MiniJobz Review

Welcome to my MiniJobs review!

Many people might be thinking weather MiniJobz is a scam or not. In this review I will share with you more information about MIniJobz and my experiences on the site.

MiniJobz reviews

What Is MiniJobz About?

Name: Mini Jobz


Owner: unknown

Price: free

Rank: 4/10

As the name suggests, MiniJobz is a micro jobs site where you can post jobs and pay other people to complete them or complete other people’s jobs and get paid. The site does’t seem so professional on first glace, but let’s dig a bit deeper to find more about this site.

To me it looks like a site created by a single person, not a team as among other things, the site also contains grammatical errors in the main pages.

However, one thing which I noticed immediately is that this site pays workers at higher rates on average compared to other similar micro jobs sites. On first glace the site seems legit, dispate of being non-professional looking. However, like in a lot of other micro jobs sites I don’t think that one can make enough money compared to the time spared for completing the tasks. My opinion is that micro jobs sites are simply not worth your time.

Generally, I think that one should be able to achieve the minimum threshold on a micro jobs site every month and get paid every month or it is not worth it.

I did dome research on MiniJobz and I found out payment proof of people who had made money on it.

What Do You Get When You Join MiniJobz

Once you join the site you can start posting jobs for other people to complete or completing jobs and getting paid. The jobs are similar to those of Rapid Workers.

I signed up tp the site to try it and I spend two hours just making cents.

But I also came across one job which for worth $8. What you had to do was to visit some sites (ten I think) and send screen shouts of the links to the job creator as proof that you visited them.

MiniJobz is free to join and get started.

Here is a list of the types of tasks available on this site: sign up, bookmark, visit site, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, forums, voting and rating, write reviews online, comments on blogs, downloading/installing, write articles. And the payments for task range from $0.1 to $4.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. Free to join

2. Tasks are easy to complete

3. Higher payment per tasks compared to other micro jobs sites

4. Users from all countries are accepted

5. It pays with PayPal

6. It takes 30 days to receive your earnings

7. Nonactive users on the site don’t get deleted after some time like a lot of other similar sites do

8. No limit of tasks per day

9. There is no need to place bid on the tasks, you can start working just after you sign up

10. An easy registration process

11. A $1 bonus when you sign up

12. The time required to complete a task is shown before you start completing it

The Cons

1. The payment is still low

2. The user experiences on the site doesn’t look very professional

3. For some take only US residents are accepted to complete that task

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Email Elite Academy System Review

Welcome to my Email Elite Academy review!

In this Email Elite Academy review I share with you what I’ve learned from this program.

Email Elite Academy System

What Is Email Elite Academy About

Will Email Elite Academy scam you or is Email Elite Academy a system to make you thousands of dollars by sending emails?

A way to make passive income every day

Name: Email Elite Academy

Website: and

Owner: “Bobby”

Price: Free

Recommended? No

You probably came across Email Elite Academy from the email they sent you about their program. I received this email too. When I first saw it I thought that this could probably be another scam because the email wording was similar to other scams I have come across online. Then I visited their sales page.

So let’s take a look at what Body tells us about this system: “Just follow simple instruction and you’ll be able to make $100-$400 a day”

He also tells that it is about sending email. But instead of building your email list, you are getting an email list provided for you.

This is the voice actor:

After visiting their sales page my suspicions about it being a scam were stronger. Their sales page pad some unrealistic claims. One of those claims was that they will give you a list of 500 subscribers to use a system which has been ready-made for you. This already is a red flag as there is no such a system. Next, they make you believe that you can earn a life changing income just by sending emails. If is so easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

What You Get When You Join Email Elite Academy

So how does this system actually work? Well I tried it and I found out it directs you to this other video which directs you to another program called Copy My System. There’s no gonna be any subscriber to your account. You’ll not be able to make any money if you don’t invest it. I haven’t gone fully into the program, but I have reviewed over 500 programs on my website and I can say that these programs don’t work as advertised.

According to Bobby you just have to send one email a day to get started which takes about 10 minutes. The truth is that there is no easy system which will make you money online. I have come across a lot of similar programs which I review on this site and they have turned out to be scams.

Email Elite Academy will not work for you because it doesn’t work as advertised.

