Is a Scam?

Is Find a Job Now a Scam? They claim that you can make $27 an hour working from home, but is this true or is it just a sales pitch? Let’s take a closer look…

In this Find a Job Now review I am going shed light into this program.

It’s always a good idea to research a program before buying it.

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What Is

The website talks about how you can make a fortune. It makes it so easy that all you have to do is sign up for their program. But in reality, it’s not a good opportunity but a scam, because everything on their website is fake.

The unrealistic income claims is the first red flag of such a program.

How Does Find a Job Now Really Work?

They promise to assign you to a millionaire mentor who is going to help you get started, but in fact the mentor is the sales person of the company who is trying to make money from you buying the program. And you are going to do the same thing with other people by recruiting them to the same program.

What happens is that when you sign up, you are assigned a coach who will help you go through 21 steps of building a business. When you go through the 21 steps you will see that there are upsells. The upsells have different prices but if you end up buying all of them you will spend 5 figures. And after you buy them what you get is the license to promote their product to other people and make commissions from this. So it is multi level marketing.

The website has nothing to do with finding jobs and instead is promoting get-rich-quick schemes and other business opportunities.

If you decide to buy FindaJobNow, you will be directed to another program called My Online Daily Income which will cost you between $40 and $100 depending on the version of this program that you come across.

This is a huge red flag.

And this is not all. If you buy this program too, you will be directed to buy another program, MOBE. MOBE is a very expensive program and there are a lot of complaints about it online.

This is the program that you are going to promote and recruit other people to buy. Some people have actually made money from promoting MOBE, but the majority of people who tried to promote MOBE have failed. I have respect for Matt Lloyd, the creator of MOBE, he has created a good business opportunity, but a lot of affiliates who promote is have created scam websites like to scam people and make them buy MOBE.

Is Find a Job Now a Scam?

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish a scam from a legit opportunity. But in this case I am pretty sur

e is a scam, read my reasons below to understand more.

Find a Job Now is the typical website which claims to make you a fortune with just some clicks of a few buttons. Here’s why Find a Job Now is a scam:

But before I start:

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1. Unrealistic income claims. It promises that you can make $10,000 in a day. It’s not a great opportunity it’s all BS.

2. Fake testimonials. Here’s the person who gives a testimonial on their site:

He’s a Fiverr actor.

I have seen this face on so many scams that I have reviewed on this website. This guy has been on literally dozens of programs. In all of them he claims that he has earned a fortune from the specific program (scam). The truth is that for as little as $5 you can get a review from this guy on Fiverr saying how great is your product and anything else you want.

So what has happened is that the company has hired this person and given him a script to perform in the video. Fake testimonials are not a new thing, so never fall for them.

3. Fake endorsement. This programs also pretends to be features on CNN, but of course this is fake.

With all these red flags I could never recommend From my experience reviewing similar products, I can tell that is completely fake.

Instead of helping you make money, it will make you waste money by buying such a useless program. You will be in a worse position than you were before buying it.

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If you have any questions or comments on weather Find a Job Now is a scam, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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