Is Social Sales Rep a Scam

What Is Social Sales Rep

Social Sales Rep is a website which connects companies who want their content shared on social media with people who know how to use social media and would be willing to share their content.

Here are the requirements for the job:

It pays you to share ebooks and reports on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is a job which involves social media management. The cost of the program is $27, but they offer you a discount if you buy the program within less than 40 minutes from the moment you click to their website offer.

Having to pay money in order to get except to do some job seems like a red flag to me. How does the company justify that cost?

Maybe they offer a training for people to qualify to do this job? Yes, it is because of training they offer for new members and also say that this is because they want to recruit only serious dedicated members.

Just as you know, the training consists of an e-book which they send you after you sign up.

But the good thing is that there is a money-back guarantee if the training does not work for you.

Social Sales Rep is in fact an affiliate network, not just a jobs platform, which means that you have to promote their products and only if someone signs up through your affiliate links you are going to get paid. But why join their program when you can sign up to affiliate programs of products you want to promote for free?!

Is Social Sales Rep Worth It?

I didn’t sign up to this program because I don’t want to spend $27 so this is not a review from the inside. I don’t recommend Social Sales Rep because I am against the idea of having to pay a fee to start working with a company.

There are a lot of training lessons you can get access to for free on the internet, so I wouldn’t get involved with Social Sales Rep. You can get access to 10 free starter lessons on affiliate marketing and two free websites if you sign up for free on Wealthy Affiliate.

Another negative thing on Social Sales Rep is that you have to choose among 100 products to promote on social media. But if the cycle of products you can promote is closed, this means that there will be a lot of competition to sell these products because a lot of people are promoting them.

I would be worried to know that everyone else is promoting the same products that I am promoting.

I went to the site of this company and I saw that their offer was location targeted. They indicated that they need more users from my country (Albania) so that I would get a discount if I signed up during the next 30 minutes or so. When I saw that the offer was location-targeted I immediately wondered if the same method would be used with other countries as well. I have seen this tactic in a lot of online scams, when they used the location of the visitors to make a location-targeted offer.

Also,the fact that you need to sign up within the next 30 minutes or so to get the discount price, I think is just a marketing trick to get people to sign up for the program as soon as possible so that they are not going to do proper research.

Their whole website seems like a joke compared to legit programs I have reviewed.

Social Sales Rep Reviews

There are not many Social Sales Rep reviews online.

Here is a presentation of the program by the company itself:

The Pros

1. 60 days money back guarantee. At least, if you are not satisfied with the program they promise to return your money back.

Social Sales Rep review

2. The ability to work from anywhere you want.

3. It pays weekly via deposit or check.

4. No experience needed to get started.

5. There is only a one time fee with no additional costs.

The Cons

1. No information about the owner. When the owner is a real person, it adds credibility to the program. In this case it is a lack of credibility because we can’t know who hides behind this program.

2. Upsells and misleading tactics. They will tell you that their upsells will not be any longer available if you leave the page without buying them. This is not true because the same sales page will be there forever. They also use a fake timer to convince you to buy immediately because the offer will expire in a few seconds.

3. When you give your email, they will send you offers of other low quality programs such as the 60-Minute Profit Plan which I have reviewed before and it has proven to be a scam.

Is Social Sales Rep a Scam?

I can’t call it scam because it includes a training ever that it is of low quality. However, I do not recommend this program. In addition to receiving just an e-book as training, it also includes links which will bring you to buy other low quality programs.

Social Sales Rep is not the right way to learn affiliate marketing.

Why be limited to promote only a specific set of products, when you can promote whichever product you want?

However, I can say that it is possible to make money following their training, but it is unlikely. What I don’t like about Social Sales Rep us the hype that they create when trying to sell you. If you end up buying it, you will most likely be disappointed because you expected much more.

This is the reason I am not recommending Social Sales Rep. There are better ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

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