Is Bocannaco a Scam – Bocannaco Review

What is Bocannaco? Is Bocannaco a scam or a legit opportunity?

Bocannaco Overview

Bocannaco is a company which sells hemp oil products. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of cannabis plants.

Hemp oil is used by people with chronic pain to relieve stress and tension in the muscles. Bocannaco claims that it has the best hemp oil.

The products that Bocannaco offers include:

  • BocannaCaine Fast Acting Gel
  • 1000mg CBD Oil
  • CannaGize

I don’t understand much about the quality of hemp oil but in the above picture are listed the reasons why they claim that Bonaccaco has the best hemp oil, according to the company itself.

The below video will provide more information about the company’s products:

The Owners

Their website seems decent in design but there is very little information about the company. The website has been created in 2017.

Bocannaco is owned by John Daniels, Dr. Robert Lawrence and others who are not verified. I couldn’t find much information about their profiles and their credentials.

There is no information about them on the company’s website. The company’s product developer is a retired neurologist called Robert Lawrence. I can’t say for sure if he is also one of the owners of the program.

Many online reviews consider Bocannaco a scam. But are there any facts to support this claim? many people avoid this company because it you need to pay to be part of it. Before getting started with Bocannaco you need to know if what are the chances to make money with this program.

This will help you make a decision if Bocannaco is worth it.

The Fee & How to Earn With Bocannaco

To sign up to Bocannaco you need to pay a $99 annual fee. The ways you can make money from Bocannaco include:

  • selling their products
  • recruiting other affiliates

There’s not much information about the compensation plan on their website. The general information is that you will get 15% commissions when you sell their products.

Here is an explanation of their compensation plan in more detail:

This video provides additional information on how to make money with Bocannaco.

Is Bocannaco a Scam

I can’t say that Bocannaco is a scam, but I can’t recommend this company because it’s a new multi level marketing company and there’s no proof of any distributor succeeding with this company.

However, it has a decent product line and this makes it less likely to be a scam.


1. Bocannaco is a new multi level marketing company. The scariest part about a MLM company is that you might be investing your time on an idea that does not work. I am not saying that Bocannaco will fail, but it might. According to statistics, 95% of people who get involved in MLM fail.

2. This means that it is compeating with big companies like:

3. Lack of information about the company on the internet. This might not be an issue for some people, but I feel that it’s a company’s obligation to give information to the public. For example, an “About us” page on their website would be helpful.

4. Lack of information on their compensation plan. It is very rare of a company to not provide information on their compensation plan because it is their number one marketing tool to attract affiliates and then customers

They don’t give information about the compensation plan so that they can attract them to collaborate with them.


1. Their products are tested by third party laboratories

2. Positive reviews about their products by customers

3. A 30-day refund policy (their refund policy page)

Is Bocannaco Worth It as a Business Opportunity

There are a lot of positive reviews about their products from customers.

Maybe if you work for the company and promote its products it will be easy to get repetitive customers because of the high quality products if offers.

To become a Bocannaco distributor you have to pay $99 and you will get access to some business materials to promote it.

Before you join a MLM company make sure to try their products and only if you like them decide to promote them.

A lot of MLM companies don’t actually have any product, or they have something they call product, but less value is put on the product and more value is put on recruiting affiliates and distributor. For Bocannaco, it is a good sign that they give more importance to the products (claiming that are the best etc) than to the compensation plan for distributors and affiliates. However, be careful. As I mentioned before, a lot of MLM companies fail.

If you want to get involved with a MLM company you need to learn the necessary skills. If you decide that MLM is not for you, no worries.

There are legit business opportunities you can get started. I am not into MLM, not because it is not legal or you can’t make profits, but because there are a lot of restrictions.

I hope this review was helpful for you as there is not much information about Bocannaco on the internet. If you find this review helpful, kindly share it with other people who might find it useful.

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