He teaches you how to create an email account for business from which you are going to send emails to people to promote offers, He claims that people don’t need to buy anything for you to make money. They will only need to click on the links. This is impossible, the only offers that can earn you money without people buying are those which people will need to create accounts. And he also promises that he will enlarge your subscribers list day by day. This sounds awesome because more subscribers would mean more clicks on the links, but if you do everything he says you will find out that it doesn’t work as promised.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. There are no positive aspects of Email Elite Academy

The Cons

1. They lied that the program is free and then they direct you to a payment. The payment is $77.

2. They want you to send scammy emails. The emails that you will send to subscribers are other scammy offers like Email Elite Academy itself.

3. Sending emails to promote scams and even Email Elite Academy itself will only benefit Bobby. They promise other people that they can make a full time income in 5 minutes.

Email Elite Academy

4. There are no positive reviews about this program. The fact that there are no positive reviews of people who have made money with this program is an indication that it is a scam.

5. They will sell your information. Instead of giving you a list of subscribers for free, they will sell your information and turn you into a list of subscribers. They ask for your information before telling you how you are going to earn with their program.

They state it in their terms of service page:

Email Elite Academy

This means that you can expect to get scammy emails.

And if you give them your phone number they will call you there and send you messages to advertise you other offers.

And one you sign up to Email Elite Academy you will find out that it’s not really free. You are directed to another program in which you have to pay to get a list of 500 subscribers.


Email Elite Academy is a scam. It claims to be free, but it is in fact on payment. And when you give them your information, they sell it to third parties which are going to send you endless spam emails.

Moreover, it’s a copycat of another program called Instant Email Empire.

A Real Way to Earn Money Online

I have reviewed a lot of online programs which claim to make you money online and that it can be easy and fast. If it was that easy everyone would e doing it. Most of the programs that I have reviewed on this site, have proven to be scam.

Affiliate marketing is the best to earn money online.

There are a lot of scams online, which makes it hard for people to believe that a program is legit.

I got started for 100% free online. If you would like to learn more go ahead and sign for my free guide. I will be right there to help you.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Bitcoin PTP Sites: Are they Worth It?

What Are Bitcoin PTP Sites About

PTM sites are sites where you can complete small tasks like surveys etc and get paid by bitcoin. You can also send traffic to these sites and get paid in bitcoin. So, if you goals is to earn some bitcoins you can use this kind of sites.

PTP sites is the abbreviation for Paid-to-Promote sites and on these sites you get paid for views. You can send the link of the site to other people and when they view the site you get paid. I mean the affiliate link. And if you have a website you can post the link on your site as an ad. Of course the ration is small, which means for example for 1,000 views you earn about $0,5.

You can also earn when people sign up on the site through your affiliate link, which makes them your referral and you earn a commission. Also, views from different countries might have different values, for example views from the USA and some Western European countries have a higher value.

Are bitcoin PTP sites worth it? In my opinion bitcoins are not worth it. I personally don’t deal with bitcoins. It involves much speculation and maybe having a great knowledge of the topic. I personally only focus on affiliate marketing and getting paid with “real” currencies.

The Red Flags of Bitcoin PTP Sites

Financial scammers are often connected to bitcoin to complete their money laundering schemes. In this section I talk about the red flags of PTP sites that you should take into consideration before dealing with one of them. The risk level is different for each of them, it depends on from the country they are in, business model and customer profile.

Here are some red flags:

1. A high amount of transactions done in a short amount of time

2. Insufficient or suspicious information

3. If they use multiple accounts

If you feel that bitcoin is not right for you, check my #1 recommendation which has helped me and other people make money online.


There are better ways to make money online than bitcoin PTP sites. Bitcoins are a risky currency and not many people want to deal with them.

Especially, the topic of bitcoins is unknown for a lot of people. There are not many regulations about them and it’s difficult to track any activity dealing with bitcoins. That’s why a lot of scammers use them as money laundry.

When they first got introduced there was s hype and a lot of people thought that the future of bitcoin would be bright, but after a couple of years, no important results are visible. There are surely some advantages of bitcoin, but there are also problems with implementing them.

It’s a technology which is highly hyped but poorly executed. There are also problems in acquiring and spending bitcoin because it is not a currency which is widely accepted by the public for transactions. And most importantly, a lot of frauds are connected to bitcoin.

Atomy Scam: Can You Make Money with Atomy?


What Is Atomy About

Atomy is a multi level marketing company based in South Korea which trades cosmetics and home care products. Is there an Atomy Scam or is it a legit company? On the own blog they have a topic called “Is Atomy a scam?” where they list some reasons why Atomy is not a scam. An unusual tactic.

