works, it has worked 5 years ago and it is going to work 5 years from now (and beyond). Before you focus on the money part, you have to build a website, create content and get traffic to it. Without content and traffic the money part won’t happen.

Building the foundation of your online business should be your first focus. Below is a video of “How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained”:

What Is Piggy Bank GPT About

piggy bank gtp review

What Is Piggy Bank GPT About

Piggy Bank GPY is a website which pays you to complete smalls tasks like surveys and signing up to their offers. When you complete these tasks you earn coins which then you can convert into cash or rewards.

In this review I am going to introduce you to Piggy Bank GPY and talk about whether it is legit and worth to try. There are a lot of pat-paid-to sites which have similar business models to Piggy Bank GTP but only some of them are legit. Keep on reading to find out whether Piggy Bank GTP is legit.

On their website they claim to pay their members promptly. Considering that Piggy Bank GPY has been around since 2010, there is a high chance for this site to be legit.

How Does Piggy Bank GPT Work

You can sign up for free as long are you’re over 13. But this program doesn’t allow more than one account from the same IP address. Other than this everyone from around the world can sign up. The signing up process is relatively long but it is worth it.

There are found main ways to earn money with Piggy Bank GTP:

  1. Completing surveys. You will be asked about your opinion on different topics of interest
  2. Completing offers. Offers include signing up for trials and testing products and services. You may be required to pay to sign up to some offers and you will be reimbursed.
  3. Playing games. You earn points by playing their fun games.
  4. Referring new members. You will earn 25% of the earnings of your referrals

In Piggy Bank GTP 100 coins are worth $1. This is a very low pay considering that most tasks cost 10-25 coins.

Referring people can be a better way to earn on this platform, however, you need to encourage your referrals to stay active and keep earning coins on the site. The good thing about Piggy Bank GPT is that the minimum threshold to withdraw you earnings is just $1 and you can withdraw twice a day.

The concept is easy here: you just have to complete small tasks and you’ll be paid a small amount for each small task you complete.

You will earn only $1 an hour by completing surveys. And if you think that this is not a problem for you because you are going to work like 10 hours a day on this, it’s not that simple because surveys run out.

I have tried surveys in the past and they were never enough. This is the main problem, in my opinion, about survey sites. I thought that this has to do with the fact that I am from a less developed country and that I’m not the target customer of big companies which do research.

Completing surveys on this site is not worth it. However, their affiliate program could be worth it. As I mentioned earlier, with they affiliate program you can earn 25% of the earnings of your referrals. So if you refer 4 people you could have 100% earnings just as if you worked yourself by doing nothing.

Imagine is you manage to refer 100 people. So you can earn with their affiliate program, but there are other affiliate programs which pay you more for referring people.

If you want to find out about these programs and learn affiliate marketing you should definitely check Wealthy Affiliate.

Something else I want to mention about Piggy Bank GPT is that when I checked their site parts of it weren’t working.

The Cost

Piggy Bank GPT is free to join.

The Red Flags

1. There are a lot of ares on their site which are not working.

2. When I signed up my welcome messages were all from 2014 to 2017. I guess they don’t have a system to change the dates.

3. There are complaints that this site is not paying lately. This site used to pay its members in the past, but there are complaints about how it has changed.

4. There is no information about who is running the site.

Is Piggy Bank GTP a Scam

I don’t think that Piggy Bank GPT is a complete scam, but I don’t recommend it either. I don’t think that it is a scam because it is free to join. So if you don’t get paid you will only lose your time and efforts to complete tasks. I cannot call it a scam also because the site used to pay its members in the past.

There are a lot of GTP sites, however, which do not pay their members and they are just plain scams. So before joining a program you need to always to some research on it. I also do not recommend GTP sites even when they are legit because the pay is low for the hours spent.

It is far better to learn how to do online marketing and build your own website business. You will need to learn some new skills but in the end it is going to be worth it. Better skills lead to better income, not completing more tasks which anyone can complete.

In GTP sites you get paid for your time for doing jobs that anyone can do. It is far better to learn a new skills and get paid for your skills by doing tasks that others can’t do. Now let me recommend the platform where I learned everything I know about internet marketing, so you can get started with it too.

Getting started on this site is free and you will get two free websites and my personal help inside the platform as well as access to a community of 1.2 online entrepreneurs.

