How Much Can You Make with Google Adsense per 1000 Visitors?

How Much Can You Make with Google Adsense per 1000 Visitors?

The amount of money that you are going to make with Google Adsnese per 1000 visitors depends on some factors like: the quality of the traffic and the industry you are in.

Typically, you can make anywhere from $1 to $3 per 1,000 visitors on your site.

So, if you want to make $100 a day you need to get 100,000 visitors a day to your site. You can achieve this with more than one site.

While we can’t exactly predict Adsense income, we can optimize the ads. It also depends on the fact if your website niche is advertising friendly.

It all depends on the competition of ads in your niche. If your site is very niche and there’s very few competition, and on the other hand there are a lot of ads for your niche, then it the bids for your ads are going to be higher.

Blogging is one of the most wide-spread and ethical ways to make money online. However, there’s a misconception that for making money with a blog you have to work day and night on it.

In fact, this is true to some extent, but you can also be smart and make money with less work by choosing the right niche. First of all, you have to be genuinely interested in your niche in order to be able to produce quality content on a regular basis. You need to be interested in reading and writing about your niche.

If you create a micro-niche site, your chances of getting raked are higher than general sites.

So, how to choose the perfect niche?

1. Write about what you are interested in

2. Check which of your pages got the most traffic

3. Write more posts on those topics

4. Repeat 1, 2, and 3

You need to systematically grow your traffic in order to systematically grow your passive earnings from Adsense.

I know how it feels to write a lot of content with the hope of it getting ranked and getting traffic and seeing that it isn’t getting traffic after days and days of work, writing new posts. It’s horrible.

That’s why I have developed a process which enables you to get SURE traffic to your site. You won’t be living anymore with the doubt, with the IF, if this post is going to get ranked. NO!

Read below how to get your post ranked on the first page of Google 100% of the time, after hours of writing it. Which is going to give you SURE traffic.

How to Always Rank Your Content on Page 1 of Google (100% of the Time)

1. Write about what you like

2. Identify the page which is getting the most traffic on your site

3. Identify the keyword that you targeted when you wrote it

4. Search that keyword on Google and find your site

5. Identify the site which you out-ranked for that keyword (the one which is lust below your site in Google)

6. Check its other articles and identify the keywords that that site is targeting (the phrases in the title)

7. Check if that site is ranking on page 1 for that keyword

8. If yes, target that keyword on your next article. If you out-ranked that site once, you surely can outrank it again.

9. Check if that keyword is worth targeting (if it has enough traffic)

This method is based on the fact that, if you have out-ranked a site once, you can out-rank it again. This is the only 100% true method for ranking 100% of the time on the page 1 of Google. Absolutely no fail.

Of course, this means that you have to follow a sure process of creating a new post. I follow the steps for getting ranked identified by Jay on Wealthy Affiliate:

==> Jay’s Steps For Getting Ranked <==

Write, write, write! Grow, grow grow! Systematically every day.

And needless to say, after you over-rank a site on its all posts for which it is on page one of Google, you more to another site.

Where to Get Content to Write a Post Fast

Google needs original content. You can’t just write the summary of other posts and expect to over-rank them for a keyword. Google is going to “understand” this. Which this is not going to penalize your site, writing summaries of other posts, is not going to help you over-rank them.

Google has a very good algorithm for displaying the most relevant results to the users. If two pages are similar, Google is going to display the one which it thinks that has a higher quality, or the one which was published first.

So, to get original content, you can search on forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers and the like. BlackHatWorld, if you niche is internet marketing. You can get there ideas from people’s answers. You simply search a keyword and a lot of questions with their answers appear about that keyword which see the topic on different angles.

Write a summary of that information, of a combination of different questions about the topic. You can off course add your own view to it, if you have one.

By writing more and more content, you are going to get more and more traffic.


Go after topics for which your site is able to rank. Your passion might be to write about topics which you like and which are very competitive to rank for.

The system that I presented above works for ranking every time. And this is going to get more and more traffic to your site.

This system is also going to make the process of choosing new content topics easier. And if this changes the focus of your website, so it be. Even if you created your site with having in mind a specific niche, when you find out that your site is easier to rank for another, change its focus.

You have created a brand, and sometimes the change of focus might be difficult to conceptualized, but its important to write content which is going to rank, not just some more of the content which already exists on the internet.

One more thing: when you find a keyword which you can target to out-rank a site, try to make it longer tail, and still have good traffic.

Google’s algorithm is so complicated. Sometimes you find a keyword with such a low competition, which still cannot rank, if you write an article targeting it, other websites with posts on the same topic just which formulated the keyword differently are going to rank. Only trying to out-rank a site which you already out-ranked for another keyword is going to work.

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