Is Click Intensity a Scam? My Very Honest Opinion

Click Intensity at a Glance

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Is Click Intensity a Scam?

Click Intensity is not a scam. It is a revshare platform that works for its own revenue. Click Intensity makes its revenue from charges that clients who want their products advertised pay for adpacks placed on the site. Online marketing and advertisement does not use magic to create money, but proven strategies that create real money.

For example, client companies may have a new product that they want to introduce to the market. They will approach an advertisement company and ask the company to refer customers to buy the new product. The referral will earn a certain percentage for every customer referred.

Referral programs seem easy when talking about them, but they need hard work to make real money. Those who do not make real money and who do not work hard to make up the referral commission that means real money are likely to claim that Click Intensity is scam.


What is Click Intensity About?

what is Click Intensity about?

Click Intensity is an advertising platform that allows its members to complete simple tasks while earning significant daily income. The program has a formula that shares its revenue with advertisers. The idea behind CI is to share the ad revenue to members who own ad packs within the system.

CI is an already proven system that works.

After its creation and launch, it became popular almost immediately because of its simplicity and high returns on investment if correctly done. Within this program is a massive network of advertising resources available to registered members and marketing clients who want to reach out to a massive audience already identified within Click Intensity database.


How Does Click Intensity Work?

How does Click Intensity work?

Making money with CI is simple. The first option is completing simple ad tasks that include viewing advertisement, watching ad videos, trying out new games, as well trying out new mobile apps from clients. Members doing these simple tasks will earn money directly without having to deposit any money to the platform.

The second and most common way of making money through CI is through profit and revenue sharing.

Anybody can make money through the platform with or without experience in the online advertisement platform. The third way of earning money through CI is becoming a referral promoter of this program. The company will reward 10% referral commission for every deposit that the new referral deposit or make with the program.


Pros and Cons


  • Click Intensity has all the characteristics of revenue sharing sites that specialize on advertisement and online marketing. The operating mechanism is common with other platforms.
  • Click Intensity promises return on investment and offers passive long term income.
  • Members enjoy significant free resources to learn about revshare business.
  • Sign up and membership is free and easy.
  • The program has unlimited opportunities.



  • It might take long before slow marketers earn revenue hence the program requires some sort of extra ordinary energy to get any return on investment.
  • Earned revenue payment may delay.


Click Intensity Final Word

Joining Click Intensity program is worth. However, it is important to differentiate the program’s mouthwatering advertisement and the practical activities that you will encounter when working with the company. Prior experience on working with revshare companies will give you an advantage.

Have you used Click Intensity? What are your views and your experience with it?


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