Learn more about this business

How I Make Money Online

It’s time to be honest here – Making money online is not easy, but it is possible., and this free training gives the average person the best chance to build a successful online business. Affiliate marketing is the best business model to earn online and by having your own website you can create multiple income streams.

Each new skill you learn on this training platform brings you one step closer to earning online. The training really works, you have to see this for yourself.

And after completing each lesson of the training you have to analyze your results and see what were the most successful strategies that you learned. You have to create a websites and create multiple posts and determine which of them are doing best and why. Find out how you can create your own online business at Wealthy Affiliate!

What Is Clicks Dealer About: A Scam or Legit

what is clicks dealer about

Clicks Dealer is a website which promises to teach you how to make money online by buying and flipping advertising banners.

Flipping ads is a fairly new concept of making money online. I had never heard this concept before learning about it from Clicks Dealer. But does this concept really work?

How Does Clicks Dealer Work

The concept has to do with buying and selling ad banners. Money can be made by posting ads on other people’s websites, however, not to the extent that Clicks Dealer makes it seem.

Clicks Deal also has an affiliate program. They claim that they will give you $1,000 for every new referral that you bring them. This seems ridiculous, especially that the referrals don’t have to pay anything to sign up to their site.

In my opinion this is just an empty promise.

The Cost

You need to spend at least $250 for this program. I read this from their terms of service page. Their lowest level package (the Bronze package) costs $250.

It’s true that you can create an account for fee, but to activate your account, you are required to pay. They will give you several options to choose from.

The Sales Page

We know that earning $200-1,000 a day just by buying and selling banner ads seems too good to be true. But some people will just look at their sales page and buy Clicks Dealer without doing proper research.

They use all kind of emotional triggers and fake testimonials in their sales page. Unfortunately, there are people who buy this kind of products because they are targeted to newbies. They constantly change their names and domains when a bad reputation is created around them.

The Red Flags

  1. The testimonials are just hired actors. A company which asks its members to deposit thousands of dollars should at least show their owner’s faces and the employees. In the screen shot below you can see that their testimonials are just actors from Fiverr:
  2. Their business model is not feasible. You can’t just buy the ads of big companies and earn from the clicks on them. In the advertising game only the advertiser, the content provider and the network which connects them can earn.


I am convinced that Clicks Dealer is a scam. I would be surprised if I heard someone saying that they made money with Clicks Dealer or by flipping ads on the internet.

Before I wrote this review I searched for positive reviews or success stories of people who made money with Clicks Dealer. I couldn’t find any. No one besides the paid spokespeople recommends Clicks Dealer. There are a lot of negative reviews of Clicks Dealer on YouTube. Here’s one of them:

There is not business model such as flipping ads. After I did my research, I found out that there are some more websites which sell this business model. They are all scams. Real legit programs mention their owners who take price in creating a successful program that they are trying to sell you. Scams hide their owners or create fake personas as owners.

How I Make Money Online

Do you want a legit online business opportunity?

If you are searching for a legit program to teach you how to earn money online, check Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the program which taught me how to make money online. It also includes all the tools that you need for an online business and an amazing community of internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

The best part? It’s free to join. Learn more by clicking below:


Wealthy Affiliate is a legit business.

What Is Clone My Sites About

Close My Sites is a website which claims that you can earn money by cloning other people’s websites.

The truth is that you can’t make money by cloning sites and the only people who make money with this kind of programs are the people who create them and take advantage of you when they sell them to you.

If you are tired of scams and want a real opportunity to make money online, check my recommended program below.

Is Clone My Sites a Scam

In my opinion Clone My Sites is in plain sight a scam. There are so many red flags about Clone My Sites. To start with, the owner is hiding. He also makes exaggerated income claims and tells you that you are going to make $1,000 for free then he asks you for payment.

How Does Clone My Sites Work

They show you how much money they earn with their system, but they don’t show you how. Every system which does not show you how it works before buying it is a huge red flag. And the truth is that there is no training, no product of Clone My Sites. Clone My Sites is a just a funnel to MOBE, a high ticket program.

You can earn with MOBE by promoting it to other people, but the cost of it is really high. Take a look at their price points:

If they will not lead you to buy MOBE, they will lead you to by another costly system like it. Programs which do not show how they work, usually require more money from by promoting to you other costly programs after you make the initial purchase. They promote such programs, hiding under names like Clone My Sites to mask the negative reviews that are all over the internet for failed programs. Also, affiliates are involved and they promote failed products to you just to earn a commission from you.

