How Is TailWind Publisher for Pinterest Marketing

TailWind Publisher Overview

TailWind Publisher is a tool which help you to easily schedule posting content on Pinterest and Instagram. You can save a lot of time with this app by scheduling your posts and preparing a drag and drop publishing calendar.

Even though TailWind is does not include Instagram too, the majority of its features are related to Pinterest, that;s why this review will focus on Pinterest.

TailWind costs $14 per month or you can do a one time year payment of $120. There is also a free trial of TailWind.

The free trial doesn’t end until you have scheduled and published 100 posts.

TailWind Published also helps you discover the most relevant content to publish.

How to Use TailWind Publisher

TailWind also has a tab called Pin Inspector, which helps you identify the pins you have published which have done the best so you can republish them.


1. Saves time by automatically scheduling and posting pins

2. Integrated image editor tool: Canva

3. You can schedule best performing content without having to re-create the pin again

4. Analytic about the performance of each pin

5. Google Analytic syncronization

6. Analytic about the growth and interaction of followers

7. It pins at optimal times which are best for your account. Over time TailWind knows your account better and it recommends new times to post, like shown in the above screen shot

8. Excellent customer service

9. Pinterest endorses TailWind, so you don’t have to worry about your scheduling provider disappearing or hurting your brand, it is approved by Pinterest

10. It has a free trial so that you can try the tool with no risk involved.

11. You can join tribes which are groups of people who are in the same niche, you can discover valuable pins to re-pin in them

12. TailWind constantly adds new features. This means that TailWind cares about its customers. Companies who make their customers their main point of reference do better financially and usually stick around.

13. TailWind guides you to have a better Pinterest account. When you first log in to your TailWind account you will see a small box with a certain percentage on it, something like “your percentage account completion is x%”. If you click on that box, you will see recommendations to improve your account which you may have never considered.

14. Pin recommendations. After you publish a pin, you are given 5 recommend pins you can publish. With a slick you can add new scheduled pins to publish later.


1. A confusing dashboard which makes it difficult to use, however, some people say that the tool is intuitive to use. It is worthy to say that the interface looks confusing just at first until you familiarize yourself with it, that’s because there are too many features included. If you get confused watch the “how-to” videos it provides.

2. TailWind is only for Pinterest and Instagram, you will need another scheduler for your other social media sites

3. The posting schedule has to be set for every individual date, it can not be set a weekly schedule to repeat every week or a monthly one

4. It doesn’t show analytics about the number of visitors who go to your site from each Pin

5. No interval scheduling, like the ability to share images every 5 minutes

6. No Android mobile app. The IOS app is good, but for people who own an Android phone this is a problem if they want to use TailWind on the go. Sometimes using the app on the go from your phone can save a lot of time.

7. It could improve the Analytic section to show people which analytics are the most important. There is a lot of date in the analytics part and a lot of people get confused with them and don’t know which are the most important ones and how to interpret them.

Have you tried TailWind? I would love to know if you have other pros and cons that you have found

Pinterest in Your Niche

Pinterest is mostly focused on images so it is best for niches like traveling and fashion. But marketers is other niches are using it too. A lot of marketers in the make money online niche are taking advantage of Pinterest.

Even the Bootcamp of the Wealthy Affiliate training has an individual lesson dedicated to Pinterest, no other social media is given a special attention like this. The Bootcamp part of the Wealthy Affiliate training is only dedicated to marketers who decide to follow the make-money-online niche.

So Pinterest is THIS important. Don’t miss it, don’t think that it is not important if you are in the make-money-online niche. I think Pinterest is important in any niche. They are a search engine nowadays where people search image content, not just a social media.

If you can SEO your posts you can achieve Google rankings for your posts on Pinterest as well.

Some Tips About Pinterest Marketing

By being on Pinterest you are going to capture a more visual audience. At the same time you have to be efficient while using Pinterest and not waste too much time in comparison to the results you achieve from your activities on it. I recommend initially creating 7-8 boards and varying your content within them.

Try to have Pins which show your personal tastes and unique likes. Having a Pinterst account full of sales pitch will not make you credible in the eyes of your audience.

Also include your link within all of your Pins, keep your pins organized and write captivating Pins (no different from writing captivating attention-grabbing headlines for your website posts). Follow other people on Pinterest and they may follow you back.

The quickest way to grow your following is to follow other people. If you create a free account on Wealthy Affiliate you can also post your account on this post and other members will follow you while you follow them.

One great advantage of Pinterest is that affiliate links are allowed on Pinterest, so you can pin with your affiliate links. Dedicate just 15 minutes a day to social marketing and you will achieve great results. Do this on a regular basis.

Try it and see it work for you!

Is TailWind Worth It?

It is worth paying for TailWind after you have a Pinterest strategy in place. And for this no other program can help you better than Wealthy Affiliate. Just tell TailWind how many pins you want to be published per day and it will do it for you automatically, I have experimented with different numbers and I found out that 30 is the best amount.

Because all the advantages of TailWind listed on this review, I recommend TailWind as a great tool to kill it on Pinterest and bring more traffic to your site.

Here are some results a blogger reposted after one month of using TailWind:



TailWind Publisher is worth it. There are people who have reported very good results with it.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which means that, at no cost for you, if you make a purchase we receive a commission

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