How to Change a Theme in WordPress: All the Things You Need to Consider Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

When you are working with a theme for too long you get used with it. If you are happy with your theme there is not necessity to change it.



However, if you are considering to change it, I will assist you in these decision. Prepare yourself to dedicate two hours to this whole task.


how to change a WordPress theme


A theme is something which controls the design of your website. I personally prefer to go for a simple theme.

I like to keep order and focus in my website and I like to reflect this in the design too. In fact, I would like to create an authority site and, talking about branding, the color related to authority is black, that’s why I like to go with black in terms of branding colors, for my logo and theme.


how to change a WordPress theme


The WordPress theme is what controls the layout of your site, the sidebar and the colors of your site. It also controls the forts included in your posts. For example, if you change the theme of your site, the fonts of your headings in your posts will be different.

In fact, changing the theme, will change a lot of visual aspects in your site.


Changing Themes

Is this for you or for your audience?

Firstly, if you are thinking about changing your theme you have to think about the reason why you want to do it. Just make sure that the new theme is going to improve the user experience. Remember that you are writing for your visitors.

Also remember to keep everything simple. Try to have the least distractions as possible for your visitors so they will be more focused on your content.


Drag ans Drop WP Page Builders

A content builder, is a plugin you can install on WordPress and it will basically replace the bar which contain Headings and other WordPress buttons which you use when you write a blog on WordPress.



I’m not saying that page builders are bad, I’m just trying to give you a word of warning.

I really don’t recommend using content builders for your website. You website will work just fine without a content builder. It might allow you to make changes by drag and drop technology. Functionally they work great.

But the negative part of content builders is that they create short codes within WordPress. The issue arises when you change themes.

Unfortunately, you are left with the short codes, which loses all your blog formatting. There are also some content builders which try to remedy this, but most of the time you will realize that it was not worth using content builders.


The developers of these programs are starting to consider this problem, but you definitely need to consider this issues. But on the other hand, you have to ask yourself if you really need to use a content builder.


I will give you a real simple checklist to consider when you are changing your website’s theme.

Widget position and the layout and styling are the two things which change when you change a theme on WordPress.

  1. Back-up your site
  2. Create a screen shot of all of your Widgets positions
  3. Make note of all of the widgets which are inside of the widget positions
  4. Make note of all of your customizations (this also includes your Google analytics code). Basically, go to all sections of the settings and make screen shots (take a picture of the screen so that you can have that as an image) of them. If your Google Analytics code is not inside your theme, you don’t need to worry about this.

Basically, everything that you have added to your theme, will go away if you delete that theme.

To make these screen shots you need to go to Appearance and Widgets. Then open all the widgets to see and screen shot everything which is within the widgets.



You need to consider changing you website’s theme more or less every year. Even the most famous brands have updated their brand design over time.

I have learned everything I know about internet marketing from a wonderful program called Wealthy Affiliate. Backing up your site before changing your theme might not be such an interesting thing to do, but on this program you can learn a lot of cool stuff which you can use to build your online business, or just learn internet marketing skills.

Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions which you will make over your site.

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