Moreover, on their sales page they clearly state that “the typical purchaser doesn’t make any money from this program”, so they admit that the system does not work.

The Cost

Clone My Sites costs $37, but as I mentioned earlier, it has a lot of upsales, more specifically, Clone My Sites is just a funnel to another program.

Scammers usually send people to other programs like MOBE, the Commission Machine, or Jeff’s 6 Figure System. If you really want to make money online, you can’t be distracted all the time by make money systems. You need to focus on one system that works and stick with it until you see results.

Check the training that has worked for me

This program is upfront about the costs and there are no upsells. You will receive only no-cost training.

Another cost which is not mentioned is that after you buy Clone My Sites and start to “clone” sites with their system, you would have to buy a hosting and a domain. You would have to pay the hosting costs every month.

In the sales video the owner shows you your brand new account making $135 without you doing anything.

This is all fake and the video is recorded so everyone will see the same thing. It’s surprising how far these scammers can go to convince you to buy.

This is definitely the worst sales video I have ever seen.


The Red Flags

1. Clone My Sites is a clone itself. I have seen the same sales page with different names before.

2. They rely on paid traffic

3. The owner is not a real person, the person behind this program is hidden

4. They claim that a $37 fee will cover all the investments



It is clear that Clone My Sites is a scam and you don’t need to be an expert to spot that.

There is no value in the cloned sites. You need real sites with unique content to be successful online. People will not visit cloned sites, but sites with unique content. Cloned sites used to work in the past, but they don’t work anymore.

They would spam search engines with copied content. But these days search engines are very clever and nothing but unique content works. Search engines are committed to provide the best quality content to their users and they are achieving this. You can get ideas from other people’s sites but you can’t just clone them.

A lot of people have lost a lot of money and time because of low quality products like this one. The way to go is to join programs with real owners and real testimonials who show everything they claim. The best program to learn how to build a successful online business is Wealthy Affiliate. Clone My Sites is the best example of a scam, in my opinion. The whole idea is wrong. Not to talk about all the red flags that it has. Everything about Clone My Sites is wrong.


How I Make Money Online

It is possible to make money online, but it certainly doesn’t include just “copy and paste”. It needs time and commitment to make it work. If you really want to make it work, check my top recommend program to learn everything you need to know about creating a successful online business.


This program doesn’t create fake expectations by showing exaggerated income proof, or fake testimonials or any kind of hype.

I am really grateful for all the help and support I have received from this program.

I highly recommend that you check this program, and the good thing is that you can check it for free. After you create an account for free, you will get access to the first 10 lessons for free. You will learn how affiliate marketing works and build your first website for free. If you decide that you don’t like this program, you can stay a free member forever. I want to stress that this is not a free trial, but it is actually a free membership option.

Do you have a story with this program or Clone My Sites? I would love to hear your stories and experiences with making money online, scams and programs that really work. It’s your time to leave behind the scams and build a real online business!

What Is Cash Magnets: Scam or Legit?

cash magnets review

What Is Cash Magnets

Cash Magnets is an app you can download only on Android and with which you can earn passive income. You get to be anonymous within the app or at least this is what is advertised.

In this review and I am going to talk about the pros and cons of Cash Magnets and if it is worth to

download it or is it just another scam.

First of all, Cash Magnets is free to join so you don’t have anything to lose by downloading it but your time.

The Owners

Cash Magnets was created by Brendan Mace, a well-known internet person who has created other successful products like Zero Hour Work Day, Ignition, Genesis, Incognito and Jano Armstrong.

Brendan Mace has been doing internet marketing for 10 years and he has a good reputation online. You can find more information about Brendan Mace on his blog.

You can also check his YouTube channel here.

And here is Jono Armstrong’s blog. He is a musician and an internet marketer at the same time.

What Are The 5 Cash Magnets

Cash Magnets promises to show you 5 Cash Magnets which consist of ways to earn passive income. The 5 Cash Magnets are: funnels, reviews, blogging, YouTube, and monetizing your site.

The program is divided into six parts containing each 40 minutes of video.

  • Sales funnels
  • Reviews
  • Blogs
  • YouTube
  • Adsense
  • Traffic

How Does Cash Magnets work

The app automatically searches ads online and clicks them for you. At first, it sounds like a great way to make money online, but I wouldn’t recommend this app as you are going to make very few pennies with it. Overall, I don’t think it’s worth it.

