Is Internet Income University a Scam?

program to teach you to make money online:
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On September 12, 2018
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Internet Income University is a program which promises to teach you internet marketing and making money online. While it does have some useful training, it has a lot of upsells. I would not recommend it.

First of all even if they claim themselves as a University they are not actually a University, they have not been accredited by US Department of Education.

One thing that attracted my attention, was that when you sign in to this program, there is no sales pitch. While this might seem like a good thing, it also doesn’t give the neccessary information about what the program includes. When you first sign up to the program, some free trails of other programs are presented to you to sign up.

While you have to pay $30 to sign up to this program.

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Before I continue with the review of Internet Income University, I want to let you know that a lot of scammers take advantage of the fact that newbies do not know anything better and they will follow everything these so-called “Gurus” tell them.

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When you enter the program, there are a lot of upsales to other programs. In fact, inside Internet Income University there were opportunities to learn, but also opportunities to spend more and more.

Internet Income University is just another product which leads you to buy other products. Once you become a member you will be able to access their F.A.S.T. income plan, which consists of four main areas:

1. (F) Fast Website Setup

When you first sign up you have to pay them $20 to set up a website for you on a hosting in the property of IIU, which in fact seems pretty high for a shared hosting. You can find one on Hostagor for just $4.

You must buy a hosting and a domain throught their link in order to get a free website set up.

What puts me off on this secrion is that they ask you some questions like:

  • What is your monthly income?
  • How much would you be willing to invest in your online business?
  • What are your unique circumstances which made you seek to make money online?
  • Where will you live and what’s you dream home?
  • If you are going to exceed your income goals with the knowledge that they are going to give you, how will you pay back?

I don’t like these tactics and I think that these questions are only asked to be used against you by knowing more about you and how much money you have and how much would you be willing to invest, so buy more products from them.

Another thing that I find manipulative is this little note:

Is Internet Income University a Scam

Why can’t you use your own hosting and domain if you have them? And they say “you must get a new domain name and hosting with Secure Online Hosting to quality for your free Income Generating Website”. I don’t know what they mean by “free website” because you paid $20 for the website.

2. (A) Affiliate Income Streams

Affiliate marketing is a pretty good way to make money online. But what they suggest is to promote one of their top 5 products, the first one of them is IIU itself and the other ones are owned by the same person as IIA.

Moreover, you would have to pay a fee to start promoting these products or buy them. Listen to me folks: stay away from programs which ask you for a payment just to start promoting them. They are scams. The products don’t sell. The owner of these products are the only ones who will make money,

Theme products will cost from $15-$177 to start promoting them. This is crazy. You are making them money and you also have to pay to get started?!

Better promote products which are actually free to promote, almost every product has an affiliate program and almost every site is FREE to promote. Now, a lot of newbies maybe don’t know this and it might seem to them that they have to buy something in order to start making money, to gain the right to promote a product. That’s why this program is far from honest.

3. (S) Scalable Advertising

They will ask for up to $450 a month to do the SEO for your site. Terrible!

When you first start your online business, you need to learn how to SEO yourself. If you are not doing SEO, then what are you doing for your business? SEO is the cental part of it in my opinion and you need to learn to do it yourself, after you grow your business, you might even outsourse it.

4. (T) Training & Support

The only thing that this section tought me was to go to their community.

Personal Challenge

Here all you will get is a 13 page pdf filled with numbers you can contact to buy their services and other affiliate links.

After all these sales pages you will finally find some training which consist of 7 hour long videos. The training has some value but is it very basic and outdated, especially part about backlinks, some of the backlinks tacticts do not work anymore these days and they are a big no no.

Is Internet Income University a Scam?

Not necessarly, but it is a program you need to be very careful with because you can end up losing more money that you make.

They have a lot of updates and suggested products you need to buy and the training and all your spendings on these products are not worth the money.

My Final Thoughts

The information that you are going to get does not outweight the sales pitch that expose you to.

There are a lot of other opportunities out there with which you can learn affiliate marketing with a lower cost. At the end of the day, your $30 fee will feel as if you just paid for being told to buy more products. That’s why I would say that you need to AVOID Internet Income University. There is only one program I would recommend for learning affiliate marketing, it’s the program which taught me everything I know about building a website business.

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9 thoughts on “Is Internet Income University a Scam?”

  1. Great review you’ve made there. It’s always good to have people like you warning newbies and rookies off these scams and upset-infected programs. I myself have been into one of these programs (I’m not going to mention a name here) and it was basically very similar to the one you are reviewing here. It started with me having to pay a lot upfront before I could access anything useful, then when I made the payments the training I got was fairly decent but still it felt like it just wasn’t worth spending. They talked a lot about how great it is to be an online entrepreneur and how awesome their training is and how valuable etc. etc. I came to a point where I decided to quit because my gut told me there’s something odd with this program, I went through a couple of reviews and my gut was right. Since then I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I don’t regret this decision!

  2. This is a very good review. The up to $450 a month for them to do seo for your site is ridiculous. The intrusive questions they ask like you say shouldn’t be asked.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be and is a 100 per cent a lot more value for money than internet income university. There is nothing worse when a site like this takes a lot of peoples money, with less in return. So thank you for highlighting about it, especially with a lot of scams around on the internet these days.

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to produce this informative review. Like you say, as soon as I saw the word “University” my BS spider senses kicked in.

    I can’t believe they ask newbies $450 /mo to do SEO, that’s just scandalous. Most newbies simply won’t know what they’re getting into and will have no clue how to measure the results in any case.

    No doubt, they’ll tell them they have to give it at least 6 months to work and milk them for all they can.

    There are much better programs for much better prices AND with more chance of success. Check out some of the other commentators recommendations for ideas.

  4. Thats a ridiculous price to pay just for some online classes, and thats not even for the year, but for every month of the year. That’s how scams work i suppose, an theres tons going around like this just taking away peoples money with nothing in return. it’s really sad to see. I just hope people start to learn the differences between whats real and whats not.

  5. Great review on Internet Income University! I think its great that you’ve taken the time to let people know that this place is a scam! A lot of people get sucked into “make money quick online” and before they know It they’ve spent hundreds of dollars and learned nothing. 

    Thanks for looking out for us, have a great day!!

  6. Imagine a University were you cant identify who the lecturers are, total scam obviously!   There are so many fake affiliate programs like this one online unfortunately.   It reminds me of Yoonla, we paid alot of money only for it to shut down, more annoying was them continuing to signup people and taking their money when they new they were shuting down.  Also refusing to pay people money they had earned was scandaleous!


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