The first impression that I had when I checked their website is that it is so messy and it loads so slowly.

The Products

Their products include almost category from cafe to toothpaste, but it’s mostly focused on skin care products, man’s care, personal care, home care and cosmetics.

Another product is HemoHIM which is a herbal product. The product is a little different in it’s category because instead of similar products which are focused on anti-aging it is more focused on reducing fatigue.

It is important to notice that some of the claims that Atomy makes about its products are not clinically tested and based on data.

The Compensation Plan

Their agents are classified into five categories according to their sales.



Higher levels have better commissions and bonuses. To achieve higher levels you need to sell a lot of products, and that’s why most sales representatives recruit other sales representatives.

Here you can learn more about their compensation plan.

How Atomy Works

Atomy uses a binary organisational structure.

This means that at the top of the company are two sales representatives, which blow them have two sales representatives, which below them have two sales representatives and so on.

In order to rank higher into the Atomy system you need to have two “legs”. One is the “Larger Point Leg” and the other is the “Smaller Point Leg”. The Larger Point Leg is the team which achieves the larger volume of sales. Atomy pays you commissions according the performance of your Smaller Point Leg. With this scheme of compensation, of course, the best scenario for you is to have both legs the same, but this might not be the case.

That’s why it’s important that you choose your sales representatives wisely.

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Most people have failed while promoting Atomy products. This is not just because of Atomy, but simply because of the nature of MLM schemes.

They are based on selling your family and friends and this is not easy. It’s not easy to go around people be sociable and try to sell them something.


1. A real bad user experience on their site

2. Atomy requires a certain amount of sales in order to stay active in their affiliate program. You must buy one product every 12 months in order to stay active.

3. Lack of training. There is some train but it is lacking. And most of the time the training you are going to get is from the sales representative who recruited you and you are going to start working without any training. And you as a sales representative have to train the people that you recruit. This ends up to the situation where “the blind is leading the blind”.

4. Failure to make consistent sales. Multi level marketing is based on selling to your friends and family. They might help you at the beginning and buy your products, but fast enough your network will stop doing this. They already bough all the products they needed.

5. They are not good at selling. Selling to people is not easy, there are same characteristics of a good salesman and unfortunately, not all people can do this job well.

6. Affordable products.

If you feel like Atomy is not a good opportunity for you, check here my #1 recommendation, which has helped a lot of people, including myself, be successful online.


1. It doesn’t require a fee to sign up and start promoting their products.

2. You don’t need to buy any products yourself to start promoting them.

The Payment

The minimum threshold to request a payment is $15 which is 10,000 PV (Point Value), their currency.

Is Atomy a Scam?

I’ve read the companie’s review of itself and it seemed too good to be true.

Let me first tell that Atomy is not a scam, it is a legitimate multi level marketing company which trades a wide range of products. The prices of its products are comparable to the prices of similar products in the market.

Despite that this company is not a scam, I don’t think it is a sustainable business either. That’s why there are a lot of negative reviews of ex-sales representatives.

They have been promised to make a fortune and disappointed some of the them even declare this company as a scam.

To be honest, I don’t see the potential in this company for a full time income, if you want to make money online, there are a lot of better ways.


Atomy is a multi level marketing company which is free to join. Most people fail making money with Atomy for a lot of reasons. The biggest problem is their lack of training and the nature of multi level marketing schemes.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope that it has helped you to make a good decision.

And if you want to share something about Atomy or making money online, feel free to comment on the comment’s section below. We would love your feedback.

Club Cash Fund Review: An Automated Cash Club???

automated cash club

What Is Club Cash Fund About

The name of this automated cash club program is Club Cash Fund. It is a recruitment platform which seems like a pyramid scheme. The owners of this program are not identified.

Club Cash Fund is a pyramid scheme because there are no products to sell and you can just earn by recruiting other people to do the same. This is by definition a pyramid scheme. No value is created and no product is offered.

While there is a chance to earn money from this program by referring people to buy it, it’s unstable and pyramid schemes like this don’t last for a long time. And you would have to buy the program before starting to promote it because it’s not free. It costs $80.

From the first glance, this website seems like a complete scam, but I did my further research and in this review I am going to present my results. When you click on their website, you can only see the terms of service page. To enter their website and get access to the content someone needs to invite you.

On their website their claim that the method they offer is simple and automated for you. That’s just what they call it, they use the word automation to get people in. In reality, nothing is automated, you would have to send the link of the website to other people and manually invite them to buy it.

