How to Add a Banner to the Sidebar of Your Website

One of the ways to make money with a website is through posting banner ads on it.

In this post I am going to talk about making use of the widgets on your website to add banners and increase the chance of getting referrals for the products that you promote.


Choosing the right banner

When using banners to promote on your website the key is to not go “crazy” with them but use then just at the right amount.

When choosing for the right banner to use in your website, try to find one which has the size of your widget but not completely occupy it.

To incorporate a banner to your website you need to copy its html code. You can find it in the affiliate program of the product that you want to promote.


How to add the banner

To add a banner to you website, in the Dashboard of your website go to Appearance and choose Widgets.

Then, drag and drop a text widget into your sidebar and then paste the html code of the add there. Click Save.

As you can see adding a banner to your website is a pretty easy task. I will you good luck in getting referrals.

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