How to Build Lead Capture Pages

In this post I am going to talk about creating brilliant lead capture pages. This is actually where we get to do a little design work.

(featured image is a good example of an opt in for in a landing page, credit for it to

Introduction to a Lead Capture

We will define what a squeeze page is and how it differs from an opt in page.

how to build lead capture pages

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In the diagram above is presented the flow of a lead capture.

In case you didn’t realize this is the beginning stages of email marketing. Visitors provide you their email address in exchange of a free offer like a free guide or course. In this case you will need to have an autoresponder. AWeber is the most common one. But there are a lot of services you can use to have emails automatically sent once your visitors sign in. Does this make sense for you? Let’s move on. Let’s talk about a true squeeze page and it’s difference between it and an opt in form. I am sure you have seen some sort of opt in or squeeze page.

An integrated opt in form is an opt in for that you manually place at the end of your articles. A squeeze page is a page dedicated for opt in. Now, let’s talk about pros and cons of each. The squeeze page only one intention and it is to capture emails.

It is very visually oriented, it can be a log for which has a variety of different offers. Traffic is directed to this page and aim is to capture emails. In the back office you can see some very detailed analytics about the traffic. The opt in is somewhere between the page, the intend of the opt in is to sign in, but if they don’t sign in they can check other things within the website. Usually it has only one image. No intention to drive traffic to an opt in and from there as a result of that you don’t have very detailed analytics.

On a squeeze page you can do A/B testing, you can do it on an opt in but it is limited. So, some sites are going to be better while having integrated opt ins and others work better when they have squeeze pages.

How to Find an Offer to Attract Subscribers

Typically an offer would be an ebook, like for example “inside hack on how to do this”. In my opinion it is so played and in most cased back in the day when everyone was getting started with affiliate marketing, you would buy some sort of PLR articles, turn on of them into a PDF and you would have your ebook.

How many of you have sign up on a PDF ebook but in fact never read the book or read just the first page? Give me a yes of no on the comments below. That’s OK, I’ve done it to.

As a result of that you ended up on someone’s list and in most cases what happens these days a visitor opts in into an email list just to get the ebook and then unsubscribe. The intent is to build your trust and build an audience and the ebook thing doesn’t work anymore, I’m sorry. So, instead of creating a PDF, why don’t you create an e-course? An e-course is a course that you are presenting information on a period, like 7-day course.

It could be a video course, a blog post cost (when you send a blog post every day), the point is to create interactivity and ongoing messages instead of a single PDF. You want people to reply to your emails. Creating an e-course instead of a PDF guide is going to work better.

It can be an integrated form or a dedicated landing page. I think this one would be more effective as a dedicated landing page.

That is just a nice easy example. Make your result easier with free knowledge commerce. Knowledge commerce is the information that is delivered. Give away a course so people are going to click things and buy stuff.

You can create a course in any niche, you just have to be creative and make it interactive. You don’t need to be an expert.

You can try a newsletter, but you need to find a real convincing, better not to use the work “newsletter” on it. But not all niches are going to work well with a newsletter.

How to Create a Thank You Page

What do you want your visitor to do after they sign up? So they put in their name and their email and from there, what do you want them to do? So what you need to do is to tell them what to do in the thank you page. Auto responders, some of them, have ready-made thank you pages, but why not create your own thank you page? Here’s a good example of a thank you page:

thank you page

Guide them to what this is going to be all about, typically users know that they are going to receive some automated emails. But we want to change that. Also, a nice little tip is if you are using All In One SEO, set your thank you page as a no-follow page. Aweber and ClickFunnels have the thank you page available, but I suggest that you create your own thank you page. An OTO (one time offer) is when you buy a product the next page is something like this “wait we have another offer”, I am against it, instead you want to be friendly and inviting.

Get a funny giphy for your thank you page and embed it to your thank you page. Captain Obvious is a good one:


How to Create a Squeeze Page

When you create a landing page your page title doesn’t have to match your URL, instead you want to make sure that your permalink is easy to use, because then you can use it and tell people go to for example: go to Keep in mind that you are not trying to rank for anything. It’s OK if your landing pages are indexed on Google.

In some cases, your theme might have a template specifically for landing pages. Try that and you will see that it will look much better. You don’t have to use a plugin if your theme has a landing page option.

The only thing you do is to embed your opt in form from AWeber. Log into AWeber and go to Sign Up Forms. You change the pixels, change the color of the button to match the style of your website, you can change the color background. Save the form and if you refresh your landing page it will show up there.

What do you want people to do after they sign up? You have a couple of options: custom page, already subscribe page, save my form, I recommend choosing “I will install my form” (you will embed if just like embedding a YouTube video).

Go to the text part, navigate to where you want your code to show up, paste it, update and then take a look to see how it looks like. Your next task is to create a goal in Google Analytics and determine where your traffic is caming from to this page. You can make your thank you page as a funnel in Google Analytics.

I hope this all makes sense for you. Now I want to talk to you about landing page software, people might try to convince you that you need it, but I am of the opinion that you don’t need it. You can do just fine with the way that I showed you. Don’t be tempted to buy landing page softwares and they are expensive from $60 to $200 a month.

The only think that you have to invest is an Auto Responder, I’m using Aweber which is a paid one but there are others which have a free option. I have tried Convert Kit but didn’t enjoy it so much.

Alternatives of Email Providers

How does traffic come to your landing page?

Visitors might come from a Google search and find one of your blog posts, from that you can direct your visitors to the squeeze page. You can put something like “click here to learn more about this”.

And when the landing pages become outdated, you can update them.

Publish your landing page as a page and let it get indexed.

To Do: If you are already doing email marketing, create a landing page or a custom thank you page and a goal for that. I encourage you to take action.

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