How to Buy a Website Domain Name

Welcome to my tutorial on how to buy a website domain name!

Creating a website is an exciting journey but the first step is to buy a domain name. If you are interested on more tutorials on how to create content for your website, check the Keyword Research and Content category on my website. That category includes a lot of tutorials which teach you how to get your content indexed on the search engines and how to get traffic to it.

You can learn a lot of internet marketing skills on my website. And my tutorials are step by step guides for newbies, easy to understand for everyone.

Anyways, let’s start the topic of this post: your domain. First of all, I want to say that your domain is your asset and as you build your website your domain will increase in value.

Your Domain is Your Asset

If you still are not sure about choosing a domain name, but want to create a website, you can start with a free website. Siterubix sites can rank on the search engines too, but owing your own domain is definitlely better.

Here are the advantages of having a .com domain:

  • It’s your Asset. When you buy a domain it’s yours and no one else can have an identical one. And you are in control ofevery aspect of it.
  • It’s Value will Increase. While you write new content on your website, the value of your domain will only increase and if you sell it you can make a profit at any time.
  • It will Rank Better. Your website will definitely rank better compared to a website on a subdomain like SiteRubix and while you write content on it, its domain authority (DA) will increase.A higher domain authority will help you rank even better.

These are the three main advantages of having a domain.

Buy Your own Domain Name

How to Buy a Website Domain Name

Think about the name you want to give your website and search if that domain name is available.

You can search for this here, they you can instantly puirchase it.

Or you can go to => Websites => SiteDomains:

Then you can check if your choosen domain is available.

I recommend that you choose the .com version of your website name.

There will be cases in which you domain will not be available. Then you will have to think about other versions of it and continues the search.

To find lots of versions of your domain name you can use It gives you some good suggestions and it’s free.

Continue this provess until you find an available domain name which you like. Then write your domain to SiteDomains on Wealthy Affiliate and click on “My Cart”.

Go through the check our process and purchase the domain. Purchasing a domain name is probably the best online investment.

What you need to consider while purchasing a domain

#1: Don’t worry about keywords in your domain.

Find a brandable domain, keywords in your domain DON’T MATTER. Keywords are more important for your posts and pages.

#2: Choose a .com domain.

The reason for this is that .com domains tend to rank best and the second best is an org. domain.

Definitely avoid domains like .cool, .reviews, .travel, .money, .co. They are difficult to rank.

#3: Avoid “dashes”.

I didn’t know anything about this rule when I bought my domain for this website, but websites without dashes rank better.

This means that is better than

Domains with dashes can rank, but they are not as good as the domains without dashes.

#4: A “brandable” domain.

Try to use a domain which visitors can remember. Choose a domain which resonates with you as a person and you will attract more people like you. When I choose my domain I like it and still after two years I can say that it resonates with me.

In the next lesson we are going to be walking you through the process of “transferring” . your current website to your own domain. This can literally be done with the click of a button.



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