There are no products you are going to sell, just the platform itself. This fact makes it a pyramid scheme and a very unstable business model. A lot of pyramid schemes with a similar business model have been closed down from the FTC (Digital Altitude, MOBE etc). Even platforms who had products, but put the emphasis on recruiting members instead of selling the products are considered pyramid schemes. Their main reason for existing is making money by recruiting new members. But for what? Only to recruit new members. And the members have to recruit other new members.

No product and no need is fulfilled here. And it comes a moment for a pyramid scheme like this one that it gets shut down and this means that you can’t promote it anymore because it doesn’t exist and you lose the $80 you have paid to buy it.

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The Compensation Plan

You will get a commission for every new member who buys their program. You get $20 every time that someone signs up through your affiliate link.

There are testimonials on YouTube about Club Cash Fund. Some of them are positive, but be careful, they are trying to promote the program in order to earn commissions for them.

So, the concept of this is that you can request a free kit, this kit is free and it gives you knowledge on how it works. If you request the starter kit, and you’re interested in joining it, it’s going to start off with some testimonial videos. In the next video it shows how you can get started. When you start up you’re going to get an ID number which is going to be unique to you. You can read their flyer which shows you how it works. You can also call their number which explains you their commission base. With this program you are going to get an individualized website where you can promote their system.

Make money with Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is not a pyramid scheme. It’s a website which is going to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing (it’s a training program). Especially if you don’t need money immediately, I recommend you focus on affiliate marketing and building successful blogs like this one to create passive streams of income which are worth it in the long run. You create a blog, put your affiliate links there, and you are going to earn passive income when people buy stuff through your affiliate link without you putting any additional effort to it.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can promote every product that you like and it’s not a pyramid scheme because you can sell real products through your blog and other online marketing mediums.


What You Get When You Join Club Cash Fund

You get the right to start promoting their program and earn commissions from this. After you sign up you’ll watch a presentation video and then you can claim your free kit.

automated cash club

And the free website that you get from them it’s a duplicate one. I mean, everyone who buys this program gets an identical website. But the problem is that duplicate websites don’t rank good on Google and other search engines. Because the search engines want unique content for the users not just identical websites.

So, it’s way better to start your own unique website or blog where you can promote any product that you like and which ranks well on the search engines. The only way that you are going to get traffic to a duplicate site is through buying traffic.


The Pros

1. You can make money and receive the commissions by selling the same program to other people

The Cons

1. It’s a pyramid scheme and pyramid schemes usually get shut down within a year

2. It costs $100 which is not worth it

3. You get a website which is identical to the websites that all people signing up to this program get. Websites which are not unique don’t rank on the search engines

4. The hype on their sales page

5. The training you receive to promote the program is not so good

6. The owner of this program is unknown. This is usually one of the signs of a scam. If the program gets shut down and you lose your money you wouldn’t have where to complain.

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Is Club Cash Fund a Scam

I think it is. It’s a pyramid scheme which is even illegal. That’s why the owners of this program are not known.

My Final Opinion/Verdict

I wouldn’t recommend Club Cash Fund. Check my top recommended program for making money online instead. I have been making money with affiliate marketing by promoting different products, but I’ve done this the proper way, why my unique websites which rank well on Google and other search engines.

Here’s a screen shot of my earnings:

Is CashForShare Legit?

is cashforsharelegit

What Is CashforShare About

I am going to be straightforward with you: CashforShare is a flat-out scam. It is in the business of collecting people’s information. You are not going to make any money on their website. They are the only ones who are going to make money: by collecting and selling your information.

It is a highly risky website and it is a copy of another website:

Want to know the best way to make money online from home?

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The Compensation Plan

According to the information on their site, you are going to earn $50 as a bonus when you sign up, $10 for every friend you refer and $2 every time someone clicks on your affiliate link. This sounds great, but in fact, you will never receive your earnings.

Most sites like this one lure people in with big bonuses and easy ways to earn money by performing small tasks.

Moreover, they claim that their business has been created in 2015, but I checked the domain age and I found out that the domain has been registered in the summer of 2019.

is cashforshare legit

This only is a sign of their dishonesty and the proof that you are going to get paid from their website is not sufficient.

When working with CashforShare you may not lose money, as it is free to join, but you have lost time and effort working on their site. You have also shared with them your personal information which they are going to sell to other companies and your inbox will be bombarded with scam programs like this one.

I will shared with you a website which you can really used to make money online and which is legit.

