Is Web Copy Cat a Scam or a Legit Opportunity to Make Money on Autopilot

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Devon Brown

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On August 29, 2018
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Web Copy Cat is a program which promises to create an online business for you which you don't have to do anything except investing your money. The down site of this is that you have to invest a lot of money and you have no control over your site. In the first place the website created by them for your online business is not even in your property because if you decide to go on your own and take your website with you, you can't do this.

Web Copy Cat has been around on the internet for quite a few years now, which is unusual for a scam, they usually get closed within a year or to because the bad reviews start to appear. So, is Web Copy at a scam then? How does Web Copy Cat work? Continue reading to find more details about the program.

The Sales Page

In the sales page the owner states that the program is only for beginners and there are no skills required.

If you take a closer look, making money with this program is not so simple, continue reading for the details.

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Devon claims to make you a partner on his business and split the profits 50/50, but I don’t recommend this program. Read my review to find out why.

How Does Web Copy Cat Work?

As I said before with this program everything is done for you and you have to pay for this. Basically, you have to pay to be a member on their site, pay them to build a website for you and to drive traffic to your site. The question is of you are are going to be profitable with all these expenses.

Anyways, Devon is going to get 50% of your profits in the end.


Is Web Copy Cat a Scam

1) You can get a access to the trial for just $1, so it’s not a big risk to take.

2) The system is done for you and automatic.


1) No Control Over the System – And you can’t leave his program and go on your own one day, you are always tied to the program and you will always have to pay his membership in order to go on with your business.

2) It Doesn’t Teach You How to Create a Website – Skills are the most important thing in order to make money and this is the exact scope of my site. It is about online marketing like a lot of websites and I could have named it something related to “make money online”, but in fact skills are what are needed to make money online.

The money comes from the skills, every time you learn a new skills, you have the possibility to make additional money, so stop searching for programs which will make you money online, there’s not such a thing, search for skills to build a successful online business instead.

And if you decide to leave the program you can not take your website with you, you paid Devon to build a website for you, not for its ownership.

But remember, the BOSS is the BOSS; he can leave at any time and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

3) An EXTRA Cost to Build Your Website – If you read the FAQ you will understand that you will have to pay $36 for the Devon’s team to build your website.

Is Web Copy Cat a Scam

So what you pay on you monthly fee of $35 is to maintain your site, because to create it for you the cost is $36.

From this we can conclude that testing the system for just $1 is just a lie because you won’t be able to test the system when you first sign in and without a website. Moreover, even after you pay for the monthly membership you can’t get started without a website.

So what does include the $35 membership? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Only the chance to pay for the extra cost of building a website for you and the additional extra costs which I am mentioning below.

4) The Auto responder Cost (EXTRA cost) –  Devon talks about an auto responder as part of your business, but an auto responder is not fee, you would have to pay for it, even that he promises to give you the leads, you would need to buy an auto responder to manage them, so an extra cost.

GetResponse is one of these autoresponder services and it costs $15 a month.

5) Paying for Website Traffic (EXTRA cost) – Devon can do all the work for you but it costs $1 per visitor to drive traffic to your website.

Is Web Copy Cat a Scam

If you built your website business properly you could also rely on free traffic from the search engines, without any additional cost.

Conclusion – Is Web Copy Cat A Scam?

Web Copy Cat is not a scam because you can make money with a website, in fact it’s the best way to make money online. This program will make everything for you from building your website to getting traffic to it, and if you are willing to pay so much money for having things readily done for you then go for it, but I don’t think that you have a guarantee for having success.

In my opinion the chances of you making money with Web Copy Cat are not in your favor. With all the initial expenses to get started I don’t think that there is any guarantee that you will succeed because if there is anything that I know for sure about online marketing is that the content of your website. Visitors are going to come to your website for your content and if they are convinced buy from you.

Building a website is now very easy these days (and free) and making money from it does not depend either from the number of traffic that someone can send to you nor from the auto responder and email list. How can you know what kind of traffic Devon is sending to your site and how do you know that the content is high quality?

If Devon wanted to create new quality sites which are going to make money, why is he going to create them for other people?

This doesn’t make sense because you are offering nothing to the partnership accept your money. And if Devon one day decides to close Web Copy Cat what will be with your site? Do you think you have any rights to it? I don’t think so. He hes control over it and can do whatever he wants with it.

Why tie your self with someone instead of making everything by yourself and have full control over it?

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