How to Promote on Social Media

This article is dedicated to explaining how to promote on social media. Promoting on social media is part of an online marketing campaign. If you want to know more about how to promote to customers online, read my other article: What is customer lifecycle and how to use it in online marketing.

how to promote on social media

Since every social media has its own characteristics, I am going to write separately about how to promote your business on each of them.

How to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

twitter marketingTwitter general characteristics

  • Twitter posts are organised in a chronological way (that’s why it is called “micro-blogging”, blogging refers to showing posts in a chronological order).
  • Posts can be no more than 140 characters long.
  • The use of Hashtags (hashtags start with the # symbol and can only be one word, even if they are several words they are written as one, for example #promoteontwitter)

sign up on twitterHow to Create a New Twitter Account

The creation of a new twitter account is an intuitive process. You go to the Twitter platform, fill out your general information like your name and your phone and click “Sign up”. To activate your account they will send you a code on your phone, which you have to type there and here you have a new Twitter account.

Where to Find Hashtags for Your Tweets

Before writing a tweet search for popular hashtags within your niche, so you can use them. Popular hashtags will increase the popularity of your hashtags too. If you want to see of a hashtag is popular search it on the search bar within twitter. Sometimes you will get results for other hashtags related to the one you searched too.

How to write a tweet

If twitter is new for you at the beginning you might have a little discomfort to get used with it, it it will become easier and enjoyable with time.

Where to write a tweet

You will type your tweet at the top of the screen where it says “what’s happening”. You can also add a photo in your tweet and I recommend you to do so. On the left side of the tweet you can see the trends which is a list of the most used hashtags.

What a tweet looks like

A tweet is one or two sentences. After the sentences you can add your shortened link (if it is an affiliate link it is better to use a shorter version of it). If you write your sentences and it still has some empty space, you could add another hashtag.

How to Make Your Tweets Visually Engaging

If you want to add an image on Twitter it is necessary to have at least 23 spare characters.

How to kill it on Twitter

Twitter can be a great tool to send a high number of visitors to your site, this number can reach 600 visitors per day, after some time using some tricks on Twitter.

How to have thousands of Twitter followers with just 15 minutes per day?

Post 100 tweets with tips, advice and helpful information on them and which also contain a post from your website. Then go to SocialOomph and set them up to be tweeted one every 23.5 hours. (you can do this with a different app too)

Then set up some RSS feeds to send out news tweets (I do this with SocialOomph too). You can set this up for once every 30 minutes.

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How to Use Facebook for Business Marketing

how to use Facebook for social media marketingJoin Facebook Groups related to your niche

If you create a Facebook page and ask people to like it, it will not be so effective because likes do not convert into sales. While Facebook groups will get you quicker results. You can search for Facebook groups related to your niche in the search bar in the upper corner of the screen.

Search for the name of your niche and then, add “&” so the number of the results will expand. For example, when you search “Health”, some results will appear and if you search “Health &”, other results related to the niche will appear. Read the groups posting rules and join them.

Managing Facebook Groups

You can see the groups that you have joined in the left side menu of your Home Page or if you click the word groups it will open a menu with all the groups you belong to.

You can also find other groups that may interest you by clicking “Suggested groups” which is on the upper left corner of this menu.

How to Market Your Links in Groups

Method 1: Share your website and your affiliate links

In this part I will show you three ways to promote your website and your affiliate links on Facebook groups. When posting on groups, write and eye-catching post and end it with “INTERESTED?”. Don’t post a link, instead reply only to people who comment that they are interested in a private message and send there your links.

You can 2-3 referrals a day using this method.

Method 2: Share a post from your website

If you want, you can share your post with another image on your computer. If you want to do this, firstly you can click “Add photo/video” when you are preparing a post. After the picture has uploaded, write your post.

Method 3: Just post the link on group’s wall

Copy the link of your post or website and paste it on the groups’s wall.

How to Promote on Instagram

how to promote on InstagramIf you use Instagram, you may know that you can post on Instagram only from your PC.

However, you can post on Instagram on PC through a helper. You can use this method only for Android and PC.

Install Blue Stacks

To do this you have to install Blue Stacks: The idea is that you will use your phone applications on you PC screen where they look bigger and so they will be easier to use.

Post on Instagram

Firstly, activate your Instagram account. You can do this by clicking Android and then Instagram. To post a new picture, click on the middle camera button at lower side of the screen. Click on Gallery at the bottom and then Gallery at the top. Then click on Other and choose a picture form your computer.


If you have any questions or of you want to share your thoughts and experiences on how to promote on social media you can comment below.

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