Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Check What You Can Achieve in a Year

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

In order to succeed with a blog you need to dedicate yourself for the long term. You have to expect its ups and downs because they are a normal part of creating a successful online business.

The content which you can create in a year is a lot.

In this post I am going to talk about what you can achieve if you work consistently in a year on yoor blog.

The Traffic Potential in a Year

There is a formula that you can use to forecast the future potentials of blogging if you work on a regular basis on your blog while writing posts which target keywords.

To assure results a realistic and yet achievable goal is to write 3 posts per week, you can create more than this but this is the baseline.

Traffic in One Week

3 posts/week

We will consider that each of the posts will get 5 clicks per day which is 15/day in total = 450 clicks/month

Traffic in One Month

3 posts per week = 12 posts/month.

While having 5 clicks on each of the posts and 12 posts on your website you will get 60 clicks/day, which is 1,800 per month.

Traffic in 6 Months

If you will write for a steady rate of 3 posts per week, at this point you will have 78 posts on your site. With an average rate of 5 clicks per post each day you will get 390 clicks per day on your website, which is 11,700 visitors per month.

Traffic in One Year

3 posts per week x 52 weeks = 156 posts. 5 clicks x 156 posts = 780 clicks  per day, which is 23,400 clicks per month!!

You can see that if you work steadily on your website, you will surely see great results. People overestimate what they can achieve in a day and they underestimate what they can achieve in a year. And while you create more content your website will increase in authority and it will be more easy for a website with a high domain authority to rank on Google.

Picture your blog one year from now. Making about 800 visitors per day. This is totally REALISTIC!

And 23,400 unique visitors a months totally has the potential to make you a full time income. This done by creating 3 high quality, keyword targeted posts in a week.

Here’s an example of a wealthy affiliate member who achieved what I’m talking about in a year:

Read the Story of LittleMama HERE

Invest this Year for Financial Freedom in the Years to Come.

I would recommend you to sign up the yearly Wealthy Affiliate membership and commit yourself to your long term vision. The goal of making a full time income from your blog cannot be achieved if you don’t work on it for a year.

A blog is a long term investment and you are not going to see real results in your first couple of months. But it will pay for your efforts in the months and years to come by making you passive income!

If you are considering to join Wealthy Affiliate I will remind you that you can save 40% if you upgrade to the premium membership compared to your monthly membership and this is $20 a month. The Wealthy Affiliate yearly membership costs $356 for the entire year.

Get a Wealthy Affiliate Membership

PS. Private message me inside the community to help you get started, here’s my profile. 🙂

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate (JUNE 2018)

I have been for more than a year on Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe I have not been so much dedicated to my site during the year because I was also doing a full time job, but I still have 153 posts on my site which is close to 3 posts per week. But the traffic in my site is at the maximum 896 per month.

Here are my stats on Google Analytics:

is Wealthy Affiliate worth it

And during this year I have been able to make some money with affiliate marketing.

Here is a screen shot of my commissions from promoting a hosting company:

I have also made some very little commissions from other companies.

As you can see these are my real results even that I was not 100% committed to working on my blog because I had a demanding full time job as well. But I will continue to work on my blog and be a member of Wealthy Affiliate as I have learned a lot of skills and I trust this system.

July 2018 has been my first $150 month. My results speak for themselves!

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