How to Make Money with Arbitrage

Arbitrage is an interesting way to make money if you are part of a paid membership where you get a lot of services as a package, which you can sell them one by one, or even the opposite.

In the past, I haven’t been a fan of online arbitrage because I thought that you don’t really bring something to the customer, you just buy here and sell there which wasn’t something which would appeal to me. But seeing it from the perspective of the products which you can easily get somewhere for a lower cost and being able to sell them somewhere else for a bigger price started to attract my attention.

For example you can create up to 25 .com websites within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, included in the price of the premium membership, while creating a website for someone else costs a lot more than that on every marketplace you might come across. And not to mention the easiness with which you can create a new website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a newbie.

how to make money with arbitrage

Droppship Items

I will explain it in simple terms. So there is this iPhone on the marketing that is selling like crazy and you want to profit from it.

80% of buyers are looking on eBay to buy cases for their iPhone. You go to some cheap gadget website which sells the latest gadgets for a price like $0.99.

You open an account on eBay and list each of them for a price $3-$5. You need to take into consideration also the shipping price, but the product will get shipped directly to the customer.

What happens is that when they order a case on eBay, you order the same on the cheap gadgets store, but you put there their address so it goes directly to them, just that they think they ordered it from eBay. eBay has a lot of traffic so you would get some customers just for being listed there.

I will list you some website where you can find cheap gadgets to droppship.

If it happens that the website is out of stock and their refund you on a product, you can refund your customers.

Some sites also give you points for every review you leave on their site. You will order a lot of products, so leave a lot of reviews and get a lot of points which you can use later on discounts on the site for the things you will buy.

One site you can use to buy stuff to drop ship is Another one is Focalprice.

I started drop shipping back in 2013 and I would list 2-3 products on eBay just for fun. Then one day I listed a Chinese phone for $120 and I bought it for $80 on Everybuy.

You can also pay other people to work for you to list the products on eBay and set the margin prices, if you want to scale this.

But at the beginning I recommend you work yourself until you learn everything you need to learn about eBay and fidn the best sites to get the products to drop ship.

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