Make money online with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not a rewards site. It is a training program which teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, reward sites are not worth it. Especially, if you don’t need to make money urgently I recommend affiliate marketing to create passive income streams. Passive income is worth it in the long run. You create a blog, put your affiliate links there and you are going to sell products through your affiliate links over and over without putting in additional work.

What You Get When You Join

When you join CashforShare you are supposed to get a $50 bonus and $10 for every new friend that you refer, as well as $2 for everyone who clicks on your affiliate link. In reality, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings because this site is just a scam.

How Does CashforShare Really Work

From the moment I read about the $50 sign up bonus I was sure it was a scam. No company gives people a $50 bonus just for signing up, at least not a rewards site, which everyone know that the money to be made even by completing tasks in a rewards site is relatively low.

Their rewards system seems too good to be true. And the surprising thing about this site is that once you sign up and you want to start working, there are no jobs available, which sounds pretty strange. Why would they be interested in you referring other people when there are no job to be completed?

There are some red flags that I discovered while reviewing this site. The way this site really works is this: they get your information and sell it to other companies, you refer other people to them being lured by the $10 reward which you will never get by the way, and they do the same for them.

And that’s it…

There are a lot of complaints on the internet about this site. Make sure to read till the end of this review where I present you with the way I have been able to make money online.

According to their site CashforShare is the number one influencer and networking site. But it is far from it. Sites like this which seem too good to be true, probably are. If it was that easy to make money online as they claim everyone would be doing it. My opinion, also based on the facts that I found out about this site, is that CashforCrate is a scam. I feel sorry for a lot of people who fall for this type of scams. I personally am suspicious when a program promises you a high amount of money without the hard work. And CashforShare is one of those programs created to take advantage of people.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

There are no positive aspects of this program, because the things that they present are all fake and you will never be able to make a penny from their website.

The Cons

1. Unrealistic income claims

2. You will never be able to withdraw your earnings

3. It claims to be the #1 earning platform but it’s all fake

4, They have a deceiving story: they claim that the company has been around since 2015, but in fact their domain has been registered in 2019. They do this to build credibility because scams don’t last more than a week as they get closed down by the appropriate authorities.

5. They show on their website fake payment proofs. This other platform called JustEarn has the same identical payment proofs as CashforShare:

is cashforshare legit

Just Earn has been exposed before as a scam.

The Owner of CashforShare

There is no information on their site about the owner of this program. This is another sight that this site is a scam. Imagine if you had a complain about this site or they were not returning your emails, to whom would you complain, who would you constant.

Legit sites or programs have a known owner, especially when they involve monetary transactions. When the owner is not stated they could easily deceive you and then nothing, close down and go their own way. You don’t have where to complain and how to claim the money that you have earned on their site.

At the maximum, you could leave a bad review about them somewhere on the internet, but by the time you do this, they have achieved their objective, in this case getting the information of as many people as possible to sell it to other companies.

Scammers usually hide their identity to not get caught.

The creator of a legit program would show their name with pride next to the successful company that they have created.

Is CashforShare a Scam

Based on all the evidence presented above, I can say that yes, CashforShare is a scam.

Another stupid-funny fact about them:

On their site, I mean in the terms and conditions section, they claim that you have to be 99 years or older to use their site. What? Maybe an employ or something made them a joke:

is cashforshare legit

Maybe they did this so that you are going to be disqualified from withdrawing your earning because you would have to be 99 years or older to claim them. This sounds funny but it’s in their terms of service. If they are the number one earning platform as they claim, how did they become that if only people above 99 years old can earn on their site.

They even use fake testimonials:

is cashforshare legit

From the pictures they don’t look 99+ years old to me. And the same testimonials are those from Just earn too.

Moreover, all the social media share buttons lead to earn and go another clone of the same program.

is cashforshare legit

And the social media profile of earn and go no longer exist. Maybe enough people have reported them as scams. And CashCrates is another site which is part of this network or scams so be aware of this site too.

is cashforshare legit

A Legit Way to Make Money Online

I have been making money online with affiliate marketing for years now and here’s a screen shot of my earnings:

is cashforshare a scam

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Ecom Hacks Academy: Is Ecom Hacks Academy Legit?


I came across eCom Hacks Academy on YouTube and I decided to register at this program so that I can review it for you.

Before I start, I want to share with you my #1 recommendation for making money online, which has helped me to make passive income online every month.

