How to Make Money with Youtube, Amazon and Adsense in 2018

The Amazon affiliate program is a great way to make money online and promoting Amazon products on youtube is really effective.

In this post I am going to show you how to make money combining these two elements with a twist.

As always I am going to write everything in a very easy to understand step by step organized language.


Create a Youtube, Adsense and Amazon Account

If you don’t already have a Youtube account you can create one here: create new Youtube account.

The process of uploading videos on Youtube is really very easy to use.

Then you have to sign up on Adsense: click here to signup.

Adsense is the ads network of Google and you can connect it to your youtube channel and you can make money from ads.


How to get paid from Adsense?

You just have to sign up and get approved by adsense, then they will ask you to verify your account. To verify your account they have to send you a code to your home address which will take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

You can also withdraw your Adsense earnings with your Payoneed card.

Payoneer is a free card which you can use to withdraw money and use it at any ATM in the world and if you apply for it through my link you will get $25 on your card.

Click here to get your Payoneer card and 25$ on it.

You can use the money you make to pay for everything you buy like gas and groceries.

This card is for people who are not from USA, for you who are from USA use check as a method for getting paid from Adsense.


How to create an Amazon Affiliate account?

The Amazon affiliate is the best affiliate program in the world and you cam promote all kind af products they sell.

I use their program to make money promoting products from different niches.

Amazon is a well known company and people will buy from Amazon, you just have to send them to Amazon and if they buy a product you will get a 5-10% commission.

Click here and create your Amazon affiliate account. It’s free!


How to get paid from Amazon?

I use my Payoneer card to get my payments from the Amazon affiliate program.

After you make more than $10 they will send your payment to your card.

You will receive your earnings from Amazon on 28th of every month. Their minimum threshold is $10.

You can apply for Payoneer by clicking on the below link, Payoneer is a free card.

Click here to get your Payoneer card and $25 on it.

Payoneer is free, you just have to apply for it and wait for it to come by mail to your home adress and if you apply now you will also get $25 on it.

You will use it to withdraw money from every ATM in the world.


How to Create Youtube Videos to Promote Products

Online shops are making a lot of money from selling their products and you can get a piece of it.

You can gain from this by becoming an Amazon affiliate.

When someone is looking a specific product they will search it on Google and your review will appear in the search results. Youtube videos generally appear higher than other content which is not video.

Even a simple video of unpacking without saying any word will do the job.

If you can say your opinion about the product, better.

Then in the description you can put your affiliate link indication people where they can buy that product.

Write something like: ” If you want to buy this product you can find it on: “.

People search for videos of products on Youtube before buying them, and especially if there is not other review of that specific item, they will click on your review.

The best thing about Amazon is that if people go to Amazon through your link and they buy another product, you will get a commission too.

You can create different youtube accounts for different niches and just remember to review every single product that you buy.

Here is a sample video of unboxing a product, you can make videos similar to this:



This shoes cost only $70, and you can make $10 per sale from this product.

You can also monetize this video with Adsense and make some more money from the ads.

You can make about $200-300 per year from this video.

Continue creating videos like this for every product you buy on Amazon and you can make more and more every year.

You can buy any product from Amazon, film yourself while unpacking it and you can pay for the item from your earnings in just a few weeks.

To get more views on your Youtube video check out this program.

You can also contact me with your questions about this method, I will answer you within 5-10 hours.

If you want to learn more money making methods click here.

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