How to Write the About Me Page of a Website

So you want to create a website and make money.

While this is perfectly reasonable, there’s an essential area of focus that most internet marketers tend to gloss over.

They don’t spend enough time crafting a powerful About Me page.

You see, your About Me (or About Us) page plays a key role in how consumers respond to your brand. And far too often, the copy on this webpage falls short. Sometimes it’s inadvertently self-centered rather than customer-focused; sometimes the copy showcases the product or service you are promoting instead of the solutions you provide.

An effective About Me page should speak directly to your website visitors, and convey how your site can help solve their problems. This article will give you the strategies to achieve this.

How Can You Craft an Effective About Me Page?

To write a strong About Me page for your website, you need to consider your readers. Typically, the people visiting your About Me page are prospective customers who are thinking about purchasing your product or service, but who haven’t yet been sold on your business.

And as an internet marketer, your aim is to convert prospects into loyal customers. Isn’t that right?

If this is indeed your objective, then you need to establish a sense of trust by leveraging your About Me page. You need to open up and let your prospects in on the details surrounding your brand. Share your origin story, state your value, and let your readers know what makes you stand out.

In short, your About Me page needs to tell your prospects why they should give you their business. Take the following steps to write a standout About Me page for your website:

  1. Open with a Compelling Hook

You only have a few seconds to grasp your readers’ attention, so be sure to incorporate a gripping hook into your About Me page copy. Consider posing a question your prospects would like an answer to, or think about addressing a common problem. For instance, your opening line might be along the lines of “Are your marketing efforts still not driving the results you wanted?” or something as simple as “Transform your business.”

Both motivating questions and simple statements can make a great impact. While writing your About Me page copy, consider your target demographic, study the website About Me pages you find most inspiring, and create a hook that leaves your prospects craving more of what you have to offer.

  1. Blend Storytelling into Your Sales Pitch

Subtlety is a crucial ingredient here. Throughout your website About Me page, address your prospects’ pain points by detailing your own personal story, listing the benefits of your brand, and tying those benefits to a solution that can help solve customer problems. Do not make promises you cannot keep; rather, describe how your website is designed explicitly to assist others.

For example, on the Internet Marketing Skills About Me page, I summarize the source of my passion for internet marketing, and go on to state how the site can help readers in the long term. In essence, while telling my own story, I talk about how the website can assist you. “I decided to start this blog to share my online skills and help you build your online businesses,” I say, weaving these details into the copy alongside my own interests and skills. This brings us to the next point.

  1. Stick with the Facts & Prove Your Worth

While a storytelling approach can help you convert your prospects into customers, so too can sticking with the facts and proving your worth. This means you should write about your own growth along with the results you’ve achieved using concrete facts and figures.

To do this, you need to be strategic. Know your audience and what they want to hear, but don’t hesitate to list your brand’s unique selling points (USPs). For instance, mention how much money you have helped your customers save each month, or discuss the revenue jumps you’ve helped others accomplish. Provide percentages and facts, and include specific answers to your prospects’ frequently-asked questions in your About Me page copy.

Rather than stating “Our service is excellent and guarantees results,” collect some data so you can outline your extremely low error rate and prompt response times. Sticking with the facts will give the About Me page on your website the edge it needs to convert. You can also reinforce your worth by including testimonials in your About Me page copy.

  1. Open Up & Connect with Your Prospects

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to establish a connection with your prospects. We’ve discussed the benefits of a storytelling approach, and we’ve discussed the importance of proving your worth; however, what I’d like to discuss now is how critical it is to share your vulnerabilities and identify with your prospects’ struggles.

You need to let your website visitors know that you’ve been in their position—that you know exactly what they’re going through. A seamless way of doing this is to describe how you once struggled with the same pain points they are facing. Affiliate marketing influencer Neil Patel does this well in his About page copy, where he says he learned marketing because he “had no choice,” and that he previously paid marketing firms but found “they provided no results and took all of his money.”

Neil wanted to create a solution to the problems he faced as a beginning marketer—and he did. Now you can do the same thing. Take his story as an example while writing your About Me page copy in a way that truly resonates with your customers.

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  1. Writing a compelling About Me page is critical to attracting and keeping visitors interested in your site. Obviously if people don’t feel interested and connected to you they quickly lose interest in anything you have to tell them. I have an About Me page that I think describes who I am and why I chose to write a blog in my niche but I wrote it before I had a good sense of who my audience would be. Do you think updating or totally changing the page would be helpful or confusing to the visitors I already have?


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