How to Become a Travel Agent Affiliate

Making money as a travel agent affiliate is not easy.

There are four steps to become a successful travel agent affiliate:

  1. Learn affiliate marketing & Build your website
  2. Get traffic to your site
  3. Sign up with a good travel affiliate program
  4. Make money

This article is going to cover all these steps and everything you have to do until you start making money. Continue reading to find out how it is done.

1. Learn Affiliate Marketing & Build a Website

A lot of people sign up to affiliate programs but have no idea on how to promote their products. But to really make money requires you to learn affiliate marketing, the more skills within the field of affiliate marketing that you learn, the more money you are going to make.

I personally have learned everything I know about affiliate marketing on a website called Wealthy Affiliate and I strongly recommend it for every newbie, as well as experienced affiliate marketers.

I know that is works because it has worked for me, this is the way I have build two income producing sites. The first 10 lessons are free so you can get started for free if you like. In addition to that you can create two free websites on the platform.

Anyways, whatever training platform you use, make sure to learn the necessary because skills are what is going to make you money.

You don’t need to know everything in order to succeed, you just need to know the basics to get started and then you can learn more and more and continue building your business.

Building a website is the most effective way to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks are going to take you more seriously if you have a website, it is your asset and it will be live 24/7, this is concept of making money while you sleep.

Before you build your website, you need to choose a niche. A niche is a group of people interested in a specific topic. As a travel affiliate it is wise to go after a smaller niche, travel is too general.

Here are some example niches on the topic of traveling:

  • traveling on a budget
  • family holidays
  • tips for traveling

A good niche is one you are passionate about so use your own interests to determine your niche. You will be writing a lot of content related to your niche, that’s why it’s important that you have at least a certain amount of interest in your niche.

However, don’t overthink this, taking action is important otherwise you will end up doing nothing.

2. Get Traffic to Your Site

Getting traffic to your website is the most important part of being an affiliate. Your focus needs to be on getting targeted traffic. Not all types of traffic are the same, you need to focus on people who are interested in traveling so they are going to have a higher chance to book something through your affiliate links.

The best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization. But there are other ways to get traffic. You can learn a lot of ways to get traffic to your site through the Wealthy Affiliate training.

People are the foundation of your business, so you need to create a relationship with them. This means that even after a visitor books something through your recommendation, you need to keep that visitor please so they will use your site again when they want to travel.

You need to connect with people in your niche and you can do this in a lot of ways, like through your blog, social media, you can use email marketing. Everything is included on the Wealthy Affiliate training, so don’t worry about this. While only following the training you are going to get a lot of traffic to your site.

I prefer to get traffic to my site through SEO, as SEO traffic is more targeted.

This is the best way to get traffic to your site and make money, it’s effective, it’s low cost and it gives better results in the long run.

SEO is low cost because you are not going to be paying for traffic. Visitors will come to your site through the search engines and they will be very targeted visitors, people who have been searching on the search engines keywords related to your site.

People coming to your site are entering your site because they are searching for something. Let’s say a user is searching for tips to travel on a budget and he comes to your site through Google. If the visitors finds value in your tips, they are going to trust your site.

Then you can promote them products to buy. Most of the people buy from someone they trust.

3. Sign Up to a Good Travel Affiliate Program

Choosing the right affiliate program to promote is important because you need to choose offers which match your website’s audience interests.

The commission in the travel industry ranges from 3-11% depending on the company, type of travel you are promoting and from how many sales you have made. Usually companies pay a higher commission after the affiliate has made a certain amount of sales.

You may want to compare different affiliate programs before deciding to get started with one of theme. Below is a list of the best affiliate programs in the travel niche.

Affiliate Programs that Offer High Commissions

Here are the highest paying affiliate programs in the world:

1) Expedia


They offer a 5% commission from the Expedia Collect Inventory and 50% commission on every hotel reservation.

You get paid once and month and the payment threshold is $50.

To get started as an Expedia affiliate, you have to sign up to a third party network which is CJ Affiliate by Conversant.


The commission is 25%-40% depending on the number of sales finalized from your site. You can sign up as an affiliate directly from their site.

3) Viator

The commission is 5% and the threshold for getting paid is $100.

4) TripAdvisor


It has a wide range of attractions and hotels that your visitors can check. As a tripAdvisr affiliate, you are not going to be paid in the traditional way, by the bookings that your traffic makes. Instead, you are going to get paid according to the amount of quality traffic you send them.

You are going to get paid 50% of the revenue generated by your traffic.


They offer 5 Euros for every booking made through your site.


The commission is 3% on bookings.

You might also consider promoting product related to travel like digital cameras, clothes, luggage, headphones, just everything someone would need while traveling. You can find these products on Amazon.

You could also promote travel insurance.

4. Make Money

In addition to making money from travel affiliate programs, you can also make money from putting ads on your blog. You can put banner ads on your blog and link them to your affiliate links or you can sign up to Google Adsense or a similar ads network and make money for clicks on the ads.

One thing to take into consideration is to not put affiliate links on every post because this will make Google think that your site is not providing useful content to visitors, but just aiming to sell to them.

For this reason it is wise to write useful posts for your readers and direct them to your review pages instead of directly affiliate links.

There is nothing like useful engaging content to your readers. Nothing is going to work better to make you sales.

Also, don’t forget about email marketing. The best time to get started with email marketing is after you have some traffic on your site.

Email marketing has an additional cost of an email auto responder which you have to pay monthly. So, you need to at least have some conversions before you start email marketing in order to be profitable.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate marketing. It converts because you create a relationship with your readers when you send them emails over a period. You firstly give them useful information and then you you send the offers to buy.

