Is Pay It Forward System a Scam?

In this Pay It Forward review I am going to cover these topics: what is Pay It Forward System, how does Pay it Forward System really work and is Pay It Forward System a Scam.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Pay It Forward System and all the information covered in this review is based on my research on the program. I only write this review to help people stay away from scams and focus on legitimate ways to make money online only.

The Short Version of this Review

The Pay It Forward System is just a waste of time and money. Even in their website they have posted a disclaimer, something like this: “The typical purchaser of the Pay It Forward System does not make any money from it” (Pay It Forward System Landing Page)

Can you make money with pay it forward system

The site is filled with fake testimonials, fake income claims and unethical marketing tactics. The site can not be trusted and the owner of the program, Danielle Rose is not a real person, who knows who is behind this program.

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What Is the Pay It Forward System

what is pay it forward system

The sales video shows Danielle Rose, a mum of three who promises to share the 35 lucky people who are going to assure a place in her program her secrets to being an online millionaire with just working 20 minutes a day.

Pay It Forward System

The Cost

And for this you are asked to pay $1. Which in fact, is not all, they will ask you for another $18 some days after signing up.

But in fact, you are never told that $1 costs only the 5-day trial and after 5 days they are going to bill you $18 more dollars. So, be careful if you have signed up, you need to cancel before you are charged $18, this is in their terms and conditions.

The sales page is filled with testimonials of people who have had success with this system, but I don’t believe them. So many times I have seen testimonials of people on such sites and they ended up to be just paid Fiverr actors.

For as little as $5 you can get people to prepare for you a video testimonial and most of these people have appeared with their reviews on other scam sites too. It’s easy to spot such websites because they make high income claims without any real proof.

What you’re going to get once you sign up?

Once on the site, all you get is a low quality affiliate marketing training. Within the training you will find links of other online scams where you have to sign up for their memberships.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, I know this because I’ve made money with affiliate marketing. But you need the right training and you aren’t going to make money right away. And if you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it is when you promote other people’s products and get commissions when people make sales after you’ve promoted to them.

Who is this program for?

Unless you like being ripped off and not getting anything of value, this program is not for anyone. It targets newbie who don’t know anything about making money online and are easy targets to get scammed by this program.

make money online

How Does Pay It Forward System Really Work

Let me first say that this system does not work by “paying it forward”, this is nothing more than a marketing technique to sell it. Pay It Forward works by attracting people to fake income claims which can be made with affiliate marketing.

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Is Pay It Forward System a Scam

There are some reasons why this system can be considered a scam:

1. Exaggerated and fake income claims. The system talks a lot about how easy it is going to be to earn high income amounts as if you can earn by just a click of the button. In other words there is a lot of “hype” about this program.

2. Fake testimonials. The people which appear on their testimonial videos are all ACTORS. Like a lot of other scams Pay It Forward is hiring actors from Fiverr for their testimonial videos too. They are literally getting paid to pretend to be making money with this system.

3. A fake owner. Danielle Rose does not exist and who knows who he behind this program.

So, let me answer the question: Is Pay It Forward System a scam? In my opinion, yes, it is. Nothing about this program is real.

I have been reviewing make money online programs over the years and I will tell you when some opportunity is real.

Would I Recommend this Program?

No, absolutely not. I think it is a complete waste of time and money.

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There’s no system which is based on paying it forward, everything in their sales video is fake, including a fake owner, fake testimonials and fake income claims. Danielle is not going to give you the secret to making money online.

To sum it up, with this program you are not going to make a lot of money like people in they sales video claim, you are going to waste your money by buying this program instead. This program is a scam and I do not recommend it.


Before I leave you, I am going to share with you an important advice: never buy a program before doing your research about it. There are a lot of scams online especially in this niche, that’s why it’s crucial to research a program before you buy it.

I hope that by now you have a better understanding of this program and you can make a more informed decision. I only recommend legit programs on this site and I would recommend Pay It Forward System.

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How to Spot an Online Scam

Over the years, reviewing so many illegitimate programs and online training in the internet marketing niche, I have learned to easily spot scams. Here are some signs you need to look for in order to spot an online scam:

1. Exaggerated income claims which you can earn with little to no work. This is the first sign of a scam which this program includes: Danielle Rose claims she made over $6K in her first week with so little work, or just 20 minutes a day. Lie.

This is clearly exaggerated because making money online doesn’t work that way. While it is possible to make that much money in a week this requires building a successful business, and not just 20 minutes of work a day, and no, you can’t make that much money instantly. Making money online is possible. Saying that it is not possible to make money online (or any amount) is the same as saying that it is not possible to make money online with a business. Both require a lot of work and effort, and maybe a clear understanding of what your customers work, so intuition too.

Good business skills work the same online or offline.

2. Limited offer. A lot of marketers, especially in this kind of business play with the scarcity concept. What is the scarcity concept? When something is limited like for example in this case Danielle claims that only the first 35 people who are going to claim a spot in her team will gain from this offer and when the timer on her sites goes to 0, her site will disappear. What?

Yes, this is just a tactic to make people buy her program as soon as possible, possibly without doing proper research to get a place in her team before it runs out of places. And there is no timer on her site to begin with. I don’t see it.

And why should this offer be limited? Why only 35 available spots in her team? She gives no reason for this because there is no reason. The reason for this is just the one I explained above.

3. Hidden costs. Once a program tells you it costs x amount of money, there should be it. But no, a lot of scams tell people another price at the beginning and after they are presented with an additional cost to make the system work. Like in this case, the program costs $1 and after 5 days you are charged another $18. Now, I am OK with upsells, if after you buy the basic training, for example, you can buy something else for an additional price, but no, these scams charge you another payment just to make the first training or whatever product you bought useful. Without the upsell, you get no value from the program.

To sum it up, you need to be careful before buying a program like this, especially the ones which have a of of “hype” in their landing page. In my opinion, a real program, does not need “hype” just proof that it works in their sales page.

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