How to Use Google Adwords Express

On this post I am going to talk about using Google Adwords Express. I know Adwords and paid campaigns can be a very intimidating thing and my goal with this post is to show you that you can have some success using Adwords Express.

What is Google Adwords Express

Google Adwords Express was invented because a lot of people who were doing Adwords campaigns were a little overwhelmed by the interface and they didn’t know how to use it. A lot of people were becoming intimidated of using adwords and this was back in the days before Google Adwards Express existed.

It was this very intimidating interface and people started to stay away from Adwords, because they were loosing money. But in truth it really isn’t and that’s why they made it more easy to use. In truth, since Adwords Express came about, it started out just for local businesses, then they realized that it’s a whole new audience out there. There are a lot of online businesses, not just businesses which have a physical address.

So, Adwords Express in essence is a version of Adwords, which is really simple, so, by the end of the day it is a very nice platform to use. It is essentially the same as Adwords but the set up is more simple and you set a daily budget and not bit on keywords. The daily budget is on a sliding scale and it is not restricted to local business which is an advantage for people who have a blog and do affiliate marketing like me.

It is not just for local business, it is ideal for a local business, but recently they tried to elaborate it. I want you to understand that Google Adwords Express is for local businesses and virtual businesses who only target a specific city or country and virtual businesses which target the whole world. I have a question for you: Do you have a Google Plus Page for your business?

If you have a Google Plus Page you qualify for a google Adwords account, to access Google Adwords Express search on Google “Google Adwords Express”, you will see your businesses, you can select one and you can click “Create ad”.

What is Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Now, inside Adwords Express there are three goals: call your business, visitor your store, take action on your website. If you run a virtual business the one which applies most to you is the last one but it’s not restricted to taking action on your site.

If your business has a phone number you can go for “call your business”. That CTA would be phone number.

The visitor your store is address central. The last CTA is take action on your website. It’s the one which an affiliate website can use in most of the cases. What something, buy something. These are the three options to the end results: call, click or come by.

How to Use Adwords Express to Make Money (Not Just the Usual Way)

As you get more experience with Adwords Express, you can menage other people’e Google Adwords Express accounts. You can ask them about their daily budget and you can add 20% to that and make a profit from this. This is one way of using Adwords. Now lets thing about our own business and think about how we can use it. I actually had this conversation the other day in an affiliate marketing forum and we were talking about this.

Imagine if you are a conference speaker and lets say you are going to speak at a conference and you want people to come and see you and profit from this by selling tickets. What you can do is to create an Adwords campaign and target people to that event. You have actually created an Adwords campaign. Google Adwords is not restricted only to your local area, even if you are a local business doesn’t mean that you have to stay within your site with your ads.

How to Create an Ad and Build an Ad Campaign

Go to Adwords Express. Another place to get started is Google My Business.

how to use Google Adwards Express

I am going to show you how to do an ad for a virtual business. So, firstly go to the Dashboard on Google Adwords Express.

Choose your business. Click on Create an ad.

how to use Google Adwards Express

Pick as a goal that you want people to go to your website, target a geographical area. Press next.

how to use Google Adwards Express


how to use Google Adwards Express

Define your product of service.

When you do your ad make sure to capitalize important words.

What do you want your budget to be? You can put it $15 per day and the cools things is that it will show your estimated performance in terms of views and clicks. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. If you are a local business this is a very affordable way to do advertising.

$15 per day is $465 a month. I think better not spend more than this in a particular month especially as you are using Google Adwards Express for the first time. Press Next and you’re done. Typical the approval is within 24 hours. You can do a similar process with a business which has a physical address.

I don’t recommend that you do straight affiliate links because they aren’t going to get approved. It’s better to target your own website which will have an affiliate link.

So as you can see it’s so easy, you don’t have to be intimidated by it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Google Adwards Express

Analytics tools to track the results. Check this out: This campaign dashboard is automatically tight into your Google Analytics account. So, rest assured, it just automatically works.

You actually don’t select target keywords when you initially set up, it automatically selects keywords for you, they assign keywords. If you go to your Dashboard you are going to be able to see the keywords selected for you.

What happens when more people click on your add than you budget? At the very most your ad gets spend on that day, then you ads doesn’t get shown anymore. It’s not the clicks that are important, the clicks are important, you will pay according to clicks.

Can you set the time it will run during the day? Yes you can do that. Go to ad scheduling – business hours – change. And it is going to show the ad only for business hours.

Will getting clicks from ads improve the SEO for your website because visitors will stay longer on your site? Officially Google says no, but I think it does.

When is the right time to start using Google Adwords Express? If you want to try it as a newbie, you can try it but if you don’t have a grasp on conversions, I think that the best time to get started is when you get your first conversion online. If a post of your has already converted than you can scale it and get more clicks and so more sales because it can be a proven system.

How do they bill you? You can set this up according to your preference.

You can also use Bing campaigns which means that your ads are going to show on Bing instead of Google. They both can be good.

The best thing to do with it is to just try it, you can start with just $5 a day and then change it according to your results. It’s a little more expensive using Adwards Express than just Adwards, but it is because it works.

And of course if you have any questions you can comment below.

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