Miessence MLM Review: Can You Really Make Money with Miessence?

About Miessence

Miessence is basically a beauty company offering a variety of skincare and cosmetic products. The company offers organic products. Miessence has been certified organic since 2001. There aren’t many others that take this approach. Organic products are currently popular. The products also appear to be high quality.

The company was founded in 1999 by Alf Opren and Colin and Narelle Chenery. It is based in Australia.

Miessence products are sold exclusively by their e-commerce store and you can buy them from Miessence distributors. Their products didn’t undergo any animal testing.

miessence mlm

The Industry

Beauty products even tend to be popular when the economy is down. This is why the field is sometimes called evergreen. However, there are some negative aspects in selling beauty products, the most important of them is the competition. Potential distributors should be confident that they can make sales regularly before committing to Miessence.

Is Miessence a Scam

With Miessence the first thing that caught my eye is the company focus. The products are healthy for the environment and for people. People tend to have a pretty strong focus on the environment nowadays. The company also claims to be the first company to promote organic versions of the products that it sells. Companies have been focusing on being organic and green as a selling point. There are two ways to make money with Miessence: product sales and make money from building a team.


Miessence has organic products. Their organic nature is one of the key selling points. There are four types of products: skin and body, super foods, home care and orient. Orient was designed for orient skin types. Across all the categories the company offers a decent number of products. That variety is important as you are going to try to sell the products as more variety will appeal to a larger audience. These ares can appeal to different people. The products are really what you would expect from this kind of company.

miessence mlm

Business opportunity

One issue is that you can’t tell a lot about a health and beauty products without actually using it. Some people might love it and others hate it. Positive review on the Miessence site:

Miessence mlm

But it is hard to know whether a reviewer is connected to the company or it is their honest opinion. In the case of Miessence I did find one site (thesustainablecouple.com) which gives honest reviews about it.

Is Miessence Worth Paying For

Their products are decent but not very appealing. I suspect there are better options out there.


If the prices for these products were reasonable, I would say that they are worth a try. Most of the products are expensive. Products like cleanses are more than $50. Some people will pay high prices to get quality but a lot of people won’t. The price alone would make these products hard to sell. We are not saying that sales are impossible, however. Some distributors may do well. Still, it’s worth thinking how realistic sales are for your audience. The main mechanism for making commissions is that distributors need to buy products for a discount and then sell for a profit. Basically you need 75 in volume points to get a discount. To get a 30% discount you need either 300 points in product purchases or at least 140 points via autoship. You need to consistently buy products to get a discount as these required points are monthly.

miessence mlm

The Pros

1. The possibility to make money building a team, so you can make passive income from their sales. The main requirement is the number of personally sponsored reps, along with the team volume per month.

2. Some products seem decent

3. They are open about their ingredients which shows honesty

4. MLM works for some people and maybe it can work for you

The Cons

1. You hate to buy some products every month in order to start selling. I don’t like the way that your discount is related to the products you purchase. Patterns like this are a reason that a lot of MLM partners spend more money that they earn.

2. Starting at 70% residual commission is nice, but it’s not clear how this is calculated. In general, the bonuses do provide more chances to make money, but reaching the requirement rank is difficult. So, growing an active and large team would be essential for income.

miessence mlm

3. You need 75 in points every month in order to remain active.

4. You have to be able to recruit and your success depends on the success of your team.

5. You are completely dependent on the company. So if Miessence ever falls you could lose your source of income.

6. Miessence is a Multi Level Marketing company. A MLM is a business model which relies on selling products and recruiting, with emphasis in recruiting.

9. Expensive products

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Final Words

If you are into skincare, making money is possible with Miessence. I have reviewed a lot of MLMs in the past so I am confident I know how they work. The truth is that people who join MLMs hardly make money. They advertise their opportunity as a job but in reality it is just a side hustle. No matter how hard you will try to make this work you will fail. They want you to keep buying products even that you can not sell them. Thinking that you can make this work some day you keep buying products.

Since Miessence members can make money by both selling products and recruiting people, it is not a pyramid scheme. Miessence is not a scam either. However, if you think this is enough to jump into this opportunity, don’t go and sign up for this opportunity right away. Do research about MLMs first.

I have to be honest though, I’m not a big fan of MLM. Affiliate marketing is cheaper and more effective. All the information about affiliate marketing is listed here on my site.

You can start an affiliate site and promote any product you want from any company.

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