How to Recruit Webcam Models

There are a lot of opportunities on the Internet for webcam models to earn some good dollars, but not many are aware of it. The demand for webcam models on the internet is huge. On the other hand, there are so many people who want to become a webcam model but they don’t know how to be one. It is this vacuum that you can cash on by becoming a webcam model agent. All you need to do is to understand how to recruit webcam models and refer them to the high traffic adult webcam networks.

There are a number of ways you can use to recruit webcam models online. These models can work on the adult webcam websites and earn money. You can work as an agent for these websites, get them webcam models and make huge money, that too by just sitting behind your system. You can make at least a 10% commission of what your referred models are getting paid.

You must be wondering what is the best way to recruit webcam models that you can imply to make some quick bucks. Don’t worry! I will take you through the different ways of recruiting them, putting them to work and making money in the process.

Making money by recruiting webcam models include two steps:

Creating an agent’s account: Pick one of the high traffic adult webcam networks (I use and create an account on it as a webcam modeling agent.  You will need to sign up with them as an agent to do so. This simply means that you will get a 10% commission on every penny that your referred models will make. You don’t have to do any additional thing like training them or so, just to get them to sign up through your referral link.

Recruiting webcam models: The first and the most important step of becoming a webcam model agent is recruiting webcam models. There are so many potential candidates who are trying to become a webcam model. You just need to reach out to them and let them know how to be one. After they sign up through your link, it’s up to the websites to make sure that these models earn the most amount of money possible, and you get a piece of the pie too.

Now let’s discuss the different ways to complete both the steps and start making money.

How to recruit webcam models?

A few ways through which you can reach out to the potential candidates and recruit them as webcam models are as below:

  • Create a website or a blog: Creating a website or a blog is one of the best ways to get potential models associated with you and recruiting them as webcam models.Tell them how much they can earn by becoming a webcam model and how the whole webcam modelling industry works. Give them as much information as possible and make it sound natural. Also, provide them with options as to how they can contact you. Give them an option like a comment box where they can ask you anything related to it and clear any queries which they might have. Make sure to promote your website on different mediums to get faster results.
  • Social Media: Social media can be an effective tool to recruit a lot of webcam models. You can use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to reach out to all the potential models around. You can create a Facebook page or group, where you can post various information and opportunities related to webcam modelling. Let them know about the hefty money they can make out of it. You can also post various links to your website or articles which can help them understand the industry better. Trust me, there are a lot of models looking to earn money from webcam modelling, you just need to let them know how they can become a webcam model.
  • Craigslist: Another very useful way to recruit webcam models is Craigslist. But when you are posting something there, you need to make sure that you are abiding by their rules. Make sure you don’t post any nude pictures there or any affiliate links either. Also, keep in mind that you are not posting the same messages time and again. Keep rephrasing your posts a bit and post them in different cities.

how to recruit webcam models

You can use other online advertising mediums to reach out to potential candidates. Just make sure to use multiple methods in order to get better results.

Now you need to sign up with the adult webcam networks as an agent and refer your models there. That’s it! your job is done. Here are some of the best internet modelling websites where you can sign up for this purpose:

  • how to recruit webcam modelsInternet Modeling: An user-friendly website which is always there for answering all your queries. There are a lot of ways that you can make money by signing up here as an agent. A 10% commission on the money that your referred models make, $25 for every VIP member referred to their webcam network and another 35% commission for every video sold through the agent’s link. You can also make some money by referring new agents here.
  • I-CAMZ Models: I-CAMZ models is another great option if you are looking to become a webcam model agent. They also pay you a 10% commission on what your referred models make, a 10% commission on what your referred agents make as well a 10% commission of sales made to customers that used your link.
  • Chaturbate: By signing up on Chaturbate as a webcam model agent, you can make some great amount of money. You can make $50 for every registered model that earns $20 by broadcasting on

There are a lot more websites, but these are among the best ones.

Isn’t it easy to be a webcam model agent to earn some quick bucks? Start recruiting webcam models and start making money out of them. And, if you face any difficulty in the process, feel free to ask me via the comment box below.

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