How to Create Infographics that Will Go VIRAL

In this post I am going to talk about how to create infographics for your niche website.

An Introduction to Infographics

“Infographics (a clipped compound of “information” and “graphics“) are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.” – Wikipedia

The first infographic was created in the year 1626 by Christofer Shiner and it revealed his research about the rotation of the sun.

In today’s world there are tons of infographics and it’s so easy to create infographics.

There are tons of different ways to deliver them. Who would think that there would be an infographic about Kanye West?

How to Come Up with Ideas for Infographics

1. Take an existing page or post and turn it into an infographic. Steps:

  • Go into Google Analytics and determine the post you want to turn into an infographic. See which post is the most popular content and you can create an infographic from it. Gather information from that particular post. Or you can go into Google Search Console and dermine which keyword is bringing you a lot of traffic. And you can post the infographic on that post. You can combine both of these techniques.

With an infographic you can give additional traffic to a particular post.

2. Create new content with an infographic. If you have an idea about an infographic, you can turn that idea into an infographic and then link it to a specific landing page.

Integrating Infographics into Your Website

How you can find some else’s infographic and link it to your site? Typically there’s an embed code at the bottom where you can embed the infographic to your own site.

When you embed the infographic you create the other person who created it or you can download it and give credit to the person who created it below the infographic. This is a great way to add someone else’s infographic to your site.

You can sometimes customize the size when you embed an infographic. When it comes to looking for an infographic to utilize, it’s best if you choose an infographic which has the embed option below it.

Pinterest is a great place to search for infographics.

How to Create an Infographic Using Canva

Creating your own infographic is not easy.

There are a couple of tools to create an infographics, but a lot of them are premium. I recommend using a free one instead. Canva is one of this tools. An alternative is to hire someone to create an infographic for you. We can spend hours creating an infographic but we all know our limits, that’s why I think it’s better to hire someone. Especially if you find that you have trouble creating an infographic.

Firstly you will need to pick a layout. There’s no layout better than the others. You will notice that some are free and some are paid.

Find one which is compatible with your post. You’re looking for just a template to start with.

Put the headlines of your post into the infographic. If you want to find a trasparent logo of a company, you can search “it’s name + png”.

To add images click on Upload. Replace images and text in the template with your own.

If you want images related to a company, search online for it’s media kit, it could be on their website.

When you are creating your infographic, make sure to also include icons on it.

You can also put spacers in betwen. Search on Elementes, Lines. When you finish your infographic on Canva, Download it.

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