Divi theme is one simple way to make your website mobile friendly. Learn how to use Divi themes to increase traffic to your website and keep possible customers in few easy steps.

Generally, more people use their mobile phones these days more than they use their PC to browse the web. Therefore, it’s very important that your website is mobile friendly. In fact, it’s easier to check up information with your smartphone and tablets than turning up your PC. In other words, websites have to take advantage and make their website more mobile friendly than ever before. One best way to make your website mobile friendly using Divi theme (highly recommended).

Divi theme is a complete classy theme created by Elegant theme which makes it very easy to customize your website however you want it. The niche of your website does not matter, Divi themes makes it easy for your website to adapt to any mobile phone.

Why you should use DIVI theme

Divi themes usually come with WordPress, and it’s easier for websites built with it. Although if your website is not built with WordPress, there are still ways you can use Divi theme to customize your web pages. For WordPress users, this post is very useful, as you will learn to make your website mobile friendly in seconds.

Apart from how fast you can make your web pages mobile friendly, you get to make your website better looking with advance features. Website that load fast and is mobile friendly is the bet for online marketers, affiliate marketers inclusive.

Before you learn the step by step process of making your website mobile friendly with Divi theme,

There are a few things you need to do first.

  • Get the Elegant theme license
  • Download the Divi theme.
  • Upload the Divi Theme to your WordPress, then install.
  • Activate the Divi theme.
  • Then build your website using Divi builder.

Remember, this process is for those using WordPress for their websites.

You will learn how to get the Elegant theme license, upload, install and activate the Divi theme. Above all, you will learn how to build your website with Divi builder here.

Here is a step by step process of making your website mobile friendly using Divi theme

For WordPress users,

1. Go to “pages”

2. Right click on Divi builder

3. For the first page, you will see icon for mobile, tablet and desktop. Disable tablet and desktop.

4. For the next page, disable mobile, enable tablet and desktop.

These simple process helps you to shrink text to fit mobile screens. Most importantly, it helps to sustain engagements on your website so people don’t get bored.

This video will show you how to make your website mobile friendly using Divi theme.

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