MiniJobz Review

Welcome to my MiniJobs review!

Many people might be thinking weather MiniJobz is a scam or not. In this review I will share with you more information about MIniJobz and my experiences on the site.

MiniJobz reviews

What Is MiniJobz About?

Name: Mini Jobz


Owner: unknown

Price: free

Rank: 4/10

As the name suggests, MiniJobz is a micro jobs site where you can post jobs and pay other people to complete them or complete other people’s jobs and get paid. The site does’t seem so professional on first glace, but let’s dig a bit deeper to find more about this site.

To me it looks like a site created by a single person, not a team as among other things, the site also contains grammatical errors in the main pages.

However, one thing which I noticed immediately is that this site pays workers at higher rates on average compared to other similar micro jobs sites. On first glace the site seems legit, dispate of being non-professional looking. However, like in a lot of other micro jobs sites I don’t think that one can make enough money compared to the time spared for completing the tasks. My opinion is that micro jobs sites are simply not worth your time.

Generally, I think that one should be able to achieve the minimum threshold on a micro jobs site every month and get paid every month or it is not worth it.

I did dome research on MiniJobz and I found out payment proof of people who had made money on it.

What Do You Get When You Join MiniJobz

Once you join the site you can start posting jobs for other people to complete or completing jobs and getting paid. The jobs are similar to those of Rapid Workers.

I signed up tp the site to try it and I spend two hours just making cents.

But I also came across one job which for worth $8. What you had to do was to visit some sites (ten I think) and send screen shouts of the links to the job creator as proof that you visited them.

MiniJobz is free to join and get started.

Here is a list of the types of tasks available on this site: sign up, bookmark, visit site, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, forums, voting and rating, write reviews online, comments on blogs, downloading/installing, write articles. And the payments for task range from $0.1 to $4.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. Free to join

2. Tasks are easy to complete

3. Higher payment per tasks compared to other micro jobs sites

4. Users from all countries are accepted

5. It pays with PayPal

6. It takes 30 days to receive your earnings

7. Nonactive users on the site don’t get deleted after some time like a lot of other similar sites do

8. No limit of tasks per day

9. There is no need to place bid on the tasks, you can start working just after you sign up

10. An easy registration process

11. A $1 bonus when you sign up

12. The time required to complete a task is shown before you start completing it

The Cons

1. The payment is still low

2. The user experiences on the site doesn’t look very professional

3. For some take only US residents are accepted to complete that task

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