Is Job Killer a Scam

What Is Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer is the product name. The program makes some bold claims.

Day Job Killer is a program which promises to teach you how to sell digital products online. But is it a scam or can it actually helps you earn some extra cash online?

As the name suggest, Day Job Killer is a program which promises to helps you earn money online, as much as you could quit your day job. The owner of this program even claims to give you $1,000 if the program doesn’t work. So, the website makes it look like you are guaranteed that you will make money with this program. But is this program worth you time? Read this review to find out.

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How Does Day Job Killer Work

Day Job Killer not only offers you training but it also offers you some software. But first let us focus on the training. The training teaches you how to sell digital products like ebooks, software, themes etc.

The training consists of four steps. The first step teaches you how to find the right niche. The second part of the training teaches you how to create products. The third part of the training teaches you how to create good sales copy. The fourth part of the training teaches you how to get traffic to your sales pages, it includes three main sources of traffic: email marketing, affiliate and paid traffic.

It also includes a training which shows you how to take this business to another level once you start seeing results. The owner of this program Chriss also promises to personally helps you if you have any question.

The software that it offers is one which is used to spin content. With no original content you obviously aren’t going to get free traffic from the search engines.

This might be the reason that there is no training about free traffic. So you would have to rely on paid traffic which is expensive and very risky if you try it as a newbie. Paid traffic requires a lot of trial and error and it’s not for newbies. A newbie, almost guaranteed, only lose money the first time that they try paid traffic.

At first you have to test a sales copy with free traffic. And pay for traffic only if it works and calculate the ROI. Never try paid traffic for a sales page which you have’t tested before. And considering that this program costs $297, I don’t think it’s worth it.

I personally don’t think that the price is fair for the training and software you will get. It is far easier and longer-lasting to simply create good content (not spin it) and get free traffic from the search engines. Spinning content is a no-no. You create no value simply by recreating other people’s content and your website will just end up looking ugly and inhuman. It is visible for the visitors when the content they are reading has been created by a software and not a real person.

I don’t think that most people who would buy this product will make any money with it. The fact that it relies on paid traffic is a big disadvantage. You will have to pay money at every step and your risk will increase as you spend more just to make this work.

Another surprising fact about Day Job Killer is that it is actually a funnel to My Ecom Club.

Is Day Job Killer a Scam

I can’t call Day Job Killer a scam because it doesn’t have misleading information about what the product is going to be about. It has some hype about the money you are going to make by falling their training, but the training could actually work if you apply it, at the same time you can lose a lot of money if you apply it as a newbie.

I have seen programs which were worse than this and total lies, but this program does the mistake of making it look like you are going to earn with just a push of a button. This can end up with a lot of unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. Moreover, it has some red flags worth mentioning.

Like for example, they use fake testimonials.

As you can see in the above pictures, their testimonial is just a stock photo.

Another red flag is that they use fake scarcity. On their website they use a fake timer which counts down to show you that the offer will expire soon. That is just fake. It’s a tactic to make you buy before you do proper research on the program and fall for it.

Another issue is that their sales page and funnel are very similar to another program, My Hidden Pages. That program was promoting MOBE, a high ticket program which has been shut down from the FTC for being a scam. So it is possible that both Day Job Killer and My Hidden Pages could be promoting another program instead. These programs would promote what makes them money and not what helps you. So, considering all the reasons mentioned on this review, I can conclude that Day Job Killer is a bit shady.


For the moment Day Job Killer is just a funnel to MyEconClub. It all seems shady to me and I wouldn’t recommend you sign up for this program. I only recommend programs which I have tried myself and know that work.

Selling digital product online is a legitimate business, but there are better ways to do it and better training programs which teach you how to do it. It is also a lot less expensive to get started than paying for their program and having to rely on paid traffic.

Not to talk about the risk that using fake traffic has for a newbie. I personally rely on free traffic and this is what I recommend to people.

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