Google Trends Update 2018: The New Features

The success of a keyword relies on the relevancy of the search term and the use of modern systems including Google trends to develop these important marketing tools. The Google Trends keywords research tool updated, introduces new and efficient ways of finding relevant keywords to incorporate in your SEO campaign. Many marketing departments fail to recognize the power in using these types of advertising tools to optimize websites, blogs and media. We look at the benefits of incorporating the Google Trends tool as part of keyword optimization.


Google Trends: What it is and how it Works

Google Trends has become a favorable option for keyword creation and relevant search terms. Its results are more specific and useful in SEO techniques and modern marketing campaigns. The single most important strategy in an advertising approach includes optimization through keyword generation. The keywords are the phrases or words an online user will type into the search bar to generate related information, products and services. The relevancy of keywords related to sites will determine the strength of generating results according to these terms.

To outdo your competitors, you want online visitors to choose your website. The only way to achieve this is with a comprehensive marketing approach of course, and the selection of updated keywords. Google Trends keywords research tool updated is a fast, accurate strategy with simple functionality. This helps you select unique and interesting keyword combinations without having to use multiple or expensive advertising methods.


Keyword Popularity

A major benefit of Google Trends is that it reveals the popularity of a specific keyword. The updated tool makes adjustments between search terms allowing you to make the relevant comparisons with ease. The search includes data points between geographical locations and the time between searches to examine the popularity of the phrase. This modern tool works according to a scale. The popularity of a keyword term is determined by the number of searches for a term divided by the sum of all possible phrases. While this process may seem complex, the beauty of Google Trends is that it does all the work for you and does not fail to produce accurate results. The popularity of a term is represented on a scale from 0 to 100.

Google Trends Capitalizes on Seasonal Search Terms

You can use Google Trends keywords research tool to capitalize on searches that are most common for that season. These terms relate to very specific topics from the latest media to world news. Utilizing the most recent search terms you can create keywords that are relevant for the specific search at that time. The trends tool helps you identify which keywords are trending for that season to improve your chances of higher rank in the major search engines.

Use Google Trends to Achieve a Competitive Edge

The advantage of utilizing Google Trends keyword research tool is its ability to show the phrases that people use when searching for a particular term. Anything that is related to your term will be generated. If you are searching for lipsticks it could pull related brands and color cosmetics depending which phrase is most popularly related to the original term. It is one of the best ways to outdo the competitor and draw more people to your website.


Optimize Your SEO Strategy

To achieve targeted optimization and exceptional SEO, use the Google Trends tool to determine which regions are interested or requesting the products or services you have to offer. The keyword search tool ensures that you are finding a niche or a need that you can target and take advantage of. The more people searching for that product or service in a particular city will be linked to your keywords and website or online platform. This is a great way to generate geographically relevant results. Optimization strategies focus on multiple efforts and marketing campaigns to assist in achieving positive ROI.


The new changes of the 2018 update include:


  • an improved form which shows trends from searching daily and minute by minute

So real time that it ca also show the interest about a topic during the past day (showing data for every 8 minutes) and even past hour:


  • latest stories and insights


  • intensity maps you can use to compare two different search terms: 

Google Trends as Part of SEO

SEO campaigns are an important part of any marketing campaign for websites. It incorporates modern optimization techniques and strategies to help improve your website ranking in the major search engines. Search engine optimization is an advanced process and combined with the updated Google Trends keyword research tool can make the entire promotional approach easier and efficient. Google has generated very specific results from the popularity of specific keyword terms. This includes the relevance of such terms in relation to products and services.

A failure to incorporate such modern strategy certainly leaves your website and online profiles at a loss. It is an accurate tool that has delivered tremendous results and turnaround for all sites. From large corporations to new website owners looking to make a mark do not underestimate the power of using Google search trends. Why perform lengthy and complex keyword generating searches when the Google Trends technique does all the work for you? It helps produce relevancy, popularity and terms associated with your search query to reach wider audiences for the season or ongoing optimization.

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