How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

Sharing on social media and stimulating engagement with you content is very important for your website rankings and for the overall experience of your website visitors.


How to Add Share Buttons to WordPress

Installing the “Social Media Feather” plugin

On the Dashboard, go on Plugins and select Add new.


Search for “Social Media Feather”, click Install Now and then Activate.

Find it in the Dashboad and click it. Then you will be able to select the social media platforms whose icons you want to add on your posts and pages.

Click Save.


Create Your Account on the Most Popular Social Networks

If you don’t already have accounts on the main social media networks, create them. I would suggest you to create accounts on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Pinterest

You will use those accounts to promote your online business. If you want to keep them separate from your existing personal accounts, you can create new ones.


How to Share Your Posts on Social Media

How to share on Twitter

Go to the post that you want to share on your website and click the Tweet icon. It is going to open a window like this:

You can see the link of the page that you wanted to share. Now you have to add three to five hashtags. Hashtags have to start with “#” and they should be written without space. See the picture below.

Click “Tweet“.

How to Share on Facebook

Go to your Facebook profile and post the link there. Write something there too, something that is engaging, a question.

How to Share on Google+

Click on the Google + icon of the post that you want to share. Write an engaging comment and click “Share“.


I recommend that you share every post that you write on social media. It is one of the steps that helps to make it rank on search engines. If you want to know about other things that you can do to make your content rank, you can read about them in this article.

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