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It’s free to join.

eCom Hacks Academy Review

The owner of eCom Hacks Academy is Jared Goetz, a well-respected internet marketer who has been behind some very successful online ventures. I watched his story where he tells how he went from failure to success with in his online ventures.

What Is eCom Hacks Academy About?

eCom Hacks Academy is about making money using e-commerce. Jared has been very successful in e-commerce and on his video about this program he talks about how Amazon FBA is dying. I can’t really tell if this is right or wrong because I haven’t dealt with Amazon FBA myself.

So, eCom is about building an e-commerce site and selling products from your site.

How Does eCom Hacks Academy Work?

Jared talks about his success and how he is doing drop surfing, instead of drop shipping which most people are doing in e-commerce. But what is drop surfing? Drop surfing means getting involved with products which are hot in the market and highly in demand. The rest of the strategy is similar to drop shipping. (What is drop shipping?)


Jared also show how you can set up these websites which is a relatively easy process.

The drop shipping business requires you to generate traffic using Facebook ads.

Here is how the process works:

1. Research for products which are having high conversions from Facebook ads and also a high enough profit margin. You can research for this kind of products from checking what your competitors are selling.

2. Find a drop shipper who is carrying that product, you can find one from Aliexpress from China.

3. Build a shopify store.

4. Facebook ads. An important tip for Facebook ads is using re-targeting. This means to show ads for example only to people who have been in your website before. This can be a very good targeting decision because those people have a higher chance to buy.

5. Adjust ads to get a profit. Check your data of the ads spending and revenue every day to determine if you are being profitable and adjust your campaigns.

6. Scale your business. Customer service is very important once you scale your business and you might need a virtual assistant to take care of this.

More About Jared

Jared has been very successful online and is known about his Facebook ads in which he has spent $25,000. His shopify store has been declared the fastest growing store in 2017.

Before you sign up you can get a free case study which shows how his store became the fastest growing in 2017.


You can gain from this case study more than other paid programs are offering.

He has had success with several e-commerce campaigns. Jared is a real down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point mentor and I loved his teaching style.

eCom Hacks Academy Pros

1. You can make a lot of money fast once you find a product that is trending.

2. Jareds course includes everything step by step to build an e-commerce store.

eCom Hacks Academy Cons

1. As the business model has to do with products which are hot at the moment, you have to always be searching for new trends.

2. If your website is based on a trend, it will be difficult to sell your business when the products are not anymore hot in the market.

3. The drop shipping business requires driving traffic to it with Facebook ads. Instead, I would like to focus on free traffic, that’s why I would choose affiliate marketing in comparison to drop shipping. With affiliate marketing you can write content and get traffic for free from the search engines.

4. Jared underestimated the work it requires while you scale the business, dealing with 100,000 customers. This is another reason why I prefer affiliate marketing over drop shipping. There is no additional work when you scale the business, no matter how many sales you have.

5. Facebook ads can become costly, that’s why you need to keep an eye on them and check daily if you are being profitable.

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Is eCom Hacks Academy a Scam?

From my experience of reviewing and exposing online scams I can say that eCom Hacks Academy is definitely NOT a scam.

It is a program which it is worth considering if you are into e-commerce.

My Final Opinion on eCom Hacks Academy

Overall I think that eCom Hacks Academy is a product which is worth considering and Jared is sincere and competent when he teaches you how to make money online with his hacks.

He has been making a lot of money using e-commerce and this proves that he really knows what he is talking about. His system works and makes sense. If you are thinking about going into e-commerce, I think that he is work following.

While if you think that affiliate marketing is a better option for you instead, than I suggest you check my number 1 recommendation for making money online.

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Both are a way to achieve financial freedom, but I would recommend affiliate marketing, which I am doing myself, it’s far more easy than drop shipping and e-commerce.

Once your business grows, it will become difficult to manage if you are using drop shipping. You can hire a virtual assistant, but still you would have to resolve some problems yourself. Jared’s advice is to solve problems before they arise and snowball, and that’s good advice.

Still the work required is far less with affiliate marketing when you only recommend products to your customers and you have no responsibility for getting them shipped.

I’ve been making money online with affiliate marketing for two years now. Here is a screen shot of my commissions:

Internet Marketing Skills would love to hear about your experience with eCom Hacks Academy as well as you opinion on this product.

Magic Video Fx 4.0 Review – A Tool to Make Your Video Conversions Explode

magic video fx 4.0 review

Videos are an important part of an online marketing strategy and a lot of marketers struggle to create good videos for their brands. Magic Video FX is a tool which allows you to create videos in no more than 10 minutes with the help of some video templates. So if you want to make creating videos for your brand easier continue reading my Magic Video Fx 4.0 review.

