Is eRmail a Scam or Money Online in a Day (less than 24 hours)

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On March 23, 2018
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This is a survey site which promises you to make money by filling questionnaires and completing other small tasks like downloading apps, referring other people, but like a lot of sites on this category, it doesn't have so many questionnaires for you to fill, or tasks to complete, after making just $14 at the beginning I didn't receive more surveys for a very long time and I can't withdraw the money because I haven't achieved the threshold

In this post I am going to review a program which have used one year ago trying to make some money online and I after one year I am going to answer the question for you: “Is eRmail a scam?” so that you will save your time and focus on a better opportunity.



eRmail is a program which allows you to make money reading advertisements.

It basically sends you some products or offers which you might find interesting, but for this you have to register on their website.

You only need to take 2 steps to get started:

  1. Register on here:
  2. After your account gets approved you get $10 in your account

I really got $10 in my account just after I registered, only that I was never able to withdraw them because I never reached the threshold.

According to their terms and conditions you will receive some ads on the email that you have given and you will have to fill some questionnaires.

After you click on the ad link you your account will be credited to the amount stated on your email.

You will get different rewards for your actions on this website like the level of cooperation which you create with this company (which manages this website) and also when you refer other people to this website.

According to the level of cooperation this company you can qualify as a user in one of three levels. When you first register on the site you will be on level 1, after earning more than $60 you can try to enter level 2 and after earning more than $160 you can try to enter level 3.

The higher your level the higher your rewards will be. (for more information on this you can read their terms and conditions)

NOTE: Fill every information on this site (including the registration information) in a truthful way, if they the information you provided is not true and this get verified, your account might be blocked.

Here is their system of rewards, quoted from their terms and conditions:

1. The User gets a Reward for reading Advertising emails and filling out Questionnaires. The first Reward of 10 USD the User gets is for the registration.

2. User at Level 1 can get reward up to 0.5 USD for reading an Advertising email. This User may also fill out easy Questionnaires for which he/she can get reward up to 2 USD.

3. User at Level 2 can get reward up to 0.7 USD for reading an Advertising email. This User may also fill out medium-difficult Questionnaires for which he/she can get reward up to 5 USD.

4. User at Level 3 can get reward up to 1 USD for reading an Advertising email. This User may also fill out difficult Questionnaires for which he/she can get reward up to 10 USD.

To withdraw your earnings you have to achieve a minimum threshold which is:

  • for level 1 – $100
  • for level 2 – $200
  • for level 3 – $400

The Reward will be sent to the User’s bank account or by a money order to the name and address provided by the User, within 30 working days after the User reaches the minimum amount which entitles her/him to draw it

You can achieve high rewards on this site for filling information according to their requests with very little effort from your part. The thing that they stress on their terms and conditions is that this information needs to be true at all costs. So, even if you don’t quite well understand a word in English, you need to search it in a dictionary to fully understand it. Read every question carefully.

It is also not allowed to create more than one account on their website.

Another very important note**: If you don’t enter your account for a period of more than 3 months, without notifying this company, your account will be blocked and deleted and all your earnings will be confiscated by this company.

General privacy concerns for your personal data are covered, and if you have any dispute you will have to discuss it with them, make it public or discussing it with the media is not allowed according to their terms and conditions.

Benefits of this program

  • You will get $10 after the registration
  • As you start in level 1 you will get $0.50 for each ad read, more with higher levels
  • When you refer your friends you can increase your payments with a certain coefficient (for more information read the terms and conditions)

Method #1 summarized

Moreover, this site is easy to use, you can check it yourself. Start now.

Just after you activate your account, you can enter the website and it will orientate you on what you have to do next. Just follow the steps listed under:

“How to earn more money?”

After creating your account and receiving $10 as a reward, you have the will have the possibility to make another $1 by downloading the eRclient Application which will notify you about the arrival of new ads and questionnaires for you.


After you will register an account, you will start getting emails from them, work according to what those emails are asking for and you will get paid.

You can also send your referral link to your friends or just share it on Facebook and you will get a commission for that.

Hope this method will help you get started making money online in just 24 hours as promised and if you have followed the steps in this post now have already make your first $11 before finishing to read this post.

UPDATE: 4/24/2018

After entering to my account after one month I see that I don’t have any ermails, and also no questionnaires.

So what do I do now? I can still make money by referring people to this program, but refer to what? How much money they are going to make? After one month I haven’t reached the threshold in order to withdraw money. So this program seems useless.

Please don’t waste your time with this program. You won’t make money, you won’t achieve the threshold any soon, because you are not going to receive eRmails in a looooong looooong time.

This simply is not the way to make money online. Next time dedicate you time to following a real opportunity.

Dedicate half an hour to creating a blog and focusing on making money with a blog, which is a real way to make money online, a real business. Maybe you won’t make money in your next month with a blog but the return on your investment will be much much higher.

April 2019 Update: Is Ermail a Scam?

Last year I learned from someone on Fiverr that you could make money on a website called eRmail by just reading promotional emails from companies.

I created an account and I started to receive a couple of emails, read them, and little amounts of earnings started to appear in my account.

To create an online business based on a blog strictly follow the Wealthy Affiliate training and you will actually see light at the end of the tunnel.

If you follow this training maybe one month from now you still wouldn’t have made any money online, but you can measure your progress on the lessons that you have followed and applied at Wealthy Affiliate, and also by checking the traffic on your site using Google Analytics

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