Lottery Winner University Is a Scam or Not?

Lottery Winner University is a program created by Richard Lustig a 7 time lottery winner from Florida who claims he can teach you to win the lottery,

According to him, winning the lottery is not about luck, it’s about statistical advantage. But Lottery Winner University a scam or not? In this review I will undercover that as well as, how does Lottery Winner University work if it is legit.

And unlike many reviews that you will find online, I am not affiliated with this program, meaning that you are going to read my honest review and not just some affiliate’s review who has put it together to get you to sign up so that they will earn a commission. Sounds good? Let’s dive in on what it’s all about.

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What Is the Lottery Winner University

According to the official product page, Lottery Winner University is a program which teaches you how to increase your odds of winning the lottery. In his books he gives you a formula, which is you use it will, supposedly predict the six numbers in your lottery ticket and so increase your odds of winning the lottery.

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All the information on his book is based on Lusting experience and supposedly he has been using this information over the past 20 years in which he won the lottery several times.

Lottery Winner University

Lusting was working hard to build a career out of the fact that he has won the lottery numerous times. He has created three other products about the same topic before creating Lottery Winner University (Lottery Dominator, Lotto Decoded, and Auto Lotto Processor). A millionaire who knows how to invest his millions wise wouldn’t need to crease several similar programs like these to profit.

Could you trust a man who has won the lottery 7 times and still need to push some low priced products like the ones mentioned above into the market when there’s similar information for free online?

Some people have even left their jobs to follow Lusting.

How Much Does Lottery Winner University Cost

The program’s price is $49 per month and it also has a 60-day money back guarantee.

The program has also two upsells: $255 + $7.99/Month.

For $49 a month you get a six-month training on winning the lottery. The way the training is composed is that after you pay for the first month and watch the videos you will have to wait until next month to unlock the training for the second month.

Lottery Winner University member's area

I have a felling that you might have to take advantage of the money back guarantee is you are already inside the members’ area.

Although I have to let you know that the 60-day money back guarantee only includes your initial $49 for the first month and not the upselles if you bought them.


If you buy this you are going to get access to phone calls with Richard for a whole month.

UPSELL 2: Richards top 10 Lottery Secrets eBook ($19)

Lottery Winner University ebook

UPSELL 3: Richards top Lottery Secrets Book ($39)

No, I didn’t type this twice, these’s some a different book.

The Lottery Winner University also has an affiliate program where people can sing up and earn by getting other people to buy the program, so be careful because you might find good reviews about this program, of people who are promoting it to earn from you buying the program.

Richard also has another new release called Lotto Annihilator.

But, does Lottery Winner University work? Read the following section to find out.

How Does Lotto Winner University Work

Lotto Winner University helps you to predict which numbers are more likely to win the lottery ticket and which ones to avoid. If you think this is impossible to predict, you’re absolutely right.

Lusting himself has stated that in order to win the lottery you have to play big time. Yes, he has won the lottery several times, but no one is mentioning that he spend a great deal of the money he won buying other tickets.

Will This Program Actually Increase Your Chances of Winning

First of all I can’t say that Lottery Winner University is a scam because it doesn’t make grandiose claims. It seems like Lusting has learned from the criticism towards his other products.

For those who are doubting it, Richard Lusting has really won the lottery 7 times, there is proof for this on the internet and he has been featured in various times on the news for his lotto luck. So we can’t say that this part is a scam.

All of his major wins are in the period 1993-2010. I can’t find information on him winning any price after that time.

Richard Lusting wins

But if you are wondering if this program actually increases your chances of winning, the answer is no. There is an article about this on Business Insider, from a reported who investigated the method explained by Lusting.

The methods provided by Lusting do not make any sense. The bottom line is that you cannot cheat the lottery. Maybe the smaller ones you can… I don’t no. But the bigger ones are completely random.

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Richard Lusting has really won the lottery 7 times

The Cons

  • Predicting the whole numbers of a ticked to win the jackpot is highly unlikely
  • Richard Lusting hasn’t won a lottery since 2010

Does It Make Any Sense to Buy This

According to a statistics University professor, it doesn’t. Lotteries are based on luck and it doesn’t make sense to learn something which is not in your hands. You can learn to win drama competitions, dance competitions, but how can you learn to win the lottery?

We see training programs and “universities” of all kind, but it’s the first time that I see a university which teaches his students how to win the lottery.

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How I Make Money Online

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