How I Added $1,500 to My Monthly Income (Challenge)

Affiliate marketing has been the most stable way with which I have been able to make passive income online.

I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing on Wealthy Affiliate. I just followed their training and step by step and my businesses grew.

Currently I have three websites, but one of them is making me the most money. My first website is in the internet marketing niche (very competitive, but with reviews and good keywords you can still rank), my second website is in the niche of making money online as an adult affiliate (this is the most profitable one), and my second website is in the productivity niche.

With the first website I mostly sell Wealthy Affiliate memberships, and some adult hosting.

With the second website I sell porn site scripts and cam site scripts. A lot of people are interested in creating a porn site or an adult cam site and make money from it. In my site I basically teach them how to be profitable in this niche. There are a lot of ready-made adult scripts that people can use to easily create a porn site and make it profitable.

And the third website is still growing, but productivity has been my passion like forever and with good keywords and while sharing my personal experience in this field I think that I am going to make it in this niche too.

How I Added $1,500 to My Monthly Income

The secret is great keywords and actually “stealing” your competitor’s keywords There is a tool online which can help you find the keywords for which a website is getting the most organic traffic.

Here it is:

I am promoting this tool and I am not liked to this company in any way. And this tool is free to use on their site.

You just type the domain name in this tool, and boom, it gives you the keyword which is giving this site the most amount of ORGANIC traffic. When I first started using this tool, the results were great. It saved me a lot of time in doing keyword research and the keywords that I found were better.

Before you start asking how much does this tool costs, I am telling you the great news that this tool is free. This tool also has a paid option, but it will give the first 10 keywords which are bringing a site the most organic traffic. If you want it to show you more than 10 keywords from a specific site, you have to pay. But you can search on this tool as many sites as you want, and get the 10 best keywords for which that site is ranking.

How I Use This Tool to Increase My Earnings

With this tool it is guaranteed that you are going to get ranked on the first page of Google. How I do it:

1. Find a keyword for which my site has been ranked (you can find in Google Webmaster Tools)

2. Search it on Google and see which website you have outranked for the same keyword

3. Search that website in the tool mentioned above to see which keywords bring that site the most organic traffic

4. Use that keyword to write a post

5. See your traffic grow

6. Repeat the process

You will find keywords with large amounts of traffic on this tool. And you can certainly rank for those keywords because if you outranked a site before, you can outrank it again for another keyword. Your site will grow and grow and you will find every day new better competitors to “steal” their keywords and outrank them.

The more posts with great keywords that you write, the more traffic you will have on your site.

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