Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam?

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On May 5, 2019
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Postal Jobs Source is an employment service, but it is a scam and in this review I am going to show you all of its red flags.

Is Postal Jobs a scam or not?

Looking at Postal Jobs Source at first glance gives you an impression that it is exactly what its name suggests. Postal Jobs Source presents itself as an official website offering jobs in the U.S. Postal Service. You can easily apply for the post by yourself without any professional help. Postal Jobs Source makes the claim that it eases the process of finding jobs and can assist individuals to get good paying positions.

The services provided by Postal Jobs Source will remove the need to walk through town by yourself in search of jobs. You will, of course, find that to be appealing considering the current state of the economy. While Postal Jobs Source may sound like a very good thing, it also has some limitations that must be mentioned here and that problem is that the entire website looks like a scam website.

Many of the things you see on the website are not as they seem; there is simply more to Postal Jobs Source than meet the eyes. Some disturbing techniques are also used on the website that calls for concern. In this write-up, we will open your eyes to some of the features that make Postal Jobs Source look more like a scam website. We will show you good reasons not to take this website seriously or give it a chance even if you are searching for a Postal Service job.

The many red flags

For one, the claims made on this website look odd. The images look official throughout the website and the formatting also looks decent. Furthermore, there is a claim on the website that the Postal Service is currently hiring. You will also find the disclaimer starting off with details regarding the Postal Service itself. Many of the areas of the website sound like a typical way to promote a job. The claims are somewhat bolder and larger than what you can ever get from a real company. Be that as it may, the claims are not too dramatic.

You will also find the formatting to be adequately professional and you can be fooled into believing that it is legitimate. As a result, one can easily get fooled by this website. Also, the website makes claims that the participant will get priority placement and sample exam questions; this idea of priority placement is a lot disturbing because it is just not possible for the Postal Service to give anybody an advantage simply because they make their application via a particular avenue.

Before you jump at this seeing opportunity, first read the disclaimer very carefully and it will open your eyes to some red flags about this website. The disclaimer will point out clearly that Postal Jobs Source does not have any relationship with the Postal Service. In reality, Postal Jobs Source is a 100% private company that may or may not assist people in getting jobs; you will find this clearly written in the disclaimer.   One of the contents of the disclaimer read thus: “while not required to use our assistance to apply, using it may potentially offer an advantage.” The claim does not sound encouraging, you will agree; though there are also certain grammar issues that should be pointed out. One can conclude from that phrase in the disclaimer that there is no assurance that Postal Jobs Source will get you a job.

As stated earlier, Postal Jobs Source does not have any form of affiliation with the Postal Service.  As a result, they simply cannot have inside knowledge about the hiring process at the Postal Service. Be that as it may, Postal Jobs Source may have an idea about the various questions being asked, as well as the tests; this can be possible if the outlet has sent people to apply.  Even if they have information about the questions, they have no chance of knowing the criteria used by the Postal Service.

As you go along on the website, you will discover even shadier pointers about Postal Jobs Source.  For example, you will find multiple URLs for the same website.  If you are calm and attentive when investigating this, you can come across over 10 URLs.  The images in each of the websites to which the URLs point are somewhat different at the top; that is, however, about the only difference that you will notice.

A website may have legitimate reasons to have multiple URLs; for example, the website may want to capture the .org, .com and even the .net versions of its name to prevent scrupulous elements from misleading its potential customers.  Even at that, a legitimate website does not have to build a different website for each of its URLs; all it needs is to redirect.

The domain name for Postal Jobs Source seems to make a lot of sense.  The domain name is the name of the site but also contains few letters; the addition of these extra letters look somewhat odd and does not look like what the Postal Service will likely do.

While the images on the website may look professional, they are actually misleading.  One of the images read thus: “Certified Postal Hiring Review 2018”; this sounds odd and one is forced to ask about who certified the postal hiring review!  It is obvious that the image is made up to deceive unsuspecting individuals.  The outlet equally contains an image purportedly from BBB and the BBB review is made to believe gives Postal Jobs Source an A+ rating.  A good look at the BBB image shows that it is not original; BBB seals do not look like what is posted on Postal Jobs Source. You must take a very good note of this.

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4 thoughts on “Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam?”

  1. I joined something similar to see what they were about and you are right, this Postal Jobs seems to be a scam as that one was.  They come across as an online temping agency, but do not really have jobs for you.  They tell you how to find a job on sites they recommend.

    Wealthy Affiliate

    membership program knocks the pants off sites like this and is really worth it’s price in comparison.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

    • Hello Stella, yes they tell you to find jobs on sites they recommend and they don’t guarantee that you are going to find a job. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate too and I can confirm that the training works. 

  2. Hello there,

    I am thankful I found your post about Postal Jobs Source. I was considering using them to create an income.
    After reading your review about them and seeing all these red flags I see that it is a complete waste of my time. I will also be showing my friends this article so they can avoid it too. I am interested in seeing your recommendation Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer, are they free or do they cost money?

    • Hello Son, I’m happy you found my review helpful. Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership and a premium membership. With the free membership you get access to 10 starter lessons on affiliate marketing, as well as two free websites. 


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