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ClickMagick is a software that allows you to track people who click on a specific piece of content.

The value of this product is that it gives you information to advertise exactly to the customers who might be interested on a product.

Another feature that it has is MagickPops which enables you to make some pop ups appear on a specific piece of content even if it is not yours.

It works through targeting of people who need a certain type of products based on the articles or information they access to online. 

The most important factor which determines the success of promotion is finding the right customer to promote to. In this post I am going to talk about how to track clicks on a link using a tool called ClickMagick.

Whether you are a newbie or you have a ton of experience, affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money online.

Tracking links is a versatile affiliate marketing method that consists of strategies to bring in more registrations and sales for your business.

It works through proper and detailed targeting of people who actually need certain type of services or products based on the articles or information they access to online. It works with videos as well which ends up with encouraging people to buy products or services that they may find useful.

To make this strategy work we have to find groups of people who are looking for a product or a specific topic. For example, let’s say has an article which explains how to make money with investing money in the stock market. You find a product which explains how to make money in the stock market and you, create Facebook Ads ($5 per day) which target only people who have seen a specific type of free content.

So, what do you need? The first thing that you will need is a traffic source, like for example a Facebook Page where you can post links and get traffic. The only tool that you are going to need to make this method work is ClickMagick. And you need to follow the instructions that I will show you on this post. You don’t need necessary a website or a landing page.

You only have to sign up to some affiliate networks and promote their products.

How to Find a Product to Promote

In section I am going to show you some affiliate networks that you can to join.

If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, read this first: What is affiliate marketing

There are different types of networks. The easiest ones that you are able to get into are the networks which promote information products. An example one information products network is ClickBank.

To join on ClickBank just takes you a few minutes. You have to fill some information like your name, your bank name, you have to read their terms and conditions.

Another type is a CPA network which pays you for every new subscription that you get them. One MaxBounty which is the best CPA network out there.

Each network has different requirements to get started. For example, CPA networks usually require you to take a phone interview with their manager who will ask you a few questions.

But if you already are a part of an affiliate program and there is product that you want to promote you can test this method with promoting that program.

For the sake of this case study, I will choose to promote the Wealthy Affiliate training, also because I like so much this program. I personally use it. And the landing page that I will send people to is this specific video from Wealthy Affiliate shown in the picture below on how to create a website. I think that there are a lot of people who would be interested on how to create a website.

The skill that it teaches is very specific too. Wealthy Affiliate has an option which you can use to share every page from its program and if people join from your link you are going to get a commission, even if it is a random page within the training like this one:

What is different about using ClickMagic is that it taps into the Facebook information of the reader and displays custom information specific towards a particular reader. All this method needs to work is a Facebook pixel that enables the rest of the process.

ClickMagic is a tool which will help you track the links that people visit and this will be the secret key to making tons of money online.

This product doesn’t cost too much now because it is new on the market and doesn’t have too much recognition but it works like magic and you can try yourself their 14-day trial to understand the value of this product.

And you can read their free tracking guide here. You will see for yourself that this product is an absolute necessity and can really make the difference for internet marketers.

If you know something about marketing, probably you know the importance of the famous saying of John Wonamaker:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

What this saying means is that a lot a high number of people who are exposed to an ad never become customers, they don’t even consider buying the product, which puts out the lost costs of advertising. But by exposing to an ad only people who have a high chance of becoming customers is the key to a high conversion rate.

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to track online behavior of people to better predict the product that they might be interested in. And this is possible as a result of the technology, from which you can take full advantage of through ClickMagic.

If you are going to promote to the right customers, you are going to achieve a high conversion rate.

The Buyer Persona

One important factor is buyer persona where one can focus on those who really will buy the products. Once this is done, it will be easier to get sales as buyer persona enables increase up to double or triple amount. First, you need to have a product from ClickBank or any of the networks before you go on creating buyer persona. A buyer persona is basically the target customers who are likely to buy your products and specific details of them are very important. Here, the idea to build up the advertising style of your product based on your buyer persona.

There is also a set of questions that will further help to fine tune your buyer persona and identify the correct target customer. It helps to identify the customers on FB.

Product to promote: Wealthy Affiliate (an affiliate marketing training)

  • age
  • location
  • occupation
  • annual income
  • education
  • goals: The goal that would lead them to buying the product
  • challenges: Challenge that he/she will face while trying to achieve that product
  • hobbies
  • online hangouts
  • likely objections: what would stop them from buying the product
  • product benefits

Once the buyer persona has been created, this will be followed by prospecting traffic and content from an authority site. At this point, we will already have custom audiences who will be looking at the FB ads on the affiliate offer.

This will lead to an increase in the number of sales achieved. Prospecting content should closely address the main affiliate product and the main objective of the product. Hence, it actually helps the audiences to achieve the affiliate products and proactive actions. So, it is all about providing solutions or tools to help the audiences to achieve their intentions through products or services. This whole exercise is recognized as a gold mine digging where gold nuggets are separated from other elements through sieving.

Questions one would ask themselves and that the Wealthy Affiliate training would solve:

  • How do I start an online business?
  • How do I make passive income?
  • How do I make passive income with a website?

==> Find content on the web which explains how to do those things, try to get videos, as they convert better on Facebook.

Try to not find a video which is about a topic which is very advanced, because the person who watches that video might not want to buy your product because they are seeking for more advanced knowledge. However, this does not apply to Wealthy Affiliate because this program is for newbies and for professional internet marketers too.

Check the video or the blog post to see if they are promoting a product, if yes find another piece of content related t your topic.

Putting Together Your Tracking Link

Next, the FB pixel can be installed with specific code as shown within the video and facilitates the integration on FB.