On their website they claim that you can earn $1 every two days, but this depends also from the time you will leave this app running on your phone. 1,000 points on the app are worth $1. You can get paid through PayPal.

The app runs on automatic and it doesn’t need a user to earn passive income, they just need your phone.

Cash Magnets

You do not need to perform tasks, watch ads or play games. The earnings will come in an absolute automatic way. They claim that after two months of using this app you are going to the amount of money it takes for you to buy another phone which can run automatically for you too.

They also claim that the app is safe and that your data are not going to be used in any way. But is there a catch then?


1. They don’t teach you to get organic traffic which is the most targeted kind of traffic

2. It is not for beginners, it provides generic theory

3. A lot of information in different areas which can cause information overload for many beginners

4. Unrealistic income claims

5. You will need an extra budget to implement the strategies taught by Cash Magnets (hosting, keyword research tool, SSL certificates etc)


1. No skills or experience needed

2. Easy to follow

3. Created by experienced money making coach

4. You don’t have to spend money for traffic

5. 30-day money back guarantee


Here is the complete solution to help you generate passive income online with all the tools that you need included

Is Cash Magnets Worth It

Cash Magnets presents you five well-known methods of earning online and it doesn’t go into detail to really explain everything to a newbie.

Their Affiliate Program

Cash Magnets also has an affiliate program: you get 5% of the points of the person you referred and 5% of the points of your second tier referral.


I do not recommend Cash Magnets. All it does is explain you which are the methods of generating passive income.

It will be up to you to implement them and you would need to spend extra money on hosting, domain, a keyword tool etc. They make it seem like earning with the methods they explain is easy and fast. It’s totally misleading to tell this to a newbie.

Cash Magnets can be good to learn about passive income methods but you can learn them for free by just doing a Google search.

Also it is better to focus on only one method than learn about five of them and feel overwhelmed.

My favorite method is affiliate marketing as it newbie-friendly and the start up costs are low.

3 Step Method Review

3 step method review

3 Step Method Review – What Is 3 Step Method

3 Steps Method is another program which promises to help you make $2K a month by doing practically nothing.

Sounds too good to be true? Because it is. In my opinion this program will not make you any money online and it is just hype. This program is make for the only reason: for its owners to profit. The good news is that there are actually ways to really make money online.

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The Sales Video

Their sales video is interesting, entertaining better to say. The guy which appears in the video is not the owner of the 3 Step Method. It is not even related to 3 Step Method. He is just an actor from Fiverr. In their sales video they have fake testimonials.

If you are intrigued about the 3 steps, I’ll tell you what they are right now.

The 3 steps are: choose a niche, create digital assets and earn commissions. Digital assets can be ebooks, websites, software, anything which is not a physical product and that can be sold online. They included “earn commissions” as the final step but they don’t show exactly how. So for $37 you will get these 3 steps with basic information, without showing you step by step what you need to do.

The Red Flags

I came across 3 Step Method after receiving an email in my spam box.

I clicked on that email and I checked its sales page. The sales page actually explains nothing about the program, nothing about how it works or what does it involve. This is their first red flag.

The second red flag is how they claim that there are unlimited spots to be included in the program. If they are making money from you how can they only accept a few people to buy their program? This is not true and this is just a misleading tactic to make you buy as soon as possible.

The third red flag is that the guy in their sales video, who claims to be making money off this program is just a Fiverr actor:

The first picture above is a screen shot of his Fiverr profile and in the second picture is him on the 3 Step Method sales page.

Also the owner of 3 Step Method is unknown. This is common for shady products. The owners of legitimate products are proud to show their product to the world.

Another problem with this program is that they exaggerate the earnings. The system teaches affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing is a legit business opportunity, but they present it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Affiliate marketing works but it takes time and hard work to see results from it. You can’t earn $2,000 the first day you get started with affiliate marketing as they claim.

If you search the internet, you will find only negative reviews about the 3 Step Method because this program doesn’t provide value to its customers.

But what do you really get if you buy the 3 Step Method?

How Does 3 Step Method Work

You will get access to a $37 Clickbank product which consists of basic training on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a real business model which works and I am involved with it myself, but it doesn’t consist of just three easy steps to follow. It involves much more and it takes time to learn and to see results. Sites like 3 Step Method oversimplify the process to get you to buy.

And after you buy the Clickbank product for $37, you are bombarded with other upsells before you get to the members’ area. This program takes advantage of the newbies ignorance which buy the program. An experienced internet marketer would never buy such a scam.

