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Supposed rewards site rewards site, but a scam:

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On September 25, 2020
Last modified:September 25, 2020


CashForShare is not legit it is a part of a scams network and it has all the classic signs of a scam like fake testimonials and non-existent owner. You will never reveive your eanings.

What Is CashforShare About

I am going to be straightforward with you: CashforShare is a flat-out scam. It is in the business of collecting people’s information. You are not going to make any money on their website. They are the only ones who are going to make money: by collecting and selling your information.

It is a highly risky website and it is a copy of another website:

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The Compensation Plan

According to the information on their site, you are going to earn $50 as a bonus when you sign up, $10 for every friend you refer and $2 every time someone clicks on your affiliate link. This sounds great, but in fact, you will never receive your earnings.

Most sites like this one lure people in with big bonuses and easy ways to earn money by performing small tasks.

Moreover, they claim that their business has been created in 2015, but I checked the domain age and I found out that the domain has been registered in the summer of 2019.

is cashforshare legit

This only is a sign of their dishonesty and the proof that you are going to get paid from their website is not sufficient.

When working with CashforShare you may not lose money, as it is free to join, but you have lost time and effort working on their site. You have also shared with them your personal information which they are going to sell to other companies and your inbox will be bombarded with scam programs like this one.

I will shared with you a website which you can really used to make money online and which is legit.

Make money online with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not a rewards site. It is a training program which teaches people how to make money online with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, reward sites are not worth it. Especially, if you don’t need to make money urgently I recommend affiliate marketing to create passive income streams. Passive income is worth it in the long run. You create a blog, put your affiliate links there and you are going to sell products through your affiliate links over and over without putting in additional work.

What You Get When You Join

When you join CashforShare you are supposed to get a $50 bonus and $10 for every new friend that you refer, as well as $2 for everyone who clicks on your affiliate link. In reality, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings because this site is just a scam.

How Does CashforShare Really Work

From the moment I read about the $50 sign up bonus I was sure it was a scam. No company gives people a $50 bonus just for signing up, at least not a rewards site, which everyone know that the money to be made even by completing tasks in a rewards site is relatively low.

Their rewards system seems too good to be true. And the surprising thing about this site is that once you sign up and you want to start working, there are no jobs available, which sounds pretty strange. Why would they be interested in you referring other people when there are no job to be completed?

There are some red flags that I discovered while reviewing this site. The way this site really works is this: they get your information and sell it to other companies, you refer other people to them being lured by the $10 reward which you will never get by the way, and they do the same for them.

And that’s it…

There are a lot of complaints on the internet about this site. Make sure to read till the end of this review where I present you with the way I have been able to make money online.

According to their site CashforShare is the number one influencer and networking site. But it is far from it. Sites like this which seem too good to be true, probably are. If it was that easy to make money online as they claim everyone would be doing it. My opinion, also based on the facts that I found out about this site, is that CashforCrate is a scam. I feel sorry for a lot of people who fall for this type of scams. I personally am suspicious when a program promises you a high amount of money without the hard work. And CashforShare is one of those programs created to take advantage of people.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

There are no positive aspects of this program, because the things that they present are all fake and you will never be able to make a penny from their website.

The Cons

1. Unrealistic income claims

2. You will never be able to withdraw your earnings

3. It claims to be the #1 earning platform but it’s all fake

4, They have a deceiving story: they claim that the company has been around since 2015, but in fact their domain has been registered in 2019. They do this to build credibility because scams don’t last more than a week as they get closed down by the appropriate authorities.

5. They show on their website fake payment proofs. This other platform called JustEarn has the same identical payment proofs as CashforShare:

is cashforshare legit

Just Earn has been exposed before as a scam.

The Owner of CashforShare

There is no information on their site about the owner of this program. This is another sight that this site is a scam. Imagine if you had a complain about this site or they were not returning your emails, to whom would you complain, who would you constant.

Legit sites or programs have a known owner, especially when they involve monetary transactions. When the owner is not stated they could easily deceive you and then nothing, close down and go their own way. You don’t have where to complain and how to claim the money that you have earned on their site.

At the maximum, you could leave a bad review about them somewhere on the internet, but by the time you do this, they have achieved their objective, in this case getting the information of as many people as possible to sell it to other companies.

Scammers usually hide their identity to not get caught.

The creator of a legit program would show their name with pride next to the successful company that they have created.

Is CashforShare a Scam

Based on all the evidence presented above, I can say that yes, CashforShare is a scam.

Another stupid-funny fact about them:

On their site, I mean in the terms and conditions section, they claim that you have to be 99 years or older to use their site. What? Maybe an employ or something made them a joke:

is cashforshare legit

Maybe they did this so that you are going to be disqualified from withdrawing your earning because you would have to be 99 years or older to claim them. This sounds funny but it’s in their terms of service. If they are the number one earning platform as they claim, how did they become that if only people above 99 years old can earn on their site.

They even use fake testimonials:

is cashforshare legit

From the pictures they don’t look 99+ years old to me. And the same testimonials are those from Just earn too.

Moreover, all the social media share buttons lead to earn and go another clone of the same program.

is cashforshare legit

And the social media profile of earn and go no longer exist. Maybe enough people have reported them as scams. And CashCrates is another site which is part of this network or scams so be aware of this site too.

is cashforshare legit

A Legit Way to Make Money Online

I have been making money online with affiliate marketing for years now and here’s a screen shot of my earnings:

is cashforshare a scam

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