For this method to work you have to own a domain name. You can buy one for a very low price on

Then go to chckmagick and click on Tools and then Domain manager, then add your domain.

Then go to Links and create your link. In the second part of the Tracking Link you can write whatever you want. The Primary URL is the URL in which you want to bring the visitors.

So, this is going to produce a link and you have to add another word to it like I did in the below example:

Then go to Facebook Ads Manager add the Facebook pixel and determine the number of days that you want the like tracked.

Now you have to go and post your link on places in order to get targeted traffic to it.

Free traffic sources

Here are some free traffic sources where you can post your link and get free traffic:

  1. comment on well-established Facebook pages
  2. post to topic related Facebook groups (which is active during the last month)
  3. comment on Facebook videos related to your topic
  4. posts recently made on Facebook
  5. leave comments on upcoming events in your niche*
  6. comment on topic related forums or message boards
  7. comment on new blog posts
  8. live comments on existing posts on Pinterest
  9. comment on Craigslist and other classified sites

Make sure that your target audience would be interested on that specific post or video or event. And try to make comments which make sense and are not just spams.

For Facebook groups join only groups which have more than 200 members.

In regard to commenting on events, find events in which more than 25 people are interested and look for the discussion area of an event, that is the place that you are going to comment.

You have to do more than 20-30 posts a day in order to see results.

And you can do the same thing with Twitter: search a specific hashtag related to the topic of the product that you want to promote and comment on the tweets that will appear. Just remember that you have to make a quality comment in order for it to not be deleted.

In this part I am going to show you paid traffic methods from Facebook. But you can also used paid traffic from YouTube or any other method of paid traffic.

You can use other paid methods too if you have experience with them. Anything you have experience with will be beneficial to use. There is no really right or wrong step when it comes to paid traffic. Facebook is the fastest way to grow a custom audience because 100% of people who click your ads will be added to your custom audience. While with other methods only people who are connected to Facebook when they click on your link, will be added to your custom list.

You need a very small budget. $10 per day is only what you need to get traffic to your link. The way I’m going to show you will assure you high amounts of traffic, unless you are in a very specific niche. So, let’s head over to Facebook and see what you are going to do. I’ll make sure to show you how to create a simple ad to get traffic to your business.

Before you can start with this method, you have to create a Facebook Page. Try to make the page look professional. What we’re going to do now is to head over to Ads Manager and build a very simple ad.

Now we will create ads to get traffic to our link. Firstly make sure that you are in your ads manager. For this click on Create a new campaign.

The campaign has its objective which is to get traffic. Set a name for your campaign and choose as objective to get traffic. Now we will have to create our ads set. Within your campaign you can have multiple ad sets all running within the same campaign and each ad set can have multiple ads. Then within of each ad sets we have actual ads.

Some people create 5 different ad sets and target a bunch of different audiences and set a budges of $5 per day. This is a mistake. Each ad set needs to have each own budget. The amount of money you spend is based on each ad set.

We need to create a name for our ad set. Then we have to choose where we will get our traffic. We are going to send traffic to a website (with our ClickMagick link). Now we have to create out audience. You have to type in all the locations where your buyer persona may be located.

Make sure that the locations that you are choosing to represent the locations of your buyer persona. Age will be representative of your buyer persona that you have chosen.

In the detailed targeting section, we have to target people according to their interests. What kind of things your target customers might be interested in?

On the right part of your screen you can see how big is your audience. You need to aim for around a million people.

For my campaign I chose as interests “Money” and “Online Home Business”.

You need to aim for an audience of about a million people. You don’t want to have a super large audience like 13 million people and not a very small one too.

If your audience is large, you can click on an option below the interests box: Narrow Audience and click on suggestions, some Suggestions can appear for you and you can choose one of them to narrow down your audience. You have to use you common sense to guess about the interests that a person who would buy your product would have.

An audience of 1,5 million people is good too, but make sure to target less than 2 million people.

Just underneath is a statistics which has the estimated daily use. Leave the Placement on Automatic.

The entire process is easy and can be followed step by step without much hassle.

Check ClickMagick Here!

My Number One Recommendation


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  1. Great post.
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  2. Evolution is surely new to me but after reading this review, I may have to give it try.
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    Thank you for the wonderful review and thanks to you again I now have full knowledge of how Evolution works.

  3. This is one of the more detailed reviews of Clickmagick that I have come across.

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    Thanks for the info I will sign up for the free trial through your link.

  4. Thanks you for your post on Clickmagick. It’s a really good idea to be able to search out targeted people, who are interested in what you are marketing. I didn’t know that you could get customer information like you say I can in your post. It’s something that I think I should try out. Do you need to ask permission to post a link in a forum or comment section of a post?

    • No, you don’t need to ask for permission but your comment may be considered as spam and as a consequence deleted. This is one of the dangers of the free traffic methods. You need to make your comment as authentic as possible and give them a high quality comment for it not to be deleted.

  5. It is quite interesting and I should definitely integrate this into my business.
    I wonder how does this work for local businesses.
    I actually want to have a look at a very specific location and I wonder what should I consider. Since I can’t find any good information about tracking links on local facebook advertisements. What do you suggest for me?

    • There is no difference in this method for local businesses, just when you create ads on Facebook target just the local area you are interested in. 

  6. This is a very detailed and well-informed post – full of useful information.

    Clickmagick sounds like a keeper – I’ll have a closer look and sign up for the trial period. The better I can target, the better I can convert. Getting a clear handle on what works and what doesn’t will go a long way towards saving time, effort, and potentially, money.

    This is fantastic – thanks for sharing!


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