Ready-done for you systems don’t work over time.

When you go to the 3 Step Method sales page you will notice that they don’t give much information about their product. They ask for your email address before they give more information.

For cases like this I suggest you have a dummy email account. But in the case of 3 Step Method, you can find their sales video on YouTube just by typing “3 Step Method”. When you get them your email address they will send you the sales video and some sales materials like testimonials, which you can find all on YouTube.

After buying the products you will know about the “3 steps”. The method involves creating websites, which they call digital assets.

But 3 Steps Method is a just a low quality product.

The Cost

3 Step Method costs $37 but from the moment you sign in they will display you upsells.

In total, if you buy all the upsells that they display you, you will end up spending $300. The good news is that the product is sold on ClickBank and they have a 60-day money back guarantee for each of their products.

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What I like about 3 Step Method

The only thing I like about 3 Step Method is that it is soled on Clickbank and all product sold on Clickbank have a 60 days month back guarantee which you can claim from Clickbank.

Is 3 Step Method a Scam

This method promises to make you money without doing anything. The company will manage your assets while you collect the cash doing nothing.

But there is no team to manage your assets. When you buy it you will receive a product but not the product you would expect on their from their sales video. Based on this I consider 3 step method a scam. This is supported by the fact that they use fake testimonials. Companies who have a legit product go out there and get people to test their product, they don’t just hire actors as testimonials.

I do not recommend 3 Step Method to anyone. There are better ways to earn money online, start by reading the below section.

A Better Wat to Make Money Online

Would you like to be in business by yourself and for yourself?

Imagine having the right tools you need to succeed.

Have you tried 3 Step Method? If you have any questions or want to say hi leave a comment below.

Is Job Killer a Scam

is day job killer a scam

What Is Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer is the product name. The program makes some bold claims.

Day Job Killer is a program which promises to teach you how to sell digital products online. But is it a scam or can it actually helps you earn some extra cash online?

As the name suggest, Day Job Killer is a program which promises to helps you earn money online, as much as you could quit your day job. The owner of this program even claims to give you $1,000 if the program doesn’t work. So, the website makes it look like you are guaranteed that you will make money with this program. But is this program worth you time? Read this review to find out.

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How Does Day Job Killer Work

Day Job Killer not only offers you training but it also offers you some software. But first let us focus on the training. The training teaches you how to sell digital products like ebooks, software, themes etc.

The training consists of four steps. The first step teaches you how to find the right niche. The second part of the training teaches you how to create products. The third part of the training teaches you how to create good sales copy. The fourth part of the training teaches you how to get traffic to your sales pages, it includes three main sources of traffic: email marketing, affiliate and paid traffic.

It also includes a training which shows you how to take this business to another level once you start seeing results. The owner of this program Chriss also promises to personally helps you if you have any question.

The software that it offers is one which is used to spin content. With no original content you obviously aren’t going to get free traffic from the search engines.

This might be the reason that there is no training about free traffic. So you would have to rely on paid traffic which is expensive and very risky if you try it as a newbie. Paid traffic requires a lot of trial and error and it’s not for newbies. A newbie, almost guaranteed, only lose money the first time that they try paid traffic.

At first you have to test a sales copy with free traffic. And pay for traffic only if it works and calculate the ROI. Never try paid traffic for a sales page which you have’t tested before. And considering that this program costs $297, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I personally don’t think that the price is fair for the training and software you will get. It is far easier and longer-lasting to simply create good content (not spin it) and get free traffic from the search engines. Spinning content is a no-no. You create no value simply by recreating other people’s content and your website will just end up looking ugly and inhuman. It is visible for the visitors when the content they are reading has been created by a software and not a real person.

I don’t think that most people who would buy this product will make any money with it. The fact that it relies on paid traffic is a big disadvantage. You will have to pay money at every step and your risk will increase as you spend more just to make this work.

Another surprising fact about Day Job Killer is that it is actually a funnel to My Ecom Club.

Is Day Job Killer a Scam

I can’t call Day Job Killer a scam because it doesn’t have misleading information about what the product is going to be about. It has some hype about the money you are going to make by falling their training, but the training could actually work if you apply it, at the same time you can lose a lot of money if you apply it as a newbie.

I have seen programs which were worse than this and total lies, but this program does the mistake of making it look like you are going to earn with just a push of a button. This can end up with a lot of unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. Moreover, it has some red flags worth mentioning.

