Money Finder USA Scam Exposed !!!

Money Finder USA Scam Exposed !!!

What Is Money Finder USA About

Money Finder USA is about claiming your unclaimed money. Government agencies or whatever might hold you money which you can claim before you go from this world.

But to sign up to their website you need to be a US resident and of course over 18, while service is not available on all 50 states. The site has contacts with some government sites and they can help you claim your unclaimed money.

Unclaimed money include money from your past employment, stocks or heredity.

Money Finder USA is not affiliated with the US government. It is run privately and it sometimes sends you to other sites for which it doesn’t hold accountable and suggests you read their terms of services.

After you sign up to the Money Finder USA website you will see some advertisements from other companies which you are not required to sign up to their offers in order to claim your unclaimed money.

If you are in the US again, you can claim your unclaimed assets also by searching your name on websites like and, they contain a database of all government agencies with data on unclaimed property in the US.

Is Money Finder US Legit?

Money Finder US claims that it can help you claim your lost assets before its too late.

Sounds good? I mean who doesn’t want free money, right? But is Money Finder USA really a legit site? In fact, it’s like how you might have suspected: Money Sites USA is just a scam which aims to get your information. It’s purpose is to get your information and sell it to third parties. How do I know this? I know this because a site which asks you to fill a form with your personal information should at least contain a line or two on their page which guarantees you that your information will not be shared with third parties.

In fact, Money Finder USA does the opposite, it makes you agree that your information is going to be shared with other parties.

Be careful from such websites, collecting and selling people’s personal information is a real business. People have gotten creative these days in finding ways to get people to share their personal information. Personal information of people living in developed countries such as the US is even more expensive to buy or sell. When you look at the Money Finder USA privacy policy page, it becomes even more clear what their intentions are:

They even justify selling your information as it is part of their job to get your unclaimed money.

The Money Finder USA Business Model

They have clearly stated that they are going to share your information with third parties to avoid legal issues because sharing people’s information with third parties is not allowed. The question remains if at the end they are really going to find your lost assets.

Let me tell you one thing. You don’t need this company to claim your lost assets. Just make a quick Google search on how to claim your lost assets and you will find the answer. Here’s how the process of find your lost assets with the Money Finder USA website works, according to their page:

See second step? Why would you need to be advertised to just to find your lost assets? Basically they are saying that in order for them to help you find your lost assets you need to watch a bunch of advertising offers. And third step: gain access to websites which anyone can access for free and without assistance because they are websites of government agencies and are available to any citizen.

Before I leave I want to clear one thing. There is nothing wrong in getting people to sign yup to your email list of opt in. But done in this way is misleading because anyone can access the sites I mentioned before and claim their lost assets without the help of any third party. These sites are and


Money Finder US is not a scam because they clearly state that they collect and share your information but it is misleading and it offers no real value because you can access the needed websites to claim your lost assets for free and without their help.

In this sense they are tacking advantage of people who want to claim their lost assets. So, even that this kind of websites are free to use they might sell your personal information and spam you.

Be aware of such website, especially if they ask you for a fee to help you find your unclaimed money. So Money Finder USA is not what I would personally consider a legit website. It’s true that there are a lot of unclaimed money that Americans can claim every day, but sites like this one exist to take advantage of this people. They profit by selling your personal information with people who want to sell you stuff.

Then it’s up to you if you want to get involved with this website but I hope that this review has helped you get a better understanding on how with website works.

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