Is There a 60 Minute Profit Plan Scam?

In this post I am going to review another ClickBank product, there some good products on ClickBank but most of them are scams. I am going to talk about the 60 Minute Profit Scam and the tactics it is using to scam customers.

60 Minute Profit Plan At A Glance


Owner: Brittany Francis

Type: Trick to make money online

Price: $37 + upsell

Recommended? No

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The Sales Video

Everything in their sales video is fake.

The owner talks about a secret formula to make money online, but she never tells what you are going to do to make so much money and weather it is legal.

The claims that she has found a loopwhole to make you $500 a day online. From research that I did I can say that there are a lot of indications that this program is a scam. I have presented them in the below section.

But the main way I would describe this program is: They have just gathered information which is available online for free and they are selling it to you. Most of the information found on this program is already available for free on YouTube.

Scammy Tactics

1) Live viewers – When you are viewing the videos it creates the impression that there are a lot of people viewing it live (the number it shows below the video), but this is totally fake, because when I refreshed the page the number went down again.

2) How much people are making – Below the video you can see how much people are making, but is it possible for Brittany know how much each of them is making?

3) No social media accounts – I searched them on Facebook and Twitter but wasn’t able to find their accounts. This means that all those people claiming to make money online with that program are fake.

4) No proof of income claims – There is no way to verify that the numbers that the owner claims to be making is real, there is no way to contact her, even after you buy the product. Trust your gut feeling; if something SEEMS to good to be true, it IS probably true.

5) A scarce opportunity – The offer is limited to only some people because if a lot of people know the “secret” the method would be saturated! This is a tactic used to make the opportunity scarce and convince you to buy it, probably there is no such a number of people they would sell the product to.

6) Fake Testimonials – It is very common for scams to use actors as fake testimonials of people who have used the product. Here are some proof of Fiverr actors shown on their website as testimonials:

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What Does the “Secret” Include?

But does this program teach you a useful “secret” to make money online?

1) Email Marketing

The first module is about email marketing, here I have to things to say: 1) You can’t make $100 in your first day; 2) It’s not true that you don’t need any investment, you would need to invest in an autoresponder to capture emails.

The best way to capture potential customer’s emails is throught a website, and you create a website you would need to buy a hosting and a domain and if you want to get free traffic from the search engines to it, you would need to learn SEO. In addition to that quite same time is needed to show results.

2) Completing online surveys

Online surveys are the place where unskilled workers go to make some money online for their time. No one has ever made $8,000 a week from surveys as this programs claims.

Wrote a review of one of the major survey websites Survey Junkie and if you read it you will understand that surveys are not worth your time.

3) Test websites

Website testing is a job opportunity which is growing these days, you wold get paid for giving feedback on a website based on user experience and you thoughts on it.

It takes about 30 minutes to test a website and most companies will pay you $5 for a test, so at the maximum you would be making $10 an hour. But this is no secet too!

4) And method four introduces freelancing online

There are a lot of sites where you can get paid for what you know how to do by offering your services.

The amount of money you will make will depend on your skills and how scarce they are, it will also depend on promoting yourself and also on the number of positive reviews you have on a freelancing site.

No Secret, No Unique Training

None of this methods is a secret and when you see the sales video Brittany promotes it as “the secret” formula, not a bunch of known methods. Moreover, the program is called “60 minutes profit plan”, I mean where is the 60 minute here? You wouldn’t make any money for working 60 minutes, let alone the income claims promised on this program.

So, as you can see there is not secret and there is not way you can make so much money this program promises, at least now by following this program.

Will website testing you could make some money, but there is no way you would make a full time income out of it and with freelancing, firstly you need unique skills and at first you would have to charge a lot less then your competitors as to gain good reviews, which will make more people order from you. There is no reason to pay for this program bacause you can find all the information offered on it for free on the Internet.

And also the same videos are just available for free on Youtube, the training is just a combination of videos which can be found for free on Youtube.

Is the 60 Minute Profit a Scam? Totally!

I totally think that this program is a scam and it is also misleading.

You certainly can make money with each of these methods, they have been well known for years, but not in you first day, you would need about a year to get started.

All are just tacticts to lue innocent people to the program, but are totally fake and exaggerated..

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I have also been a victim of some scams online unti I found a program which was totally legit and tought be everything I now know about internet marketing and this program is Wealthy Affiliate.

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This program is free to join and you can contact me after you join in my personal profile: dreamgirl. Unlike Brittany, I will be there for to ask me anything you want to make the training work. You can also directly contact the owner, you can just drop a message to his personal profile with a question you need help with and he will answer.

I am not promising that you will make money overnight and I am not promising that it will be easy, but getting the right training is mandatory! I have follow the training on Wealthy Affiliate and I can say that it is designed in a step-by-step manner and if you eve get stuck in the training you can ask the community at any time, or me, or the owner.

I have tried this training, I never recommend a product that I have not tested myself. I look forward to help within the community to build your online business and in the mean time you can ask questions or share your feedback in the comments section below.



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