Owner: Arif Chandra

Launch date: 14th of March 2019

Price: $28

Recommended? Yes


Guarantee: 30 day money-back guarantee

Magic Video Fx Introduction

Magic Video Fx provides you with more than 200 video templates from 40 niche categories including education, internet marketing and vlogging.

With this tool you can create an unlimited number of video with no extra charges. So you could as well as use the tool to create videos for other people and sell them to make money. There are a lot of Fiverr gigs dedicated to creating animated videos.

All their templates are modern and eye-catching. Moreover, the software is very easy to use for newbies. You can create your videos by following three simple steps explained in their tutorial. It’s easy for you to customize the templates. I am not going to go into details here, but according to reviews I read from other people resolution of their videos is great.

Other features of this software include a lot of music tracks for the videos and cool transitions.

==> Learn More About This Product <==

I consider the process of using Magic Video Fx very easy to use for newbies.

The software works well with complete beginners. Mafic Video Fx is for digital entrepreneurs, social media influencers, marketing agencies, online business owners and online video creators.

Here are the bonuses you are going to get with this software: bonuses

How Does Magic Video Fx Work

Here is a very good tutorial on how to use Magic Video Fx:

This software is one of the most powerful for creating video content for your brand. It works like magic.

Building videos with Magic Video Fx requires minimum effort from the user. All it requires is choosing the right video for your project. Then you can choose all your customization that you want to make to your video.

I guarantee you that you will create your first video in no more time than half an hour.

==> Get Access to It Right Now <==

The templates

It includes a lot of template styles from you can choose like retro style, fashion, elegant etc. It also has some YouTube outro templates.

It also includes some templates for vertical videos which are very much used these days for social media posts.

The templates are 100% PowerPoint based, so creating a video would be just like customizing a PowerPoint presentation, as easy as that. You absolutely need this software if you fall in any of the below categories:

  • You want to create beautiful videos with just a few clicks
  • You are tired of paying designers high prices to create videos for you
  • You want to increase your conversion rates

The Pros:

  • More than 200 video templates
  • Cool video transitions
  • Fully customable
  • Music tracks
  • Every theme creates a completely unique look
  • Easy to use
  • No editing or post-production hasssles
  • No need to hire designers
  • Completely works on PowerPoint
  • Create unlimited animated videos

I haven’t found any cons of this software.

Is Magic Video Fx Worth It?

With Magic Video Fx you create just about any kind of videos: YouTube videos, animated brand stories, event videos, live videos etc.

You can also use this software to build corporate videos and promotional product videos.

Let’s take a look at the demo:

==> Visit the Official Site <==

This video bundle combines objects, colors and backgrounds that have nothing to do with each other. Video can be a differentiation point from your competitors and it can make your brand stand out. With Magic Video Fx you can create high quality videos in a short period. It has been built for advanced video creators and beginners. Magic Video Fx is going to help you:

  • Keep your videos simple
  • Deliver interesting brand stories
  • Focus on your audience’s needs

Everyone who knows a little of internet marketing knows that YouTube videos are easier to rank compared to regular sites. That’s another reason why video marketing is worth a try.

The Features

I have broken down for you all the features of Magic Video Fx and I’m going to list them for you below:

1. 50 HD video backgrounds

2. 150 royalty free music tracks

3. Graphic black box

4. WP video optin

5. Video portfolio theme

6. Video thumbnails

7. Done-for-you Video script

8. Done-for-you videos with resell and white label rights

9. 20 background images

10. Video sales copy course

Magic Video Fx

It now comes with an early bird discount and you can buy it for $28. You will not longer need to hire professionals to create videos for your brand as you can create perfect videos yourself with this software.

You will also get some bonuses from the seller. If you think that this product suits your needs. Get it now. The price might raise in a few hours. One thing that I want to stress at this point is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can rest assured while buying this product.

No fuss! No headache and your video will be ready for your in just minutes. Say goodbye to hiring professionals! The software is easy to use even for newbies.

No extra software needed!

Magic Video Fx


I hope this review was helpful for you to make a buying decision.

This offer is for the early bird, so if you’re interested you need to get this product ASAP.


Do People Make Money Blogging

Have you been thought about setting your own blog but you are wondering: Do people make money blogging? Is it really possible to make blogging a full time job? How much money can you make blogging?