Like for example, they use fake testimonials.

As you can see in the above pictures, their testimonial is just a stock photo.

Another red flag is that they use fake scarcity. On their website they use a fake timer which counts down to show you that the offer will expire soon. That is just fake. It’s a tactic to make you buy before you do proper research on the program and fall for it.

Another issue is that their sales page and funnel are very similar to another program, My Hidden Pages. That program was promoting MOBE, a high ticket program which has been shut down from the FTC for being a scam. So it is possible that both Day Job Killer and My Hidden Pages could be promoting another program instead. These programs would promote what makes them money and not what helps you. So, considering all the reasons mentioned on this review, I can conclude that Day Job Killer is a bit shady.


For the moment Day Job Killer is just a funnel to MyEconClub. It all seems shady to me and I wouldn’t recommend you sign up for this program. I only recommend programs which I have tried myself and know that work.

Selling digital product online is a legitimate business, but there are better ways to do it and better training programs which teach you how to do it. It is also a lot less expensive to get started than paying for their program and having to rely on paid traffic.

Not to talk about the risk that using fake traffic has for a newbie. I personally rely on free traffic and this is what I recommend to people.

What Is Financial Freedom Forever About

Financial Freedom Forever review

What Is Financial Freedom Forever About

Financial Freedom Forever is a program which promises to teach you how to make a ton of money online with just a push of a button.

I this review of Financial Freedom Forever I am going to shed light into this program and show you if this program is a total scam or if there is any value to it. Joining a program without doing proper research is never the right thing to do. It can end up being a scam and you can end up losing your money.

I first heard about Financial Freedom Forever from a notification that I got in my email some days ago. There are also al lot of mention of this program on social media.

The Red Flags

So the program promises you to make a lot of money online and a lot of people know that making money online is a real thing. Some people when they first check this program might think that maybe it could work as promised, since it is true that you can make money online.

But in fact there are a lot of scams like this online these days. And I say this from my experience of reviewing hundreds of similar products. The first moment I came across this program, I absolutely knew it is a scam. And only from its name I can say it is a scam. And the bold income claims are an indication that it is a scam too.

Another red flag is that they don’t talk about how you are going to earn that much money on their sales page. A legitimate program would say at least something like “we will teach you how to sell products online”, “we will teach you how to do affiliate marketing” or something similar. Something really viable and believable on how the system works.

But nothing. This program only makes the bold income claims and never mentions what the system has to do with. Who would buy something without knowing what they are buying? I have seen so many programs online that promises to teach you how to make a lot of money with a push of a button. They never work.

How Does Financial Freedom Forever Work

If you buy Financial Freedom Forever you have the possibility to promote it to other people and earn affiliate commissions from this. Most marketers who promote this kind of programs, do this through email and this is probably how you learned about it in the first place.

Financial Freedom Forever costs $47 and the moment you buy it some upsells will be presented to you claiming that you are going to make more money if you buy them too. If you buy all of them, you will end up spending $500. Will these upsells help you earn money as promised?

The upsells are training programs of concepts that are outdated and with information that can be found for free on YouTube. So they are not worth it.

Is Financial Freedom Forever a Scam

When thinking about buying Financial Freedom Forever also take into consideration that it is not accredited by Better Business Bureau, which is an agency that reviews online programs and to tell if they are legit or not. It is created for the purpose of helping customers to not get scammed online, so it is worth to check their review of a program before buying it.

In my opinion Financial Freedom Forever is a scam.

Many programs like this make bold income claims and sell people only outdated information. But unfortunately a lot of people who get scammed by these programs don’t know better. The only thing which is good about this program is that you can get a refund. If you accidentally bought it, I would highly recommend that you get a refund.

And stay away from programs like this in the future. Sometimes they even photoshop earning sheets and use fake actors to act as satisfied customers. Never fall for this type of scams.

Anyone can create such a sales page and sell information which is free on the internet or whatever lie or scam they want. They are not legit. Don’t believe anything you are told. They promise you the world and don’t deliver anything. So, Financial Freedom Forever is the typical get-rich-quick scam. What do you think about it now after reading this review?

There are too many red flags and the information you will get if you buy Financial Freedom Forever is outdated. I recommend you avoid it at all costs. If you enjoyed this review, make sure to click the social share buttons and share it with other interested people so that they will know what Financial Freedom Forever is about.