And that’s all for this post! You will need to constantly work on ranking your site for relevant keywords.


  1. Thank you for the article! I can also recommend Travelpayouts affiliate network. They have travel offers from flight tickets and booking hotels to cruises and tickets to entertainment and events.

  2. Hello Enxhi
    Reading your post has opened my eyes to ways of making money online I never really thought about.I love traveling and do travel a lot. I come from Switzerland so going to any part of Europe is just a train ride away or less than $60 return with cheap airlines but I never thought I could make money sharing my travel experiences with people.
    Now I only have a small blog where I share random thoughts but never thought of doing something well presented and try to make money with it,I will leave here and try to create a serious website so I can try affiliate marketing.
    Now you mention creating two free websites, now I have come to learn that in the online world, nothing is free, what`s the catch with these 2 free websites?
    What happens if I create the sites and decide to move on to another hosting will I just lose the websites? I`m asking because I want to be sure my work will be for nothing when/if I decide to move on then lose the sites and the work I put in.
    Once more, thanks so much for the info, really appreciate.

    • Hello Roamy, 

      I understand you point when you say what’s the catch. In the case there is no catch, even if it’s hard to believe. This is about a high quality program. If you decide to move to another hosting after you create your sites you are free to do so and take your sites with you. 

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for making and creating this article. It is appreciated. I have been interested in making a travel blog for quite a while now.

    Do you have any specific tips in getting started and how long it may take to generate revenue?

    I traveled quite extensively and lived in 5 different countries – the writing part is going to be so easy!

    • Hello Derek, 

      To start out you have to simply create a website and write content on a constant basis. Writing quality content is the most important part of a website business. Then you have to incorporate affiliate links into your site. I will you success!

  4. Thank you for putting up this step by step guide, that is so easy to follow, it makes the process very clear and not so daunting. But of course each step in itself will have to take a fair amount of work and effort. This will be great for people like myself who already have a passion for travelling, then work is our passion, it makes things that much easier!

  5. What a great review of the very best Affiliate marketing platform I have seen. You rightly have pointed out that you can’t beat Wealthy Affiliate for value for your money. And with quality honest reviews like yours the site can only go from strength to strength in the future. Thanks, Kenny 

  6. One of my friends would like to become travel affiliate but he didn’t know what is the best travel affiliate program. Those ones are really legitimate which is the most important thing. Without a website, becoming affiliate marketer would be nearly impossible and Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for learning about making websites. I just wanted to ask how much time you need to make authority in your niche?

    • Hello Daniel,

      You niche is the most important thing when it comes to seeing progress from your efforts. Other than that, you just have to follow exactly the Wealthy Affiliate training and Jay’s live webinars. If you do this you will see growth to your website day by day.

  7. Travel seems like such a fun niche, but I’ve been scared away in the past because there is so much competition. It also seems like it might be harder to make sales because hotel reservations, cruises and other travel products are expensive and people tend to search around a lot before booking. Have you found that this niche is a bit more difficult than others? I do have a good idea for a website, but the competition is totally intimidating to me at this point. Thank you for the links to affiliate programs. I will need those if I move forward with that idea.

    • Hello Theresa, 

      It’s true that there is competition in this niche, but the potentials are there. In my own perspective I would choose a niche with less competition, but passion and interest makes a difference in being successful with affiliate marketing. So, I would recommend people who have an interested in this niche to go for it. And even that there is a lot of competition on the niche, you can just try it and then narrow down your niche according to the most visited articles on your site. You can focus only on one aspect of the travel niche.

  8. I’ve been interested in starting up some sort of affiliate funnel on my little blog for quite some time now – it’s at last seeing some sort of traffic and I haven’t monetised it in any way yet. 

    Becoming a travel agent affiliate is certainly something I did not consider, but I suppose it would be an excellent payday if you managed to nail it down and become effective at it?

    I notice that you mention that the typical commission for this sort of affiliate is around 3-11%. That doesn’t sound like a lot when compared to other affiliate programs – but I suppose you are selling a product that is going to bring in a high ticket price anyway (so the reward will be pretty high?).

    You have listed a few companies that accept bloggers as affiliates – do they have any stand out requirements to be met before they take you on?

    • Hello Chris, 

      Yes the travel niche is a very lucrative one, for those who are interested in the subject and have their own travel experiences to share. Even though the commission is only 3-11% in most of the affiliate programs, you are selling high ticket products so your reward is going to be pretty high. Their affiliate programs differ from each other and you need to read carefully what they have to offer, as well as if there are any requirements to get accepted as their affiliate. 

  9. Hi, Enxhi

    I have always wonted to be a travel agent affiliate but never knew how to do it, but I have learned a lot from your post and thanks for all the Affiliate Programs that you wrote about, I will wait to get started as a travel agent affiliate because I have another niche running but if I need a new niche, then I will choose a travel agent for sure.Is it right to sign up on  Wealthy Affiliate to start in this business?

    Thank you very much for great post.

    Best regards Salomon.

    • Hello Salomon, 

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn affiliate marketing. It basically offers you everything, from the tools (like websites and a keyword research tool) to the training, to the personalized help from the community and the support. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since two years now and I plan to go on with it. 

  10. You really break down the process in a very understandable way.

    The travel niche is a very interesting business to explore, I’ve thought about it in the past. However, I didn’t go for it, because to be really succesful I think you have to travel a lot yourself, so you have experiences to tell about.

    It’s great to hear you’ve already got two succesful sites, so keep up the good work!

    • Hello Jurgen, yes it requires to travel yourself and also have an interest in traveling. It’s a very good niche, however, for those who are into traveling and do it a lot. Thank you for your comment!


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