Mine2Coin Review: Is Mine2Coin a Scam?

Review of: Mine2Coin
free but it is doing to damage your computer

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On September 28, 2018
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Welcome to my Mine2Coin Review. Mine2Coin is a software you can download to mine Bitcoins. It is available for Windows and Mac. But is Mine2Coin a scam?

I found a site where you can use a software to ear satoshi.

Mine2Coin Review

Mine2Coin is a software which can be used to mine Bitcoins. But is Mine2Coin legit? Read our review to find out.

Mene2Coin is available worldwide so you can use it no matter where you are in the world.

You only need a PC or a Mac to download to.

Before continuing to my Mine2Coin review, I am going to explain the process of mining Bitcoins, what it is and if it possible to profit from this opportunity.

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining means creating Bitcoins instead of buying them.

Bitcoins can be created using several softwares which are available online and it can be done by using electric power of your hardware.

However, these days this has become difficult for the average computer to manage. The system is designed to mine only a certain number of Bitcoins every 10 minutes. If only a few people are mining Bitcoins at the same time, the system will be generous to give hand more Bitcoins to miners.

But these days when more people are mining Bitcoins this is more difficult.

Can You Really Make Money Mining Bitcoins?

These days there are risks while mining Bitcoins and mining them profitability has become harder and it will become even more the more popular they become.

Bitcoin mining is what keeps the transactions secure. But to make the transactions secure one needs to dedicate computing power to verify the activity and this is exactly what Bitcoin miners do.

To mine Bitcoins you need to buy powerful hardware specialized for this or if you do it will your computer CPU it is going to be damaged.

While more and more people are mining Bitcoins, the process has become more and more difficult to do profitably. This means that the software that you bought last year for mining Bitcoins, might not be adaptable anymore. More and more electric power is required. While mining Bitcoins is easy, doing it profitably is a challenge. And the future? It is likely to be even more challenging considering that more people are doing this.

Bitcoin is Over Rated: 12 Better Ways to Make Money Online

On April 2018, Forbes published a post about the top 12 ways to make money online. Among the top two of them were Google Adsense and affiliate marketing and Bitcoin wasn’t even mentioned.

That’s right, these 12 ways are more profitable than Bitcoin.

How Does Mine2Coin Work?

You just start the program and you can start mining Bitcoins. They claim that new Satoshi is generated at your account every Friday. To run Mine2Coin you have to use your CPU or GPU power, which makes this not free because you are using your expensive hardware.

Is Mine2Coin a Scam?

You can mine Bitcoins with this software, however, if you are going to make money, this is questionable. This is a bot, so, seriously don’t.

Most likely your computer will get damaged and you will not get anything in return. Downloading a mining software from a questionable site, I wouldn’t go for it.

Most likely to be a Trojan, check this.

The site has been working for 3 years and hasn’t been reported as unsafe by Google, but it doesn’t own a SSL certificate so your information might be encrypted. The site doesn’t have any trust records.

How to Use Mine2Coin?

Using Mine2Coin is easy. When you start out, you don’t even have to register, just ender your Bitcoin address and choose the power of CPU or GPU that you want to use and start mining Bitcoins.

You can manage your account through your Dashboard which gives information about the speed you are mining Bitcoins and all your transactions, future and upcoming.

Mine2Coin dashboard

Mine2Coin Affiliate Program

You can also earn from the Mine2Coin affiliate program. It gives you 10% satoshi to the earnings of your referrals. To generate your referral link, you have to enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet and click on “Generate link”.

Mine2Coin referral link


Considering that you will be using your electric power, the money that you are going to spend on your electricity to generate Bitcoin using your CPU or GPU is going to be higher than the satoshi earned, so I don’t recommend Mine2Coin. But considering that you are using it at a place that you don’t have to pay for the additional electric power used, maybe you need to consider it.

However, don’t expect to make a lot, the damage done to your hardware during using Mine2Coin might make you more damage than your earnings from it.

You may actually want to check the way that I like better for making money online.

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Internet Marketing Skills would like to hear about your experience and opinion about Mine2Coin? Have you used the site in the past? Do you think it is legit?

3 thoughts on “Mine2Coin Review: Is Mine2Coin a Scam?”

  1. Hi there. Thanks for the reading. Very informative. I have always been interested in Bitcoin Mining, or at least curious. Your article cleared some things up for me. I was especially intrigued about the fact that my computer might not handle it. I think I would probably get a dedicated one just for mining. We’ll see. Thank again.

  2. I would say this program defintly sounds like a scam.

    Like you said it’s already hard to make a profit by mining bitcoins — so for this system to say they can do it automatically for you and help you earn a lot just doesn’t make sense.

    So I’ll be sticking with affiliate marketing since it’s still one of the best and secure ways to earn money online.


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