How to Structure Your Life to Achieve Your Goals?

Sometimes you can achieve more results just by better structuring your time.

How to Structure Your Life

I have discovered a way to structure my time which is very productive. Some activities have to be done every day, some others every week, month or year. So, I decided to divide my work day into 4 parts, each of them consisting of two hours:

  1. things that have to be done every day → 8.30 – 10.30 am
  2. tings that have to be done every week → 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
  3. things that have to be done every month → 1.30 – 3.30 pm
  4. things which have to be done every year → 4.00 – 6.00 pm

And the results were magnificent. I was very motivated to complete the tasks especially the ones which have to be done every day. They were like a morning routine for me.

I suggest you to use this method too and boost your productivity.


how to set daily goals


How to firstly get organized with this method?

Firstly identify the most important task which you need to complete in order to not get fired or to keep the amount of success or money you are currently making. And do just that for the fist two hours of your day with laser focus.

I work as a University professor, so my most important task is to show up and lecture to students. If I don’t show up during my class and explain each week a new textbook chapter I would get fired.

Then I can do other things as well during the other hours of my work day, but giving lectures is essential. Every job or business has its core part in order to keep going to the next day without creating trouble, which will cost you more time and energy to solve.

Dedicate only two hours to the most important tasks of your day (things that have to be done every day) and do them in the morning.

Set your goals based on what you have completed in the past. For example, the hours 08.00-10.30 are hours in which I have to do every day, so if yesterday I read 5 pages of a book from 08.30 to 09.00, I have to do this every day.


How to Set Daily Goals

If you have some career, health or fitness goals determine one single thing that you could do every day to bring you closer to your goals.

See them as ways to close your gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Never get discouraged by the problems you face and remember that the size of your problems determines how successful you are and your pay. The bigger the problems that you can solve are, the higher your pay.

Every small step that you take will bring you closer to your goals.

As I stated before, I have found a great way to structure my day and my goal-setting and that is finding the most important thing of my job, or something which I have to do every day and do it in the first two hours of the day. This has to be done every day and soon it becomes like a morning habit while work gets completed like crazy.

This is a reflection of the “slight edge” concept described in the book with the same title. Basically, it means that if you do something regularly with time you can achieve a lot. A very simple concept yet most people don’t follow it.

Every day that passes anyway you are moving into a direction, which direction you are moving is determined by you actions, and I don’t mean one action here and there, I mean steady routines which point you into a specific direction.


Your Weekly Activities

11.00 am – 1.00 pm is the time period in which you do things that you do every week.

During this time you have to do all the tasks which have to be done every week, related to your job or personal activities.

how to set weekly goals

Another trick for this productivity method is that you have to do things which will make it easier to do the daily activity next week. You can call this time an investment.

These includes also things which have to be done more than once a week but not every day, like for example, washing your hair. I personally don’t wash my hair every day but twice a week.

The same logic applies to the other two periods of time, which are respectively related to monthly and yearly goals.

You have to keep achieving what you achieved in the past or more. These activities when you do them regularly start to become like habits.


Invest in Yourself

Make it a habit to invest in yourself. As I stated before with this productivity system that I have invented you get to spend 2 hours on daily tasks, 2 hours on weekly tasks, 2 hours on monthly tasks and 2 hours on yearly task.

As a rule in this system, the weekly tasks are investments which either will make your daily tasks easier or more productive. For example, every day after work I learn internet marketing and gradually build an online business in the afternoon hours (in the section of the day dedicated to yearly tasks or goals)

I know that this work will give me rewards in the future, maybe after one year, not tomorrow or in a week. This is an investment in myself which will increase my value in the future.

This way you will know where you are and where you are going, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Not only time, but with this system I also divide my monthly income into 4 equal parts:add substract

  • one goes for daily expenditures (I divide it by 30 to determine the money which I have to spend in a day)
  • one goes for weekly expenditures (I divide this by 4 for each week of the month)
  • one goes for monthly expenditures
  • one goes for yearly expenditures (I subtract it by 12 and represents what I have saved from my monthly wages in a year)

Consider your weekly expenditures and the time which you spend on weekly tasks as an investment in relation to your daily tasks. It could be researching and buying some program which makes your daily tasks easier or more productive. The same goes for your monthly activities or goals in relation to your weekly goals and your yearly goals in relation to your monthly goals.

This way your growth will be exponential.


What do you think about this productivity system? Give your opinion below and share it with the most productive person you know! 🙂

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