How to Set Up a PPC Campaign on Bing

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and together with Yahoo it makes up for 30% of the search engines market share.

Not being the market leader, but also having a considerable amount of traffic and an increase in popularity, makes Bing a very good choice and a less expensive one for advertising compared to Google which is saturated for some good keywords.

In this post I am going to explain how to set up your Bing account and how to create your first PPC campaign on Bing.

Go to the Bing Sign Up Page. If you already have a Microsoft Live account, you can use it to create your Bing account, if not you will have to create a new Bing account.

First, select the language of your ads and the location of your customers, nothing complicated here.

Next, you will have to create your first ads campaign. The set up process includes these steps:

1. The title of the ad (maximum 25 characters)

2. The text of your ad (maximum 70 characters)

3. The URL where you will send your visitors to

Remember to not have a lot of affiliate links in the landing page where you are sending the audience.

How to Promote an Affiliate Link Through PPC

Sometimes promoting your affiliate link directly with PPC works, but it generally has a lower conversion rate. Google and Bing both allow it. In this section I am going to show you how to create a direct link campaign, but this is not to the best way to get people to convert.

CTR is going to be 100% to your affiliate link. A reason to do it is to test weather your campaign is going to convert.

So, direct linking should be used when you want to test something, but you shouldn’t base your entire campaign on it.

Directly promoting an affiliate link through PPC used to be very popular a few years back, but while more and more people started using this method, search engines started to not favor this method.

But they only allow it a certain way and that’s what I am going to explain in the next section. But I have to stress that direct linking doesn’t work and well and it should NOT replace PPC campaigns which send people to your site.

Do not create your entire campaigns based on direct linking. I typically stay away from it, but there are some instances when I use it.

In fact there is a risk of getting your account suspended if you use direct linking, a lot of people have reported so. Better stay away from anything the search engines don’t want, particularly Google. Other search engines might allow it and use them instead, Google, Yahoo and Bing do not see direct linking in a positive way. I had a Google account suspended from this. Follow Google’s rules.

The Steps to Create a PPC Campaign Using Direct Links

Here you can find a video which explains this process:

Bing PPC campaign

The problem with PPC campaigns which send people to an affiliate link is that it is difficult to find relevant keywords for them, unless you use product related keywords, which in most companies do not allow you to use and are protected by trademarks. There are four main components of a PPC campaign:

1. Keywords. Normally you want to use keywords which are very specific about the link that you are promoting. If you are not targeting concepts which are relevant to your affiliate link, you are going to have a very hard time to get it to convert.

For the sake of this tutorial I am going to use the keyword “how to make money online”. So, first you have to create a new campaign. Click on Campaigns and then name your campaign. You can name it anything you want to make it memorable. You should be adding English speaking countries if you are using a keyword in English.

2. The ad. I like to make upper case first letter because it looks better as an ad. Remember to use a call-to-action as a tagline.

3. The link. Your destination URL is going to be your affiliate link. Get your affiliate link and click it, then copy it from the page that opens with your affiliate link. This looks to Google like you are sending people to a directory on your site and not just an affiliate like, which they allow but they are not a big fan of.

After you add your affiliate link, click outside the box to see a preview of how your ad is going to look like.

Change match types, duplicate, make changes. If you have multiple keywords you can add broad match keywords for each of them.

I do this if I’m using a long tail keyword.

4. The bid. Make your calculations to bid accordingly in relation to your commission that you’ll get when someone clicks on your link converts. I would recommend your big to be $0.30-0.50 initially and then you can adjust accordingly.

The most important thing about PPC is relevance. There needs to be a high relevance between your keyword, your ad and the landing page where you are sending people.

Direct linking campaigns do not replace campaigns which lead people to your site, but they can be successful.

This is a great way to make much out of little content, if you run out of ideas you can make this work, but it is risky if not done properly (read careful the section “the link” above). And remember that you can achieve a lot of success online even without using PPC. But on the other hand PPC can prove to be a big boost on your traffic.

If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial, do let me know and I will be more than happy to help you.

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