A lot of people ask these questions even those who already have a blog because they don’t know how to monetize it. In this post I am going to share with you my experience and results in making money from blogging as well as some bloggers experience. Below is a quick overview of what I am going to share on this post:

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Angie.

I have been blogging online since September 2016 and I have made my first income from blogging in 2018.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Let me tell you that people can make money blogging and I am one of them. Some people, however, have been far more successful than me in this. I am member of wealthy affiliate and I see every day success stories of people who have made x and y dollars online this month.

And I am talking about people who show proof on their online earnings.

Here is a list of the latest Wealthy Affiliate success stories (with proof). Putting on the work with Wealthy Affiliate really pays off. It has a wonderful training and if you follow it step by step you are going to be a success story for sure because it is a proven way.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

To start making money with your blog you have to first create a blog and write content on it. While you write your content you need to keep in mind two things:

  1. Who is your customer
  2. What problem you are solving

People search the internet in order to find solutions to their problems so you need to provide a solution to them. The there are two main ways that you are going to make money with your blog:

  1. Promote affiliate products
  2. By putting ads on your site

Learn how to blog and make money blogging with this amazing traing program. Review ( review)

Welcome to my review!

In this review I am going to share with you my experience and thoughts weather is a scam or not. I am going to show you what this website is about and if you can make money with this website.


What Is About

Name: Hot Logo


Owners: unknown

Price: free

Rank: 0/10

If you are tired of scams, check my #1 recommendation for making money online. seems like a legit website at first glance, which helps people earn some extra money by performing some simple tasks like choosing and ranking logos. You earn $5 for joining and $1 for entering their website every day. You also get a buck for every new person you refer on their site and 30% of their earnings.

What You Get When You Join

On first glace this website seems OK, but the truth is that it’s a scam. Getting started seems easy.

You get $5 after signing up and you can start completing tasks. The tasks have three levels from easy to difficult, but they all seem easy to complete.

All you have to do is choose a logo and tick a few boxes on why did you choose that one. Each task will make you from $0.3-$0.6.

In fact all the money earned on the site are fake because this site is not going to pay you. In reality their goals is just to get as many people to sign up to their site so that they will gather their email addresses and sell them to other companies. So in the end you are not only going to waste your time on their site but also you will receive a lot of scams in your email address.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. The site is free to join

The Cons

1. They will not pay you and all the money earned on the site are just fake

2. They will sell your information to scam artists

3. The owners are unknown. There’s no way to know who is hiding behind this website

4. There is another website which is identical to ( HotLogo has been created in 2017 and Hotlogo is a clone of it started later. Scammers usually buy different domains for the same scam so that people will not find honest reviews like this. When their reputation gets ruined online, they just start another website with a different name pretending to be honest. review

5. The reviews are fake. The reviews on both sites look very similar and contain grammatical review review

5. They’re not clear about the minimum threshold, I noticed a contradiction about this on the site (even that you will never get paid). Somewhere on their site they say that you need $20 as minimum to get paid and somewhere else they say that you need $30.

If they were really paying people, they would be clear about the minimum payout amount.

6. They don’t reply to member’s emails.

7. They have never paid anyone. Here’s a member’s review: review

Conclusion is a complete scam so I don’t recommend you waste your time trying to make money on that site.

If you have joined, stop sharing your affiliate link for getting referrals because either you or them are going to get paid from the site. The only ones who will gain are the site owners.

A Real Way to Make Money Online

I’ve reviewed a lot of sites like, which claim that making money online is easy. If it were that easy all people would be making money online.

The truth is that if you want to make money online you have to put in the effort.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online and a lot of people are doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has a low starting cost and it has the ability to make you passive income. It doesn’t include

If you want to learn about a company which makes its business transparent, read my Wealthy Affiliate review. Their training has taught me how to earn money online and I’ve succeeded with it. There are a lot of scams online that people find it hard to believe that a program is legit. But the Wealthy Affiliate training really works and it has worked for me.

Affiliate marketing is the surest way to earn online and Wealthy Affiliate has the proper training to teach people how to succeed. It doesn’t teach people how to make money fast, but it teaches them how to build a sustainable online business and how to make passive income over time.

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options: the free and the premium membership. With the free membership you get 10 free lessons and two free websites. So you can get started with affiliate marketing even as a free Wealthy Affiliate member.

Thanks to their training I am earning commissions like this: review

What do you think of Would you consider trying it after reading this review?