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Amy Martin

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On September 29, 2018
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Computer League is supposedly the story of a stay at home money who learned to make money online. Read this review to find the answer: Is Computer League a scam

I received an email from Computer League and I decided to review this program. When I visited their sales an alarm rang on my mind as I though that the program had a lot of red flags and their marketing techniques seemed manipulative. On this review I am going to answer the question for you: Is Computer League a scam?

From my investigation I concluded that this program is not legit at all.

Computer League Review

This program promises that all you have to do is post links online.

The story on their sales page is apparently Amy Martins story and she claims that she was a single mother who lost her job and a man shared with her a method to make money online by posting links.

In fact, I think that Amy Martin doesn’t exist, she is just a fictional character. And if you see sales page, you will see a stock photo not a photo of her. They claim that they’ve done this for privacy reasons, but I don’t believe that she actually exists.

I know this because I’ve seen this story so many times from other scams online. It’s always a similar story and a fictional character.

computer league

Here’s the proof of what I’m saying:

computer league review

computer league review

The sales pages are identical, with just a few changes in pictures and words have been changed.

These sites sell the same program and they are run by the same people. This story has been told over and over again on different similar sites.

How Does Computer League Work?

It doesn’t. I know this because I am making money online with affiliate marketing and I know how it works. Making money online with affiliate marketing is possible and it’s a legitimate business, but these people want to make it appear like you can make money with a push of a button.

Is Computer League a Scam?

Computer League is a program which claims to help people making money online by postim some links. This is completely non-sense and it’s a scam. Because link posting is not a job or a business. It is something invented by these people to make you buy their $97 product. And after you sign in you will be contacted by a sales person with the aim to make you buy their upsalles which can end up making you spend $10,000, there’s not limit for these people. If you can get fooled, they will continue fooling you.

Unfortunately, their tactics work on some people who are desperate to make money. And their system is not going to teach you anything, being there without earning a dime, one could think that maybe their next upsell is the solution.

The process of making money with affiliate marketing works but it takes time and effort and commitment to make it work and certainly you can’t make money overnight with it. If you want to build a real sustainable business with affiliate marketing, here’s the right way to do it:

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Get traffic to your website
  • Promote your affiliate links and make money

It’s one of the best ways to make money online and it has been recommended by Forbs on their article “12 ways to make money online“. As you can see, affiliate marketing is #2 on their list with #1 being Google Adsense.


It’s worth to mention that these two can be combined if you create a blog and you can make money with both of them at the same time. You create a blog and you put Google Adsense ads on it and also promote products with your affiliate links.

But Computer League is making the whole process seem more easy than it is and this is just a sale’s hype. They make it sound like you just sign up, get your affiliate links, post them and make money. In fact, you have to do real marketing and promotion to make the sales because they aren’t going to come from magical powers. You have to convince real people to buy the products you are promoting. Even that the possibilities on the Internet are endless because the large amount of people who search for products on the Internet are huge in numbers, you still need real efforts to make sales.

Making money with affiliate marketing is possible but first, you need to know the right process and get the right training for this and second, it takes time to build your online traffic, you can’t just post your affiliate links and hope to make money. And let me make something clear: Companies pay you when someone buys through your affiliate link, NOT when you post your affiliate links.

Computer League Scam Tactics

1. The first thing which attracts my attention is that they use a news endowment, as if their product is so good that it gets a lot of media attention.

fake news endowment

They use this news videos because it makes the program seem more legitimate, but if you check the video you will notice that Computer League is never mentioned on it. Yes, people are making money online, but who says that Computer League is legitimate?

In any case the news endorsements are fake.

2. They make it seem like the spots for the program are limited, like only a few people can enter the program.

Unfortunately, this is fake too. The places are not limited, it’s just a marketing technique to make people to hurry up and buy before doing their research thinking that later they are going to lose this opportunity. Unfortunately, this technique works on some people.


Yes, Computer League is a scam. This is because they are promoting link posting as a job when in fact link posting is not a job and companies don’t pay you for posting links, but when someone buys through your affiliate links. Yes, it is possible to make money promoting products with your affiliate links, but you can get affiliate links for free on affiliate networks like Amazon and you don’t need to pay to start promoting their products.

I am not recommending Computer League for the obvious reasons mentioned on this article. It is true that it is possible to make money online and a lot of people are making a fortune on the internet, but there’s al ot of misinformation and a lot of scams like Computer League which only want to rip off as many people as possible. Fortunately, I have found a program which really works and I am making money online, the right way.

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5 thoughts on “IS COMPUTER LEAGUE A SCAM?”

  1. Throughout my entire life, I never believe one can make sustainable income taking short cut. Therefore to achieve success, I always aim and work harder than my peers. That’s the reason I joined Wealthy Affiliate and never look back. Despite recently WA was criticized by SBI owners of providing low quality program, I still stand firm that WA is genuine. This is because it is the only platform that makes me earn real money online.

  2. Thank you for this Computer League review and thank you for being completely honest with their business model. So many newbies, like me, get pulled into their system thinking we can get rich by spamming links because they say so and I’m not a big fan of getting scammed any longer. I was always skeptical about link posting and unfortunately people are still falling for these systems and getting scammed. You’re doing a great job exposing these frauds so thanks a lot, again!

  3. Everything about Computer League seems fake. No doubt about it being a scam. I almost puked looking at the identical sales pages. There are legit schemes where people use identical sales pages but when similar stories are used, it’s really pathetic. Their method for making money is highly questionable. Thanks for the alert!

  4. This is the very type of ad that led me to WA, I was researching one online opportunity that turned out to be a scam. I stumbled across a WA member’s website and he sold me on WA!! It was the best move I have made yet. No I have not made any money just yet, but I have learned how to build my website around my niche, and how to create traffic, I am on the final stage of the learning process, now it’s time to fine tune my site and become a success. And I owe it all to researching a scam and having the great fortune of connecting with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I hope your article helps another person like me find their way to the community!!!

    • Thank you for your comment Stacie! If you are with Wealthy Affiliate and you are following the training I can guarantee that you are going to make money online. The more you work the faster the results are going to be.


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